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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fly One, Fly All, Fly Free!

Fly One, Fly All, Fly Free!

The Facebook application is not up yet, neither are the Mechanics (Maybe on January 12 or 13), but we got the details courtesy of Now, for step-by-step details to this promotion, click here.

What if you could fly 149 Facebook friends to any destination for free? That would be awesome, right? You'd be their hero. The ground you walk on would be worshipped. Guess what, wishful thinker? Cebu Pacific Air is giving you (assuming you're a Philippine resident) the chance to make your dream come true starting tomorrow when it launches its "Fly One, Fly All, Fly Free" Facebook contest. You only need to:

  • Like Cebu Pacific's Facebook page;
  • Install the contest app on Facebook by searching "Fly Juan";
  • Create a flight as a host (but you may also join an existing flight as a guest);
  • Register; and be the first one to get all 149 FB friends to "check in" on his or her flight.

Flying 149 people from Manila to destinations like Cebu, Davao, Singapore, and Hong Kong? That's like being with your whole family plus your barkada and their girlfriends'/boyfriends' pamilya's friends. You can travel together on March 8, 2011 (Cebu Pacific's 15th anniversary) and return any day from March 9-15. Of course, you'd have to take care of your own accommodations, kiddo. There's no such thing as sobrang sinusuwerte for most of us.

The Leader Board (Sample) - Race to 150 passengers, You + 149.




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