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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions for Hongkong PART 6

When is the best time to go to Hong Kong?

Winter Season (December to March) is the most relaxing and comfortable time to go to Hong Kong but besides the weather, there's little else to do since the "Sale Season" occurs during Summer. There are some sales during christmas and chinese new year but 90% of the clothes are for winter. Hong Kong can get very foggy during winter, as such, visit to the Peak is a hit-or-miss affair. A foggy bird's eye view of HK isn't really nice.

Summer Season (May to October) is similar to Manila's weather, very hot but moving around in Hong Kong can get extra uncomfortable because of the high humidity which gives the "sticky" feeling. Hong Kong's rainy season also falls on their summer, July and August has the highest rainfall count and the typhoons also arrive in these months. The Sale / Shopping Festival is from the start of July to the start of September. If the sky is clear, the view from the Peak is great.

Avoid going to Hong Kong when there are large-scale exhibitions or ongoing tournaments like the Hong Kong Sevens Rugby Tournament because hotel prices will be significantly higher.

Estimating Travel Time when using the MTR

For those planning to do a lot of Shopping

If the thing you are planning to buy is available here in Manila, make sure to check the local price first as a reference point. This way you'll know whether the stores in Hong Kong are cheaper or not.

For those leaving/arriving in HK Past Midnight or Early Morning

There are still airport buses, codes start with N. Instead of A21, it will be N21. Routes are the same.

Places / Things Best Done During the Day

1. Ocean Park
2. Ngong Pin Village + Giant Buddha
3. Nanlian Gardens
4. Disneyland
5. Malls / Markets

Places / Things Best Done During Night

1. A visit to the Peak
2. Strolling along Avenue of Stars
3. A tram ride along HK island (specially Central district)
4. Star Ferry Ride
5. Strolling around Tsim Sha Tsui (Nathan road and the side streets)

Places to Avoid During the Weekends/Holidays (Due to large volume of people)

1. Disneyland
2. Ocean Park
3. The Peak
4. Macau

Average Time You Need for the Famous Tourist Spots

1. Disneyland - At least 6 hours | Recommended = Opening Time to Closing Time to catch Fireworks at 8pm
2. Ocean Park - At least 4 hours | Recommended = Opening Time to Near Closing Time
3. Ngong Ping Village and Giant Buddha - At least 2 hours
4. Avenue of Stars - At least 30minutes | Recommended = 1 Hour
5. The Peak - At least 1 hour | Recommended = 2 Hours
6. Tsim Sha Tsui (Harbour City, et al) - At least 2-3 Hours, also Depends on amount of shopping
7. Mongkok Markets - Varies, Depends on amount of shopping
8. Causeway Bay - At least 2 Hours

Average Time Needed

Airplane Touchdown in Hong Kong until Baggage Claim: around 45 minutes to 1 hour
Airport to Kowloon/HK Island: 45minutes minimum
City to Disneyland by Train: Approximately 45minutes

Where to Buy Pasalubong

Mongkok Ladies Market
Temple Street Night Market
The Peak
Knick Knacks in Citysuper
Grocery&Food Items from Citysuper / Sogo / Wellcome
Hong Kong Egg Tarts
Royce Chocolates from Citysuper*

*Now available locally: Powerplant Rockwell / Greenbelt 5
*Content taken from PEX


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