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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Getting to Your Hotel / Hostel

Three (3) OPTIONS  Getting to Your Hotel / Hostel

  1. Bus (CityFlyer)
  2. MTR (Airport Express) 
  3. Taxi

CityFlyer Fare and Routes

After buying your octopus card in the airport, look for the sign that says "Buses to City". Follow the signs.

A21 Bus for Kowloon: 33HKD per adult (half price for children under 12)
A11 Bus for HK Island: 40HKD per adult (half price for children under 12)

How to know which Bus stop to get off at:

Go to your hotel's website and look for the public transportation instructions OR:

1. For those residing in Mongkok / Jordan / Yaumatei / Tsim Sha Tsui, take the A21 Bus.
2. For those residing in Central / Wanchai / Causeway Bay, take the A11 Bus.
3. Find out the address of your accommodations.
4. Using this address, look for the nearest bus stop (bus stop address specified in the NWSTBUS website)

*Ride on top of the bus, on the front seat, for best views of HK from the airport*

*Detailed Guide on the bottom of this thread*

Airport Express

Stops at Hong Kong Island (MTR Station), Tsing Yi and Kowloon (MTR Station). From these stations, there are FREE shuttle buses that pass through specific hotels, look for the shuttle that will pass by near your hotel/hostel.

List of Hotels that are serviced by the Free Shuttle Bus:

Standard Rate: 100HKD per person 1 way to Hong Kong Station, 90HKD for Kowloon Station.

Do not buy using the vending machines to avail of the discounted rates, look for the service counter.

Airport Express Discounted Group Ticket (Single Journey Ticket Set Price)
Group of 2: 160HKD to Hong Kong | 140HKD to Kowloon
Group of 3: 210HKD to Hong Kong | 190HKD to Kowloon
Group of 4: 250HKD to Hong Kong | 220HKD to Kowloon


Costs usually around 250-350HKD from the airport, seats a MAXIMUM of 5 passengers. Additional charges for luggage/toll.

Flagdown rate: 18HKD

The MTR is Hong Kong's extremely efficient and easy to use subway system. You will not get lost using this.

Using your octopus card: Place it on top of the reader to enter (inside your station of origin), do the same when you exit (on your station of destination).

Using single journey tickets: Pretty much the same as the trains in Metro Manila. Insert -> Get -> Insert to exit.

The MTR will get you to almost anywhere (except places like Ocean Park, Aberdeen and Stanley) 

If you are going to a spot that is located in a district covered by the MTR, please visit this link to download a vicinity map and learn which MTR exit to take. (eg. The Peak, Worldwide Plaza, Avenue of Stars, Harbour City, Times Square, etc)

Inside the MTR Stations, signs are EVERYWHERE Directions to famous spots in the district are all over the stations and even in the streets. You will not get lost using the MTR.

MTR Route Guide: <--- VERY USEFUL

This sign tells you that there is a Long walk from one station to the other station.

Central to Hong Kong Station is a long walk. Same goes with Tsim Sha Tsui to Tsim Sha Tsui East.

This sign here, is an MTR interchange that allows you to change train by getting off one train and hop into another train right away.


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