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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rhian Ramos sexcapades?

I chanced upon a blog allegedly done in 2008.  Is there any truth to this?  If true, this is really sad news. I never thought that an innocent girl like Rhian is capable of such behavior.  Why would she behave and act that way? What happened to the moral standards taught by parents to their children? Is showbiz really a crazy world? To the impressionable youth, please don't imitate wrong doing. Remember there is karma.

To all the parents out there, please screen outside influences that might leave unhealthy models in your child's mind.

Your standards automatically become theirs because they soak up whatever surrounds them.

This means parents must saturate their children with healthy models in the preschool years, when children are most impressionable, so they can be discerning about models that come along later.

By the way here is the link that I found on the net. I am not in any way connected to whoever wrote this back in 2008.  I hope this is not true.


TerryI said...

I don't think this is true. Rhian Ramos has undergone a lot in this controversy. This has been very distressing for her, and it's good that she's taking a break. Maybe we should also take a break from this seriousness and watch this funny video parody I just saw. I thought it was the old video, but it isn't. Hear him say the reason for his sadness.

Mo Likes Unlimited Rice (MO TWISTER PARODY)

Anonymous said...

kala ko pa naman matino yun pala katulad din siya ng iba sana mag ingat siya sa su2nod

Anonymous said...

piliin niya yung mga lalaking sasamahan niya yung hindi siya e2skandolohin.....nagma2lasakit na fan ok

Carla Nazario said...

Anybody can do anything after all. Even the nicest man can kill somebody :((

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