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Friday, October 12, 2018

ENCHANTED KINGDOM: To Celebrate Its 23rd Year with Sarah Geronimo and James Reid

ENCHANTED KINGDOM: To Celebrate Its 23rd Year with Sarah Geronimo and James Reid

Come one come all to the happiest place on earth (at least) in Laguna, Enchanted Kingdom (EK).  Remember the magic. Be enchanted once again at the Kingdom. EK management and staff has prepare a very special magical event for everyone on the 27th day of October with no less than Pop princess Sarah G and idol James Reid together with The Juans, and Janine Tenoso. 

Theme parks has an all time appeal to both children and their parents. And a visit to EK together with the whole family can assure a thoroughly enjoyable day out with some of the most fun things to do in Laguna.

To celebrate its 23rd year, Enchanted Kingdom will take you back to the enthralment of the '90s.  Whether you agree or not, the 1990s is one of the best decades ever.  Some people still cannot define this decade because it has everything. The entertainment was great, the economy was prospering and good and society was so much more simpler back then. Not to mention the price of oil was very cheap.

I admit, I am a bit nostalgic. Enchanted Kingdom blast from the past dance and song numbers during the press conference brings back a lot of memories of the '90s.  Some of the attendees were even teary eyed (lol)

can still vividly recall the first time I set foot in Enchanted Kingdom.  Way back then,  I was with my elder brother Bernie, Bff since grade 4 Pia ( now Dubai based) and our Kumare Maris ( now an Australian citizen).

We really had a good time at Enchanted Kingdom.  I was really happy because EK even back then is comparable to the Hong Kong Ocean Park which is the only other amusement park I've visited at that time.

This time around, I am with my fellow bloggers Jay L and Arvic. We had so much fun. We're already planning to go back to EK real soon!

Remember the magic as you dance and sing along to the best throwback hits!

What are you waiting for? Secure your tickets now at the following establishments:

  • SM Cinema branches nationwide 
  • Asiatravel
  • Klook
  • Ticketnet Online
  • Ticket World
  • EK Makati Office

#EKoBERload #EKRememberTheMagic23

Enchanted Kingdom
Address: Santa Rosa, Laguna
Telephone Number: (02) 584 3535
Opening Hours:
Friday 12–7PM
Saturday 11AM–12AM
Sunday 11AM–9PM
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 12–7PM
Thursday 12–7PM



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