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Monday, April 23, 2012


I am a ruptured brain aneurysm survivor!

And I am not supposed to be mad or stressed out! But I am so fed up with AIR ASIA!

I don't know why Air Asia staff have biases against aneurysm survivors! Calling the attention of my fellow aneurysm survivors all over the world, please DON'T FLY WITH AIR ASIA!

WHY? Please put yourself on my shoes. Yes, I have had enough of AIR ASIA. They're inconsiderate %#)?. After what I've been through, trying to follow up my credit shell and for abusing the kindness of my Singaporean friend Guanhan just to call Air Asia Singapore so I'll have my credit shell. We were left with nothing. Only this errors!

Yes the airline had been ignoring my e-mails last year.  If not for my Singaporean friend's kindness and constant follow up to Air Asia Singapore I will not be given a credit shell. The credit shell was informed to me via a long distance call from Singapore only last January 15, 2012. One day short before my appeal for credit shell turned six months.

I tried using that f($&@)># Credit shell just before the expiration date and it says pending! Great!

Pending even before the expiry date! That's Bull#$?(!] All I encountered, out of so many tries are this buzz buzz, error messages etc,

This is after so many e-mails, trips to the doctors just to ask for the certificate, Doctor's professional ID, license, our birth certificate and other supporting documents.

Yes, Air Asia had asked for so many documents as if we were a part of a criminal group and not a survivor of a deadly condition.

To make things clearer, here is my health background. Last year I was operated on RUPTURED BRAIN ANEURYSM and SURVIVED! As expected, I cannot use my plane ticket until my neurosurgeon approve of it. So I had to cancel all my flights. Air Asia don't do rebooking. You will just be given a credit shell less Fifty Singaporean Dollars for processing and another Twenty four dollars for bank transaction fees.

I sent so many e-mails, tweeted many messages on Twitter, message them on FB and yes even called them on their so called hotline. Someone from Air Asia called me and said her name is Cherry. She called me tonight and announced she'll send the credit shell extension one moment then changed her mind the next.  Now, should I applaud your erratic behavior Air Asia? Is this how you show you are the airline that cares? Really now?

I am virtually left with nothing. It made me feel like,uhu! why I am being penalized for getting sick?

My poor Singaporean friend's effort and time went futile lah. I am so sorry friend. What can I do? Air Asia is inconsiderate bordering to barbaric. Is that how Air Asia care?

The original plan was for my brother and I to visit our Singaporean friend in Singapore and he will come with us in Bali, Indonesia. But that would not happen now my friend. Maybe I'll just try the Manila to Bali Indonesia being offered by our local airlines here in the Philippines. Or maybe you could come and visit us.

Dear readers, why make a fool of yourself ?  Imagine you have to shell out money to ride a taxi for two thousand pesos just to get to Clark Air Base? And if you think and believe that you're wa-is and decided to take a public transportation then you have to shell out money for your jeepney fare or bus fare to get to the terminal in Pasay and pay around Php 400 to get to Clark via a two hour bus ride?

We, yes you and I, can take our flights from Metro Manila. What with all the promos being offered by our local airlines you might be able to catch a ride for 0 fare! And save yourself  from getting left by the plane.  And shall I add from this kind of treatment?

I hope the politicians penalized these airlines for being so unfair to their passengers. We are a paying passengers for God's sake!  I hope the one sided transactions of airlines be known by everyone.

I patiently waited for so looooong. NO ONE, answered my e-mail except when I got through live chat after several failed attempts. But then again all I got is a cold answers from Cherry of AIR ASIA. They chose to ignored my case.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Best of the Anti-SOPA and Anti-PIPA Media

I've gathered some videos that better explain SOPA ( Stop Online Piracy Act) and it’s creepy little brother, PIPA (Protect IP Act). 
So we can understand the House and Senate bills better and so that we can all be prepared when the SOPA and PIPA when it pop up again. SOPA isn’t dead, it’s just being retooled for another run. PIPA is still alive as well.

SOPA has been shelved and PIPA has lost a lot of friends.

Let's hope that those who make these deals know that everyone is watching and we will do something about it. 

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Pili Airport in Camarines Sur is one of the worst airports I've been to. 

At the entrance of Pili Airport, there is a notice that the x-ray machine is out of order. So you have to line up and wait for the airport security personnel to manually inspect all the bags of departing passengers.

The toilets have no toilet paper or soap available inside. They're not only cramped but very filthy too.
You have to take the stairs going to the second floor where the departure area is located.  There is no elevator going to the second floor making it difficult for old people and physically- challenged individuals to climb the stairs. I hope they Implement the Accessibility Law (BP 344) in the building itself.

The Pili airport building is cramped. They leased both ends of the first floor to pasalubong stores. Making it more crowded.

At the second floor of Pili Airport, the foreigner ahead of me in line has on his carry on bag a 1000 ml. perfume. I know it is none of my business but I told the inspector that I guess that the perfume bottle is too big to be on his carry on bag. The inspector scolded me and said: "Nagbibigay kami ng consideration." 
Wow that's unbelievable. I'd like to ask the proper authorities ( Aviation Security Group in this case right? ) I just like to know if that is a valid reason?  The name of the inspector is WILBUR CEPEDA. He is assigned @ the 2nd floor of the PILI AIRPORT where he manually inspects the bags of the passengers. Because guess what? Yes, you got it right! The x-ray machine @ the second floor is also out of order.
Why make an exemption to foreigners and raise hell to Filipinos? Are we second class citizens in our own country? Iba pala ang rules sa mga ibang lahi kesa sa Filipino WILBUR CEPEDA!
That's really disgusting! That's effin' unfair!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Galatians 6:7 Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.
All these disasters that have befallen us must have shown us by now that the environment is as vital to us as the air we breathe.

We might as well not have air if we do not have trees. 
All these cataclysms that have visited the Philippines must have taught us by now that protecting the environment is not a matter of choice, or preference, it is a matter of necessity. A matter of life and death. 

Take actions now before its too late.
Illegal mining played a part in the recent catastrophe. But that was nothing compared to the deforestation of the watersheds in Lanao del Norte and Bukidnon, which feed into the major rivers of Mindanao. Without trees to absorb the water and prevent soil erosion, the waters came tearing down into Cagayan de Oro like an avalanche. 

The flash flood brought death and destruction to CDO, Iligan and Dumaguete in Mindananao and other locations in Vizayas. The sight of dead people are almost everywhere. We are more and more becoming used to the sight of dead women and children in the tabloids, news, and internet.  

We are more and more becoming numb to the horrible effects of mining and illegal logging.

The idea of behavior having repercussions or consequences is not unique to Christianity.
The whole of karma in Hinduism is intrinsically linked to the concept of “you reap what you sow.” 

“Buy now, pay forever.” 

Some would suggest that ultimately, someone pays a price for bad behavior and benefits from the good, but the individual is not always the payee or the receiver. 

Determining the precise and long reaching effect of a single action may be difficult to do without a time machine.

In all, the idea "you reap what you sow" can be simplified to suggest that actions will have consequences. 
They don’t necessarily have immediate consequences. But it's the beginning. We have to start somewhere. It’s an idea that can be taken philosophically, religiously or scientifically, or it may just apply to encouraging good behavior today so that hopefully tomorrow such behavior may influence the person or the world in a positive way. 

I hope the government will have more aggressive programs to encourage planting of trees and take drastic action against illegal mining and illegal logging so as to protect the environment. 

May all the illegal loggers and illegal mining firms in the Philippines  be afraid of Karma. Stop being greedy!

Kaswapangan mo buhay ang kapalit! Sana makonsensya kayo! Nagpapasasa kayo sa pera mula sa maling pagpuputol ng kahoy para magkaroon kayo ng maalwang buhay  at ano ang kapalit? Maraming inosenteng buhay! 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


We went to SM and dined at Kenny Rogers tonight. Then we decided to pose for a souvenir picture @ the malls Christmas display. But the lights went off.   

Being a camera whore, with lights or no lights.  No one could deter me from taking pictures. I guess camera whore out there know what I mean.

Suddenly a security guard approached  and asked me where am I going to use the pictures. I smiled and asked him why? He mumbled something incoherent. So I went on taking pictures.

Then the SM Manager approached me this time. He said what is my purpose in taking those pictures. I said I just love taking pictures. He said bawal mag take ng pictures. Ha? I then asked him why? He said : "Because may Intellectual rights kami, baka kopyahin mo" Ha? Ano daw? 

Natawa ako. Sabi ko: "There is nothing amazing here! Saan ko kokopyahin ang design? Sa bahay namin?"

Hello sino sa inyo ang gusto ng design ng SM sa bahay nila?

I guess the manager is over-reacting. 

Wala sa intention ko ang magmukhang SM ang bahay namin susme. 

May mga kuha pa naman ako sa SM NORTH EDSA ng NORTH POLE display nila.

Aba'y hindi ko na lang i blog at bawal pala.  

Kaya kayo na mahilig mag pa picture punta na lang kayo sa TRINOMA o ROCKWELL kasi sa pagkakaalam ko hindi bawal mag shoot doon. Mas maganda pa sa tutuo lang!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cory Aquino Avenue what?

What is this Cory Aquino Avenue all about? Cory Quirino Avenue na lang po, for beauty's sake.

 Photo from WOW of Cory Quirino

I think it's about time that a new law should say: You can only name a street if you are the one who built it. NO RENAMING of streets! Gulong gulo na po ako!

If there is an Anti-Epal bill, there should be an Anti-Name-Pal (name palit) bill! Ha ha ha! Leave our effin Street names alone!

Parang awa na ninyo mga kongresista mas madami pong mas mabibigat na problema ang bansa pakiuna na po yun please lang! Hayz!

Nakaka sad talaga na ang ibang kongresista magkaroon lang ng batas o ng pagkakataon para magsipsip tsk! Inuuna pa yan kaysa sa kapakanan ng nakakarami yan po ba ang daang matuwid?
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Is really Fabricated?

Is Fabricated?

I am # 59 just a few hours ago and now I am #475 how could that be? It says I got zero as in nada visitor for the day! How could that be possibly true when my total page view was only 139,000 two days ago and I now have 142,448 page view???



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