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Friday, November 29, 2013

EMPIRE SALON: For All Things Hair

EMPIRE SALON: For All Things Hair
A fantastic haircut and color are worth every penny. You see I just had my hair styled and cut by Miss Cristy of EMPIRE SALON located inside Intercontinental Hotel in Makati City.
Empire Salon hair color treatment for Cha Sy
Ms. Cristy Dizon is a London-trained stylist and the style director of Empire Salon. She's now added to my list of favorite hair stylists, probably next to my super favorite Louis Phillip Kee (LPK).

I had a great experience at Empire Salon. Ms. Cristy did an amazing layered cut to my mane. It's now more feminine, soft, and flowing.
In choosing your hair-stylist, so many factors come into play like, for example, the ones that you'll find on my checklist:
  • skill
  • reliability
  • price
  • experience
  • customer service
  • rapport
I also had a permanent hair color at Empire Salon. Rick Ablan, a salon technician, is responsible for my new hair color.
My hair was always the wash-and-wear type. I rarely go to a salon for my hair color. I usually do it myself. It turned out that my choice of color to cover my grey hair is a big no no! That's why the staff of Empire Salon had to do a strand test and a color correction. Rick, the one who took care of my hair color, was ably assisted by an amiable staff of Empire Salon. Please remember that the best hair color must be oil-based so that there would be minimal damage to your hair. 
The Place: I think the salon is small compared to LPK but it has adjacent exclusive private rooms available for people who value their privacy.
And you know what the best part is? The private rooms are free to use if you avail of their services from Five Thousand Pesos (Php5K) up. 
Each private room is equipped with iPod and tablet for the client's exclusive use.
You could also opt to use one of the private rooms for an additional 10% if you're availing of hair cut only. Imagine the privacy and exclusivity. You won't see anyone gawking on your hair. Everyone at Empire Salon is pleasing and friendly.
Service: Service is great and professional. My hair stylist Ms. Cristy certainly knows what she was doing during the 5-6 hours for my hair color alone. By the way, they also serve unlimited iced tea.
Price: Php600-1,300 for Hair Cut

Empire Salon is clean. The front office staff is nice and courteous. The Salon carries good hair products I love. Ms. Cristy and Mr. Rick kept me informed on what they were doing to my hair and why they were doing it. All of them
, especially Ms. Suki, Ms. Cristy and Mr. Rick, gave me tips on hair care and hair styling products.
Final verdict: After the customary mirror check,  I can say I am happy with my new hair style and color.  
The results are fantastic! I love how awesome my hair stylist Ms. Cristy add body to my hair just by cutting it in layers. I can see the difference in styling from ordinary salons. And my hair color is now absolutely a far cry from my pitch black hair. My new mane is a little washed-out brown with classy highlights. 

Empire Salon will give you a 20% discount if you mention that you heard about them from or



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