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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions for Hongkong PART 7


Can I Fly to Macau but Fly Back to Manila from Hong Kong? (and Vice Versa)


Airport Terminal Information

Hong Kong-bound flights from Manila:
Philippine Airlines - Terminal 2
Cebu Pacific - Terminal 3
All others - Terminal 1

Manila-bound flights from Hong Kong:
Philippine Airlines - check-in at HKIA Terminal 2
Hong Kong Express - check-in at HKIA Terminal 2
Cebu Pacific - check-in at HKIA Terminal 1
Cathay Pacific - check-in at HKIA Terminal 1
Dragon Air - check-in at HKIA Terminal 1

Booking Hotels Online

For Hong Kong, Asiatravel and Agoda usually have the best rates for most hotels in Hong Kong. Expedia is also OK. There are also some hotels whose rates are lower in local travel agencies.

Airport Luggage Storage Information 

OK ba ang Noah's Ark?

Most of the feedback online are not very good. Hindi daw sulit ang entrance.

Charlie Brown Cafe
G/F-1/F, 58-60 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Recent Acid Attacks

The attacks happened in Mongkok (near Ladies Market) and Yaumatei (near Temple Street). As of today, the perpetrators have not been arrested.

For those looking for non-"gasgas" souvenirs ( miniature buses )

Price varies, meron sub-100hkd, meron din hundreds of hkd per bus.

Store Locations:

How Many Hours Before A Flight Should I Be In The Airport?

At least 2 hours.

Taxi Flagdown Rate + Additional Charges

Getting to Lin Heung Teahouse

*Content taken from PEX


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