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Friday, January 20, 2012


 Oral Vaccine

To all the mother's out there! If you care for the over-all being of your child, vaccinate your newborns against rota virus. The vaccines must be initially administered orally among newborns six to 12 weeks after birth while the succeeding dose is given after four weeks.  

The inclusion of rota virus vaccination in the Department of Health’s (DOH) Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) is good decision for the children of the Philippines.
What is Rota Virus? Rota virus is the virus that causes severe diarrhea and vomiting among children below five years old. It is the second leading killer of under-five Filipino children, accounting for 3,500 deaths annually.

It is undeniable that special attention must be given to the health of our children, particularly because many of them are continuously and needlessly suffering from diseases that are either preventable or treatable.

Diarrhea is a preventable disease. if it will be reduced or eradicated, this will contribute to the reduction of under-five mortality in the Philippines.

According to studies almost all kids have had a rotavirus infection by the time they are five years old.

Signs and Symptoms

Kids with a rotavirus infection have fever, nausea, and vomiting, often followed by abdominal cramps and frequent, watery diarrhea. Kids may also have a cough and runny nose. As with all viruses, though, some rotavirus infections cause few or no symptoms, especially in adults.
Sometimes the diarrhea that accompanies a rotavirus infection is so severe that it can quickly lead to dehydration.

Signs of dehydration include:
  • thirst
  • irritability
  • restlessness
  • lethargy
  • sunken eyes
  • a dry mouth and tongue
  • dry skin
  • fewer trips to the bathroom to urinate, and (in infants) a dry diaper for several hours.
Fast Facts:

Rotavirus is the most common cause of severe, dehydrating diarrhea among children worldwide. Each year it causes:
  • About 111 million cases of disease requiring home care only
  • 25 million clinic visits
  • 2 million hospitalizations
  • more than 500,000 deaths in children aged five or younger
 A person with rotavirus diarrhea often excretes large amounts of virus, which can spread readily through contaminated hands. Rotavirus, a hearty virus that survives easily in the environment, can also be transmitted through contaminated objects, air, water, or food.

 Neither antibiotics nor other drugs can cure rotavirus.

The only treatment consists of preventing dehydration by providing fluids and salts until the disease runs its course. In the most serious cases, frequent vomiting makes oral rehydration ineffective.

Children who cannot keep down fluids urgently need intravenous fluids, or they risk dying from dehydration.
Rotarix - A two-dose, orally-administered vaccine that offers protection against rotavirus to infants.  Rotarix is indicated for the active immunisation of infants from the age of 6 weeks for prevention of gastro-enteritis due to rotavirus infection. Rotarix is made available by GlaxoSmithKline.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. 

Preventing serious disease in the first place is the best way to protect children in poor countries.



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Travel Period: January 21 to March 31, 2012


Toni Gonzaga, nilaglag nga ba si Piolo Pascual on live national TV?
Toni Gonzaga is incredibly hilarious.Ha ha ha!

Excerpt of the video of The Buzz last January 15, 2012:
Toni: Talaga, nakaganyan lang ako sa kanya talaga. Sabi niya, “Ano bang nangyari sa’yo?” Sabi ko, “Grabe, sobra mong ganda. Sobra. Kahit saang anggulo talaga perpekto.”  
Boy: Kung ikaw naman ay magiging lalake sa ibang buhay, sino ka? Artista, at bakit? 
Toni: (Toni pauses) Piolo Pascual, siguro.
Boy: Wow.
Toni: Oo. (Boy interrupts) Piolo Pascual… Lalake?!
(Boy interrupts, Cristine reacts, audience laughs)

Boy: Kung ikaw si Piolo Pascual… (audience keeps on laughing and cheering)
Toni: Hoy bakit kayo gumanyan? Ang tinatanong ko kasi… Ohh! Bahala kayo. Kayo ang namili.


Very hilarious! Toni Gonzaga ibinuking nga ba si Papa Piolo? Watch the video and judge for yourself. 


University of the Philippines released the results of the UP College Admission Test yesterday, January 18, 2012.  Congratulations passers! See list below:

  1. Aaron, Eunice Moncada – Abes, Hector Salazar
  2. Abes, Loiza Allison Bandiola – Aclan, Sherlyn Antoinette Boongaling
  3. Aclan, Stellah Grace Palomares – Agreda, Rochelle Ivy Delacruz
  4. Agrimano, Ronalyn Bendo – Alazas, Andre Miko Bontes
  5. Alba, Maxine Lally Tybaco – Alfaro, Rachelle Anne Tolentino
  6. Alfaro, Rumel Angelo Torre – Alvaran, Louise Marie Rose Tumaliuan
  7. Alvarez, Anne Kristine Villanueva – Ancheta, Alejandro Lorenzo Santos
  8. Ancheta, Ellice Dane Wee – Ansuas, Angelo Baye Brucelo
  9. Antang, Eula Kristina Dela Cruz – Arambulo, Lyrachel General
  10. Arana, John Paul Nunez – Arnedo, Jhon Paul Pascua
  11. Arnigo, Jay Mar Briones – Austria, Florie Mae Salazar
  12. Austria, Hannah Faye Mercado – Bagadiong, Rizzah Mae Sigua
  13. Bagaipo, Jairus Pagar – Baldovino, April Joy Gomez
  14. Baldovino, Eunice Maricar Magsalin – Bangeles, Rosie Gil
  15. Banggat, Kenn Raphael Manoos – Barrida, April Grace Villasis
  16. Barrientos, Monsour Alberto – Bautista, Ivan Tedison Arellano
  17. Bautista, Janina Hipolito – Belderol, Kemuel Clyde Medrano
  18. Beldia, Jeffrey Thomas Villapando – Bernaldo, Mardy Grace Ann Rescober
  19. Bernales, Jasper Jamorol – Boado, Keizel Minorka Jolongbayan
  20. Boado, Kristina Abigail Aranzanso – Borja, Maybelline Rosette Cervera
  21. Borja, Patricia Taco – Buenconsejo, Dana Grace Siapno
  22. Buenconsejo, Julian Hallado – Caamod, Annabelle Cruda
  23. Caasi, Paulo Malgapo – Cabusas, Karen Grace Lascuna
  24. Cabusora, Rinah Lae Insigne – Calderon, Kenneth Banzuela
  25. Calderon, Khrista Lhey Villanueva – Canceran, Patricia June Layco
  26. Cancio, Khristine Carino – Caraga, Agatha Angela Ignacio
  27. Caragan, Marisa Alarin – Cartabio, Threb Gabriel Fule
  28. Cartagena, Louie Balboa – Castro, Jaian Xephel Gamoso
  29. Castro, Jan Carlo Marcelo – Cedeno, Ma Alaila Gumaquil
  30. Cejalvo, Reneliza Dalipe – Chavez, Toni Marie Haro
  31. Chavez, Van Paolo Del Castillo – Clado, Daniel Weaver
  32. Claridad, Jenny Joy Caballero – Concepcion, Eina Izabela Zaide
  33. Concepcion, Gayle Rahab Ann Racca – Cortez, Andrew Tiamson
  34. Cortez, Angelica Joiece Canillada – Cruz, Marya Christel Immaculate Burio
  35. Cruz, Menandro Ii Verzosa – Dable, Frances Marie Jandonero
  36. Dabuet, Kristianne Chyna Chu Te – Darato, Bret John Oncog
  37. Darcen, Nica Therese Mercado – De Guzman, Christian Bravo
  38. De Guzman, Christine Mae Pitalbo – De Padua, Jan Loubert
  39. De Padua, Russel Baltores – Del Rosario, Gueneve Basilio
  40. Del Rosario, Jan Noel Diaz – Delariarte, Misha Louise Alcazar
  41. Delasas, Gemiele Elaine Capistrano – Deytiquez, Marrian Johanna Cotiangco
  42. Dialogo, Sandra Surita – Dissanayake, Ivy Joyce Aquino
  43. Distal, Joseph Patrick – Doromal, Rochelle Louise Dela Cruz
  44. Doron, Michael Bernard Bryan Dorias – Ebate, Neil Philip Lazarito
  45. Ebdani, Jennifer Deresma – Encendencia, Chrisha Dagpin
  46. Encina, Zaldy Mark Ferido – Escudero, John Agustin Pineda
  47. Escudo, Rodel Gozo – Estapia, Marie Neil Olandria
  48. Estardo, Jessica Licuan – Fabicon, Samantha Joie Ferrera
  49. Fabila, Christy Paclibar – Fernandez, Angela Joy Balagosa
  50. Fernandez, Angela Louise Gudani – Florece, Christine Marie Cala-Or
  51. Florendo, Carl Andrew Alipala – Francisco, Jewel Mika Morenencia
  52. Francisco, Ma Cariza Pascual – Galang, Eira Chariz Roque
  53. Galang, Elson Ian Nyl Ebreo – Ganotisi, Frances Miguel
  54. Gans, Niccolo Agujo – Garzon, Jiezl Mae Leyble
  55. Gasapo, Karen Rose Vicencio – Germinal, Christine Faith Gegantoca
  56. Germinal, Nina Grace Ramirez – Go-Aco, Voncarlo Ceniza
  57. Goad, Jhonnabie Tina – Gorospe, Maria Corine Bertiz
  58. Gorospe, Stephanie Grace Capao-An – Guimmayen, Neil Angelo Conel
  59. Guinandal, Adelfa Rose Belicario – Herbon, Arron Lucius Besares
  60. Herbosa, Jonnel Redondo – Hubilla, Fatima Athena Destura
  61. Hubo, Nicole Juliet Buendia – Infante, Jellou Mae Soriano
  62. Infante, Van Carlo Miguel – Jarencio, Mary Jeel Cabanus
  63. Jareol, Jane Sumo – Juan, Cez Dominique Abitan
  64. Juan, Daniele – Labanta, Decemae Lyka Regaton
  65. Labao, Jorem Paulo Melencio – Laguardia, Jamilah Paola Dela Cruz
  66. Lagudas, Jessa Beronilla – Laraya, Kurt Joseff Villareal
  67. Larcia, Tanya Alyana Limbo – Lebrilla, Frezel Jade Colacion
  68. Ledesma, Augusto Xavier Naval – Liberato, Lisa Katrina Conde
  69. Libiano, Maria Camille Revilla – Limbaga, Lorenzo Gabriel Cascon
  70. Limbago, Allan Joseph Datoy – Lobitana, Carlo Joseph Estigoy
  71. Lobo, Eloisa Rachel Cua – Lozano, Angela Joy Tangangco
  72. Lozano, Emmanuel Gomez – Maano, Prince Lester Capistrano
  73. Maape, John Noel Ratilla – Magallanes, Loise Emberr Jane Gallego
  74. Magallon, Clarisse Launio – Maguad, Ma Althea Tacsagon
  75. Maguad, Stephen Dave Servancia – Malto, Zabrina Bernice Lacuanan
  76. Malubay, Gerina Rose Cabalbal – Mangante, Mariz Raga
  77. Mangao, Arnoldus Marzonia – Marabi, Judith Ann Cueva
  78. Marabut, Gianna Marie Linchangco – Marquez, Samantha Angeles
  79. Marquez, Samantha Loraine Erana – Matula, Ignatius Matthew Cubal
  80. Matulac, Julie Ann Zerrudo – Mendoza, Aaron James Figueroa
  81. Mendoza, Abbygail Garcia – Mercado, Miguel Eduardo Manianglung
  82. Mercado, Monique Eloise Teves – Molas, Romulo Martin Iii Sanchez
  83. Molase, Eda Marie Villanueva – Montoya, Patricia Minela Lusong
  84. Montud, Sittie Nizhran Allyssa Doro – Munoz, Ricardo Jr Rano
  85. Munsayac, Michelle Gonzales – Nas, John Sylvester Brusola
  86. Nasayao, Maria Tricia Bertiz – Nicdao, Trisha Jem Jovellanos
  87. Nicolas, Ahrjae Joy Princess Sulfelix – Oberes, Raymund Jun Torda
  88. Obial, Dennie Rose Sapong – Olazo, Stephen Andy Monteagudo
  89. Olegario, Neil Karlo Zafra – Oquendo, Noel Aguilar
  90. Ora, Vicelle Joy Abarentos – Ozaraga, Maria Katrina Chua
  91. Ozon, May Fredelyn Miole – Pagaduan, Justin Cordoba
  92. Pagaduan, Karen Tam – Palmes, Charlene Mandaricio
  93. Palmes, Gilgen Parrenas – Paragas, Rose Ann Marie Nate
  94. Paraiso, Jayvee Magbanlac – Patron, Jennifer Estolloso
  95. Patron, Roed Deris – Peralta, Margarette Kaye Bolares
  96. Peralta, Mariani Angel Lomugdang – Piedad, Maricar Roluna
  97. Pielago, Patricia Ann Andal – Pon-An, Charlene Joyce Franco
  98. Ponce, Albert Allan Yan – Punzalan, Mari Janae Paula Alibadbad
  99. Punzalan, Marianne Caballero – Rabanos, Caryl Ann Alcazaren
  100. Rabaya, Luwin Joseph Abadiano – Ramos, Jose Imanuel Cruz
  101. Ramos, Joyce Anne Loria – Recopuerto, Harmon Sardina
  102. Recote, Jhoanna Rey Clemente – Revereza, Jeremiah Joseph Legarda
  103. Revilla, Brian Joshua Mapacpac – Reynaldo, Erwin Rommel Tayo
  104. Reynaldo, Shamah Regimen – Rodenas, Paul Emmanuel Rey
  105. Rodeo, Almaiza Marie Francisco – Rosales, Lloyd Beiel Atienza
  106. Rosales, Mikhaila Klaudine An – Sabino, Elhaine Mae Lolong
  107. Sabio, Earl Bryan Palma – Sally, Elena Grace Locsin
  108. Salmani, Katrina Jayashree Gutierrez – San Pedro, Marcus Jude Pleyto
  109. San Pedro, Prescilla Diorgia Guinto – Santos, Christian Paolo Mico
  110. Santos, Chynna Sophia Alonzo – Sarmiento, Shaine Marie Tang
  111. Sarne, Marah Danica Calonia – Serdan, Shara Kaye Oronos
  112. Serdeno, Hannah Cheryl Laniog – Silva, Jose Miguel Geronimo
  113. Silva, Nigel Andag – Solis, Abby Gail Tirol
  114. Solis, Ariane Claire Buladaco – Sua, Francis Danielle Melecio
  115. Suacillo, Carine Iries Marterio – Suyu, Ma Angelie Aggabao
  116. Suyu, Ma Mesaela Ballesteros – Tagalog, Kimberly Eve Senarlo
  117. Tagami, Mark Ian Calaparan – Tan, Francis Michael Padilla
  118. Tan, Gabriel Cantara – Tarongoy, John Kenneth Silawan
  119. Tarongoy, Sarena Palisbo – Tiglao, Jose Enrico Gonzales
  120. Tiglao, Laurence Mitchelle Landicho – Tolentino, Zandy De Leon
  121. Tolentino, Zein Eiryn Sinsuat – Trinidad, Ivan Rayson Espidol
  122. Trinidad, Janica Iris Cacal – Ubay, Nikki Jamison
  123. Ucab, Hazel Grace Rigonan – Vaflor, Dan Dexter Libunao
  124. Valarao, Reena Amirah Concepcion – Varon, Mary Felene Diva
  125. Varona, Charity Anastacio – Vicente, Lyneth Panganiban
  126. Vicente, Nerrisa Sepaya – Villanueva, Jessa Mae Asayas
  127. Villanueva, Joanna Nicole Tenorio – Virata, Angelique Joy Napao
  128. Viray, Bryce Cornelius Yvann De Leon – Yap, Henry Oliver Evangelista
  129. Yap, Jayme Maries Go – Zamora, Kate Valerie Anne Saldua
  130. Zamora, Mariel Roie De Leon – Zurbito, Rosanne Angel Almario



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