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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Annabelle Rama threw invectives at Nadia Montenegro

Annabelle Rama was fuming mad during and after the clarificatory hearing of the case filed against her by Nadia Montenegro.

Erstwhile friends talent manager Annabelle Rama and actress Nadia Montenegro turned bitter enemies.

Their quarrel has turned to worse as Nadia Montenegro filed charges against the controversial talent manager, who is the mother of actress Ruffa Gutierrez and actors Raymond and Richard Gutierrez, before the Quezon City Prosecutors Office.

The case slapped on Rama are child abuse and defamation complaints.

Rama had asked the prosecutor’s office to dismiss the case against her due to what she said was lack of basis and insufficient evidence.

Montenegro also charged Rama with defamation for allegedly circulating rumors that one of her daughters had a sexually transmitted disease and the other had been raped.

Recently, the former actress Montenegro charged Rama with libel and unjust vexation for calling her “piggy” ( Baboy) in her Twitter account. She also alleged that Rama announced over the social networking site that she had an affair with another man and that she could not pay her debts.

Montenegro filed a child abuse complaint against Rama last September 30 for allegedly making her children who are minors, work for more than 40 hours, in violation of the Anti-Child Abuse Act.

She said Rama failed to protect the interests of her children by making them work even during school hours.

She said Rama gave the impression that the network required the children to work.

She also accused Rama of making her two daughters wear adult and sexually suggestive clothes and attend social events that exposed her kids to situations and circumstances that were prejudicial to their morals.

In a 17-page counter affidavit, Rama said her role as talent manager of Montenegro’s daughters Anykha and Alyana is only to get jobs for the children, aged 15 and 17.

She said Montenegro, being the “guardian” and mother of the two, has the authority to accept or decline the offered TV projects or appearances and to agree on their working hours.

She also said Montenegro is provided with the taping schedules of her children’s TV appearances.

Montenegro’s kids signed a five-year managerial contract with Annabel Rama in April last year.

Earlier today December 6, 2011 at around 8:30 a.m. there was a clarificatory hearing of Nadia's case against Annabel regarding falsification of documents with Fiscal Perfecto Lawrence D. Chua-Cheng V.

Annabel Rama submitted a sworn counter-affidavit and Nadia Montenegro requested for the NBI to examine the original copy of the management contracts of her children with Annabel Rama. No untoward incident occurred here.

Then they transferred to Fiscal Liezl Aquiatan-Morales for the clarificatory hearing of the child abuse and libel case. 

The media were not permitted inside the room. Only Annabel, Nadia and her 2 kids and their respective lawyers were allowed inside.

After a few minutes the media heard Annabel shouting and cursing Nadia in Tagalog.

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