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Friday, February 18, 2011

DO-IT-YOURSELF Overnight Parking in NAIA Terminal 3

Overnight parking in NAIA Terminal 3 will cost you P50 P300 a night only! Try it!
(please see

Get your parking slip. Log in the overnight parking log book.
In the old Deomestic Airport they give these overnight parking coupons. But in Terminal 3 you will only be given the parking slip above.

pix c/o
Park your car.
 Cross the street between the parking area and the airport building.Travel & Leisure - Top Blogs Philippines



Here is the list of resorts, hotels, lodges, inns and pension houses in Tagbilaran City, Bohol.
Hotels/Lodges Contacts
Bohol Tropics Resort *
(038)411-3510 to 14/(038)411-2529
The Metro Centre Hotel *
Hotel La Roca * (038)411-3796 to 98/(038)411-3179
Wregent Plaza Hotel * (038)411-3144/(038)411-3951/(038)411-3971
The Meridian Hotel * (038)411-3060/(038)411-3123
Gie Gardens Hotel * (038)411-3182/(038)411-2031
Buen Bella Pension House + (038)235-6466/+63920-2956251
Chriscent Ville Pension House + (038)411-4029/(038)235-4365
Coralandia Resort and Restaurant + (038)411-3445
East Coast Tourist Inn + (038)501-7210
El Portal Inn + (038)411-2124/(038)411-3579
Slim Pension House + (038)411-4858/(038)411-5907
Taver’s Pension House + (038)411-4896/(038)411-3983/(038)411-4797
Villa Alzhun Tourist Inn & Restaurant + (038)411-3893
Villa Camilla Pension Haus + (038)411-4966
Winward Pension House + (038)411-3599
Agricultural Promotions Center x (038)411-2436
Casa Juana x (038)411-3306/(038)411-3331/(038)411-2683
Charisma Lodge x (038)411-3094
City Lodge 2 x (038)411-2190
City Lodge 3 (038)411-3251
CVSCAFT Hometel x (038)235-3173
Everglory Lodge & Restaurant x (038)411-3200
Executive Inn x (038)411-3254
Hats Inn x (038)411-2427
LTS Lodge x (038)411-3310/(038)411-3082
Matig-a Lodge x (038)411-2068
Nisa Traveller’s Inn x (038)411-3731
Shores Apartelle x (038)411-4734
Sky High Lodge x (038)501-7955
Soledad Suite x (038)411-2117
Tamblot Pension House x (038)411-2254
Uptown Lodge x (038)235-3166
Vista Lodge x (038)411-3072
* – Hotels/Resorts
+ – Inns/Pension Houses
x – Lodges/Dormitory

How to become TV5 Willing Willie studio audience.

Many Filipinos want to become a live studio audience of TV5 Willing Willie Variety Show. Guys! Here’s how to become TV5 Willing Willie studio audience.
Image Courtesy of TV5

For bookings and reservation, look for Martin and call 355-5530 from 12:30-2:30pm, Monday –Friday.

You may send your email to
and ask them how to become a studio audience.

Or fill up the application available here.

Willing Willie show
 is airing weekdays from Monday to Friday (6:30pm to 9:00pm after Aksyon News) 

and Saturdays (5:00pm to 7:30pm after 5Maxx Movies). It is an early evening variety gameshow by TV5.

You can visit their Twitter account at @WWTV5 for the latest updates. Or you can visit them at #730 Quirino Highway, San Bartolome, Novaliches, Quezon City.

Be happy! Enjoy!



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