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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions for Hongkong PART 1

Can I Book A Flight to Macau but My Return Flight is from Hong Kong? (and Vice Versa)

Yes. Enter Macau, Exit Hong Kong and vice versa is allowed.

Is Booking Online Using My Credit Card Safe?

As long as you stick with the booking sites mentioned on this page, you have nothing to worry.

We are not responsible for users booking on virus/trojan/spyware-infected computers and/or public/rental computers.

A Travel Agency Is Offering A Very Cheap HK Package, What Should I Ask To Make Sure?

1. The nett price, subtotal of everything including all taxes (terminal fee may be excluded)
2. What is the hotel included?
3. What airline and what time are the flights? Baka gabi kayo aalis tapos umaga yun balik niyo.
4. Are we required to join the city tour to get our tickets for the theme parks like Disneyland?

When Do I Need A DSWD Permit For Minors?

When a parent is not accompanying the child. If 1 parent is going, no need for a permit.

What Documents Do I Need Before I Leave for HK?

Your passport and e-ticket. For first timers, sometimes HK immigration might ask for show money and hotel/hostel reservation.

For those who booked online, a photocopy of the credit card used.

What Fees Do I Have To Pay At The Airport?

If you booked your ticket online, you have to pay the Philippine travel tax (P1,620) and terminal fee (P750) in the airport.

If you booked through a travel agency, it is possible that the travel tax is already included. This you have to verify.

Coming from HK, you DO NOT have to pay anything anymore at the HK International Airport or NAIA upon return.

Are Passengers of Philippine Airlines Econolight Allowed To Bring Carry-On Luggages?

Yes. 1 Handcarry is allowed. 

How Do I Know What Kind of Clothes To Wear/Bring?

7 Day Weather Forecast can be found here ->

Mid-20 degrees and above: Summer / Comfortable clothes
Near-20's to Low 20's: Long Sleeves / Sweaters
15 degrees and below: Jacket / Thick Jacket

What does _____ look like? Ano meron sa ____?

Go to and search the place name for photos so you can see what it looks like. Example: Tsim Sha Tsui

Are Restaurants and Malls Open During New Year, Chinese New Year, Christmas and other big holidays?

Yes. But theme parks will be PACKED on these days. Going to Macau is also not recommended.

Is _____ Cheaper In Hong Kong?

For non-electronic items, find time to canvass the local price so that you will know if HK is cheaper when you get there.

There is no assurance that thread members will know the answer to your question.

For electronics, refer to the electronics shopping guide above.

Is There Free Wifi In Hong Kong?

Major tourist spots like the Avenue of Stars have free WIFI.

Can we buy the Octopus Card at the airport using Credit Card?

No. Cash basis only. Discounted tickets at CTS-Airport are also cash basis only.

Are We Required to Buy The Octopus Card?

Definitely not but for your convenience (and experience), the Octopus Card is the way to go. 

Can I Sleep In The HK Airport?

Yes, you can sleep in the airport if you are extremely cutting costs but for your own convenience, book on a hostel nalang.

How Do I Reach My Hotel/Hostel From The Airport?

Instructions are posted all over this page, please find time to read them. Detailed instructions below.

What Time / How Many Hour Before Should I Leave My Hotel/Hostel On My Last Day?

At least 3 Hours before your flight. For rush hour (6 to 8pm), 3.5 to 4 Hours before your flight.

How Do We Go From ____ to ____?

Please look at the MTR map and study it first. Then proceed to the "Getting To" section of this page.

Which MTR Exit Should We Exit From For: ____?

Please refer to the district maps provided by the link below:

For example, for Kowloon Park, open the Tsim Sha Tsui map; for Ladies Market, open the Mongkok map.

What Is The Easiest Way of Going Around HK?

As previously stated, the MTR, their subway, will take you to almost anywhere you need to go. All major tourist districts are covered by the MTR.

Refer to the MTR map above for your reference; as well as the district breakdown.

Are Big Luggages Allowed Inside The MTR?

Yes they are, special gates/elevators are available for tourists bringing along their luggage. Hassle nga lang.

What Time Does The MTR Open/Close?

Closing time varies from line to line but on the average, most lines close around 1am.

Go Here: then Select the stations. Service hours are on the right side.



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