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Sunday, January 17, 2016

LONDON: Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster

LONDON: Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster

"Ohhh, what a beauty!", was the exact words I utter when I saw this photo of the Westminster Abbey illuminated by lights when it was uploaded by manay Rosey yesterday.

I've always been fascinated with different architectural wonders of the world, the universe rather. ( O ha, gaya gaya ako kay Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach para in, ha ha ha! ) That is why I am so fond of traveling. My brother keeps on complaining that I couldn't keep up with his pace. Well, ladies and gentlemen that is because I always try to take photos of ingenious and intricate details of the place we are visiting. I am so engrossed trying to capture everything with my camera that I always lost track of time.

Have you ever dream of hearing mass inside a Roman Catholic church in London? It is my childhood dream to be able to visit different places like Paris, Germany and United Kingdom.

For common folks like you and me it is almost next to impossible to visit England, much more to hear mass at the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster located at #20 Dean's Yard in Westminster London.

Unlike you and me, my kababayan manay Rosey Bermal had been working in a London hospital for many years now. She's so lucky! She had been living in London and had visited various places in Europe. 

The Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster, London is an architectural masterpiece of the 13th to 16th centuries.

Westminster Abbey also presents a unique pageant of British history such as the following:
  • the shrine of St Edward the Confessor
  • the tombs of kings and queens
  • and countless memorials to the famous and the great.
  • It has been the setting for every Coronation since 1066 
  • and for numerous other royal occasions, including sixteen royal weddings. 
Today, Westminster Abbey is still a church dedicated to regular worship and to the celebration of great events in the life of the nation. Neither a cathedral nor a parish church, Westminster Abbey (or the Collegiate Church of St Peter, Westminster to give it its correct title) is a "Royal Peculiar" under the jurisdiction of a Dean and Chapter, subject only to the Sovereign and not to any archbishop or bishop

Did you know that this gothic style church is said to be in existence since 960 AD? But it was rebuilt during the 10th century and became the burial site of and were rebuilt in 1517 while its two (2) towers were done during the 18th century? Its floor area is 32,000 feet. Its width is 85 feet. Each of the two (2) towers has a height of 225 feet. And it has 10 bells.

Ciao! Smile Always!

Photo credit: Rosey Bermal



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