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Sunday, November 2, 2014

KUYA J RESTAURANT: Unique Fusion of Authentic Filipino Dishes

KUYA J RESTAURANT: Unique Fusion of Authentic Filipino Dishes 

Kuya John Prats, together with younger sister Camille, plus Kuya James Younghusband, together with younger sibling Phil, graced the grand opening of the newest branch of Kuya J restaurant at the ground level of SM Novaliches. It's the restaurant's fourth branch in Metro Manila. 

The lunch event was a showcase of what Kuya J Restaurant is all about.  According to Mr. Winglip K. Chang, the very witty and amiable president and chief executive officer of Kuya J restaurant and its mother company I Kitchen,  Kuya J offers comfort food brought to a level that people, especially Filipinos, can appreciate.  Kuya J's brotherly love brought us to a gastronomical adventure like no other.  I was with my own Kuya that afternoon, that is why, I know how special it is when Kuya cooks for the family. I truly enjoyed all my food adventures with my family and friends growing up. That is why my kuya and I are inseparable.

Its primary goal is to satisfy the Filipinos desire for good food. This is why it has a special team that develops the food offering according to the quality standards of its customers. Kuya J has the most unique fusion of authentic Filipino dishes that have been infused with innovations to make them more surprisingly delightful.

For instance, the Lumpia Presko (Php95) or fresh lumpia has sautéed crabmeat and bamboo shoots stuffed in rolled malunggay-infused wrapper with sweet garlic sauce. That makes it truly a very healthy food. Approved kay Kuya!

Mangga Tuna Salad (Php165) is a fresh and healthy tasty lettuce greens tossed with ripe mangoes and tuna flakes.  My Kuya and I love this to bits!

The Grilled scallops (Php210) na punong-puno ng cheesy butter topping is one of my favorites. Yes, kuya, the Baked Scallops, topped with cheesy-butter mixture, is a must-try, though I know my own Kuya we'll agree with me that next time around I'll ask the chef to skip the salt. It is good with or without rice. 

Tokwa't Baboy in Soy-Tuba Sauce (Php190) is my ultimate favorite. It is basically fried pork belly and Chinese tofu with Tuba vinegar-infused soy sauce. I'll definitely come back for this yummy combo! I'll give this dish Five Fingers as in Perfect!

Its #CrispyPata is a must try! The all-time favorite Crispy Pata is brought to the next level at Kuya J, where this traditional Filipino top-seller is made more tender, juicy, and tasty. An order serves three to four persons, at a price that's quite affordable for the treat. This crispy delicious goodness sells for only Php485. Super mura

Chorizo Dinamitas with Garlic Dip (Php170) is a delicious pastry wrapped deep fried jalapeños with Cebu Chorizo and cheddar cheese.  The best either in chili sauce or in garlic mayo dip. My Kuya and I Iove this!

Guinataang Monggo (Php185) is basically the local bean Monggo sautéed with pork meat and coconut milk and simmered for a smooth mixture.

Kuya J reinvented the traditional Kare-Kare (Php399) with a brand new peanut sauce! A must try!

Sawa ka na sa plain rice? Don't worry, because at Kuya J's even the rice gets better. A Thai rice original is re-invented to suit the Filipino taste and was tagged as Binagoongan Rice (Php165). It is cooked with exotic spices from Thailand, bagoong alamang, and topped with green mangoes, pork humba and bell pepper. The taste is a blend of sweet, salty and sour.

Another unique dessert feature from Kuya J is its delicious dessert called Tablea Coffee Flan (Php85). This Batangas tablea-flavored flan with coffee caramel topped with dried coconut meat and cream is so yummy. I keep on dreaming about it up until now.

The classic leche flan (Php50) is so yummy!

Kuya J's classic panghimagas (dessert), presented in both visual and literal eye candy is the creamy mango pandan (Php80). 

The traditional cooler Halo-halo comes with a unique twist - the Fried Halo-halo (Php135) Ala Mode. It has ube, white beans, young corn, nata de coco, lanka and butter beans stuffed in pastry wrapper and deep fried to give the halo-halo a warm take. Then it is topped with whip cream and Vanilla Ice Cream. A must try!

For the drinks, the Dalandan Beer sounds interesting. It pairs well with the fried dishes, and according to Kuya it is good for the beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers alike. I had my fave mango shake though because I couldn't resist not to order Ripe Mango shake (Php85) wherever I dine.

Mr. Winglip Chang emphasized that all of them at I Kitchen believe they have very good products and they have the resources to create the perfect ambiance, the good service, and the ideal price factor.

“We have a combination of everything—we're very sensitive and receptive to constructive criticisms and feedback on how we can improve. Personally, I've always believed that anything we do here is of no use if the customer walks out of the door feeling dissatisfied with the restaurant.”

Chang also revealed that another Kuya J branch will open soon in Metro Manila.

An 80-seater restaurant, Kuya J can accommodate parties and other special occasions.

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Overall Rating:

The only way to know good food is to try it.  Head over to Kuya J's Restaurant and judge their food.  I am telling you, you'll not regret it! Ciao! XoXo!

Kuya J - SM Novaliches
Ground floor of SM Novaliches
Quezon City

Kuya J - SM Sta. Mesa
3rd Floor SM City Sta. Mesa
Sta. Mesa, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 254.8148

Kuya J - SM City BF Parañaque
3rd Floor, SM City Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 478.7810

Kuya J - SM City Marikina
Ground Floor Level, SM City Marikina
Marikina City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Kuya J Escario corner Tojong Street, Brgy Camputhaw, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines 6000
(032) 260.2991

Kuya J - SM City Cebu
Upper Ground Level, SM City Cebu
Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines 6000
(032) 266.8600

Kuya J - SM City Consolacion
Ground Level, SM City Consolacion
Consolacion, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines 6001
(032) 266.8688

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. I tried all the dishes mentioned above except for the Dalandan Beer because I had my all time favorite Mango shake.  For any comments/ suggestions you can post on the comment section below or e-mail the author at

BIGOLI RESTORANTE: Italian Buffet Breakfast For Only Php199

BIGOLI RESTORANTE: Italian Buffet Breakfast For Only Php199

Rise and Shine everyone! Start your day with a sumptuous buffet breakfast at Bigoli! Its Italian inspired Breakfast Buffet is now available from Monday until Sunday.  Yes, dear friends, it is available now even during weekends! Bigoli Breakfast Buffet is here to stay! 

For those of you who enjoys eating like a king, you don't need to have the expenses of a king because at Bigoli you could have an unlimited buffet breakfast for only Php199. Yes, you read it right! An unlimited Italian inspired buffet Breakfast fit for a king for only that tipid amount!

Enjoy delicious Italian inspired breakfast buffet only at Bigoli 

Starting November 1, you and your family or your friends can start enjoying Italian breakfast even on weekends at Ristorante Bigoli Eastwood Libis Quezon City. Ristorante Bigoli (@Bigoli_Official).

Spaghetti Bola-Bola

This is the first time that I discovered Bigoli's Banana Pizza. This is so cool! This is very good for people like me who needs potassium.

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The bridge that connects you to unlimited buffet.

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