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Friday, July 26, 2013

NEW WORLD MAKATI HOTEL: Launches 2 Facebook Apps

NEW WORLD HOTEL MAKATI: Launches 2 Facebook Apps
New World Makati Hotel launched its latest social media apps over a delicious dinner at The Glass House located at the second level of New World Makati Hotel last week.
Invited bloggers had the first view of these milestones for New World Makati Hotel. It felt nice that world class hotels like New World Makati Hotel now embraces the most popular and effective social media platforms to actively communicate with the world. With over 8,000 likes to date, New World Makati Hotel’s Facebook Fan Page has become an avenue for sharing the hotel’s latest news, promotions and offerings.
This July, the hotel launches two Facebook apps geared towards providing more interactive and personal connections.

"The “In Touch” Facebook app gives everyone fast and easy access to the hotel’s front liners," quips Ms. Nini Icban, Director of Communications of New World Makati Hotel.
Eager to receive and respond to the messages are New World Makati Hotel’s General Manager Farid Shoucair, Resident Manager Eddy Sarton, Director of Sales & Marketing Jann Delgado, Director of Communications Nini Icban, Director of Rooms Joy Barleta, Director of Food & Beverage Paawan Engineer, Director of Human Resources Geuel Auste, and Club Epicure.
Everybody are invited to send messages, inquiries, and other concerns to significant representatives from various areas of the hotel. If you need to get IN TOUCH with New World Makati Hotel, you can check out its IN TOUCH FACEBOOK APPLICATION through this link: They are looking forward to hearing from you!
New World Makati Hotel likewise sparks creativity with the #IHeartNewWorld Photo Sharing Contest on Instagram. 
So, it’s time to wander the streets of Makati and come up with the most unique photos while doing the “I Heart” pose and adding the hash tag #IHeartNewWorld. Entries with the most number of "likes" win prizes and giveaways from the hotel. To join, follow the registration details and mechanics posted on the hotel's Facebook Page.
In Touch and #IHeartNewWorld are now accessible to all online. Simply "like" New World Makati Hotel’s Facebook Fan Page and follow the hotel’s Twitter and Instagram accounts (@newworldmakati) for the latest news.

For more information, please call New World Makati Hotel at 811-6888.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

CAFE 1771: A Breakfast Like No Other

CAFE 1771: A Breakfast Like No Other
Cafe 1771 reminds me of the fictional piano-playing character Schroeder of Peanuts Gang fame by the late cartoonist Charles M. Schulz because his character's address is 1770 James Street. It is easy for Schroeder to remember his address because 1770 is the birth year of his idol, the German composer and pianist Ludwig van Beethoven. 
It is as if we were transported to Europe when we stepped inside Cafe 1771 at El Pueblo Real de Manila, Dona Julia Vargas Ave. corner ADB Ave., Ugong, Pasig. We dined at the left side of the restaurant called The Lounge.
The wide French windows overlooking the parking lot make you imagine that you are somewhere in Europe. 

Arrays of books line up the walls, separating The Lounge from the Whimsy section of the cafeIt is a book lovers haven as you will feel like you are in a library. 
Half of The Lounge can be partitioned into a private room for twenty persons. 

It is ideal for business meetings, entertaining clients and foreign visitors or a casual feel-good lunch or dinner. Service is hushed and personalized. 
Breakfast is both quaint and modern Filipino.
Pancake with caramelized bananas and candied walnuts... oh, so yummy!
For more pictures and stories, please click HERE.

JUST GIVE ME A REASON:Pink Feat.Nate Ruess Cover

JUST GIVE ME A REASON:Pink Feat.Nate Ruess Cover
I stumbled upon Backtrack, a new a cappella (without instrumental accompaniment) group from New York City. Just Give Me a Reason is already the group's fourth single! I really like what I heard so I am sharing their music to you guys and gals! Enjoy!

You could SUBSCRIBE to their channel to stay informed of their new music!

Backtrack members are composed of the following:

Soprano: Kara Lewis

Alto: Carly Cantor

Baritone: Brett Parker

Bass: Andrew John Kim

Beatboxing: Spencer Polanco (Spencer Beatbox)

Additional Info:
Producer & Recording Engineer: Andrew John Kim

Video Editor: Brett Parker and Spencer Polanco

Mastering Engineer: Gabriel GutiƩrrez at Zampol Productions Mastering Studios


Saturday, July 20, 2013

WIN FREE VITAMINS: A Champs Giveaway!

WIN FREE VITAMINS: A Champs Giveaway!
It's rainy season again. This is also the season for colds and flu. In fact, I've already noticed a lot of people around coughing and sneezing.  If adults started getting sick because of the changing weather, how much more your children?  Your children are prone to coughs and flu, not only because of the changing weather but also because of viruses and germs brought by adults. So give your child an extra protection from these diseases. Anything to keep them healthy to avoid colds, flu or throat and ear infections that seem to plague almost every household during this season. 

Did you know that there's a fun way in making your children take their vitamins without having to chase them around the house and force-feeding them their yucky tasting vitamins?

It is a fact that many children ( even adults)  don’t like swallowing pills but most dietary supplements and vitamins are needed to be taken orally to pass straight through the digestive system. Good thing there's Champ chewable vitamins for your kids with fun shapes and flavors that your kids will surely love!
Champs vitamins are very affordable and equally effective. That means you, mommies out there, won't have to spend a fortune on your children's vitamins.
If you have never heard about Champs vitamins for kids, here is a little bit about them: Champs has a great line of kids vitamins and supplements that have only natural flavors added. Champs Chewable Vitamins come in optimum, convenient, exact dosing, great tasting and come in fun shapes

Q. My child just ate a handful of Champs Vitamins. Do I need to take her to the doctor?

A. No. 
Champs Vitamins are specially formulated with kids in mind. The excess vitamins will be naturally eliminated from their bodies. 
Mothers' Choice for Champions!

Now available in :
  • Mercury Drug
  • The Generics Pharmacy
  • Generika Drugstores and other leading drugstores nationwide!

For my review, I was given samples of the Champs vitamins line.  I have to try a sample of them myself and they really have a good taste.
Kids would love the taste of these yummy vitamins. I recommend keeping these out of reach of kids though, especially if they are not yet old enough to know the difference between vitamins and candy but little ones might not be so discriminating. 

Disclaimer:  I received product samples in exchange for my honest review. I received no monetary compensation. All opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.

What Makes Champs Vitamins Unique:

Champs Vitamins are chewable and have a candy-like taste.

The Giveaway: 

CCM Pharmaceuticals offered to give six (6) of my readers a gift pack containing Champs 5 variants. Yehey! Good Luck peeps!

Six (6) Lucky winners will win a Vitamin Gift Pack each that includes:

  1. Champs C (vitamin C)
  2. Champs C with Lysine
  3. Champs M (9 essential vitamins)
  4. Champs M with Lysine, and
  5. Champs Omega 3 Plus  

  • Giveaway begins on July 20, 2013 and ends on August 14, 2013 at 12:00 noon.
  • This giveaway is only open to residents of Metro, Manila, Philippines who are 18 years of age or older. If you live outside of Metro Manila or outside the Philippines, you could still enter the contest as long as you are willing to shoulder the cost of shipping. 
  • The winners must be able to pick up the package in Makati City, Philippines. Otherwise a new winner will be picked. Meaning you will need to pay for your own transportation and incidental expenses. 
  • Prizes will be forfeited if not claimed on the designated time and date. 
  • Please make sure your email address is in your profile or in your comment so I can find you.
  • The winners will be randomly chosen and contacted via email. 
  • The winners will have 48 hours to respond. Only one winner per household. Please make sure you check your junk mail folder.
  • It is mandatory to do all the assigned tasks on the rafflecopter. Absence of one task will disqualify your entry. 
  • Don't comment as anonymous please. Entries using anonymous identity will not be honored.
  • Tweets and FB share must be set public.
Enter through the Rafflecopter widget below. If you don’t see it wait until the page loads completely. Log in with your email address or with your Facebook account. Click the +1 button, follow the instructions and click the green Enter button. Earn bonus entries for sharing. Good Luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, July 19, 2013

LAPTOP: Best Deals Around Town

LAPTOP: Best Deals Around Town

My name is Cha and I am a shopaholic. My twitter handle is girl_greenscarf and now you know the reason why :-)

I was recently browsing online to survey the most reliable laptop with value for money when I came across

Save22 turned out to be a great site. It raves about ongoing promotions and hot mall-wide sale, price slash-offs and other deals. Looking at those deals makes me wide eyed! It definitely triggers the shopaholic in me. Though I am fond on researching online, I don't buy online. Why? Because of credit card security issues plus nothing beats the feeling of touching an item before you pay for it .
At first, I was quite skeptical but when I tried looking for laptop deals on the save22 website, I was happy with the result.

I didn't expect to find anything special because you know how those online stores operate. They'll post something cheap one moment and when you blink your eyes, it is no longer available, leaving you with a heavy heart. 

I was so surprised when I got several results for my search at

Blessing in disguise.

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Save22 is an ideal site where you can research leading retailers’ promotions and catalogues online before you go shopping offline. 

I am now a proud owner of an ASUS Vivobook:
 and Samsung Tablet 2.
Thanks for the heads up !

Thursday, July 18, 2013

PAMPANGA: KUMON Philippines' Education & Parenting Seminar (KPEPS) 2013

PAMPANGA: KUMON Philippines' Education & Parenting Seminar (KPEPS) 2013

I know that you, like all parents, would want to equip your children with everything possible to secure a promising future for them. And education such as one through the help of the KUMON Method is the best means to do it. 
The Kumon Method

The Kumon Method is an after-school math and reading learning method. It is an individualized learning method through which students start at a level where they can attain a perfect score by studying on their own and continue to study at their own pace. Through daily study of the Kumon worksheets, the students develop strong self-learning academic abilities and gain confidence that will help them in the classroom and in life.

How the Kumon Method came about

Did you know that the Kumon Method was developed because of the love of a parent for his son?

The late Chairman Toru Kumon developed the prototype of the Kumon Method in 1954 while he was a high school mathematics teacher. At that time, Toru Kumon's wife, Teiko, asked him to take a look at his eldest son Takeshi's second-grade arithmetic studies because she was not satisfied with the results of a test he had taken.
I was really fascinated with Kumon presentation of how the method came about. 

They've even shown handwritten learning materials on loose-leaf A5-sized paper created by high school mathematics teacher Toru Kumon for his son Takeshi.

Toru Kumon's aim was to create a collection of original problems that Takeshi would be able to complete progressively, on his own, allowing him to develop his skills gradually. After much trial and error, he produced a series of handwritten learning materials on loose-leaf A5-sized paper.

Focus on developing strong calculation skills

Mastering calculation is the key to progress to high school mathematics according to the Kumon founder.

The primary feature of these materials was the focus on developing strong calculation skills, enabling Takeshi to advance as quickly as possible through to high school mathematics. Based on his experience as a high school mathematics teacher, Toru Kumon was convinced that mastering calculation was the key to enabling his son to later apply other mathematical concepts.

Takeshi reached 11th grade level differential and integral calculus while still in 6th grade!

Starting with addition problems and rapidly progressing to high school mathematics

In July 1954, Takeshi started studying his father's handmade materials while he was in second grade. He began with addition problems and then progressed rapidly until he reached 11th grade level differential and integral calculus while he was in 6th grade!

Kumon believes that all children possess boundless potential.

Kumon believes that it is the responsibility of educators to uncover children's hidden potential.

During that time, Toru Kumon continued to create these learning materials on a daily basis. Through this process, the philosophy behind the Kumon Method emerged. That is, the optimum development of each individual's ability, irrespective of age or grade—the pursuit of potential. Toru Kumon believed that what was possible for one child was possible for others. Thus, he set out to offer to as many children as possible the opportunity to study with this method.

Have you ever wondered why the Kumon Logo has that thinking face inside? It connotes the many faces of children who learn, think and grow within KUMON Centers.

The Kumon blue color, on the other hand, represents intelligence, honesty and the sky that far stretches around the world. Moreover, the word is also an acronym of the following:
K - indness movement
U - nderstanding the child
M - astery of the basic skills
O - n their own
N - o two children are alike

Dr. Love
Dr. Love hosted the event.
Tadashi Nakatsuka (Kumon Philippines, Inc. President)  in the middle
For more than 15 years, Kumon Philippines, Inc. (Kumon) has been working hand in hand with parents in discovering their children’s potentials toward becoming successful in life. Through its Math and Reading Programs, Kumon seeks to develop the skills of each child and bring out the best in them, so that they gain the confidence to face the challenges of the future and to achieve their goals and dreams.
There is no limit to age, grade level or even abilities and that is why Kumon welcomes all types of students, from one who learns differently to one who claims he is a genius.

Kumon Philippines' Education & Parenting Seminar (KPEPS) 2013 was held around 1:30 PM last July 13, 2013 at the Cinema 6 of SM City Pampanga. Read more HERE.

Another movie showing is scheduled on August 3, 2013 at the Cinema 6 of SM City Iloilo, at around 1:30 PM.

For inquiries & ticket reservations, kindly contact the following numbers:


Kumon hopes to be in partnership with you as it equips Filipino children for a better tomorrow. 

Did I mention that you only have to pay Php1,800 per subject per month for elementary students and Php1,950 per subject per month for high school students? Very affordable indeed. So what are you waiting for?

Monday, July 15, 2013


All of us passed this stage one way or another. If you can't relate, ikaw na! Even hunks like Xian Lim and Kean Cipriano plus pretty Kim Chiu admitted that they all passed this stage, the so called unrequited love.
Bakit nga ba hindi ka crush ng crush mo? (Why is it that your crush does not have a crush on you?)

Here are several possible answers from the author of the book (from where the title of the movie was adopted):
  1. Pangit ka sa paningin niya. ( You're ugly in the other person's' eyes.)
  2. Bakla siya o Tomboy siya, sorry dude hindi kayo talo. ( He is either gay or a tomboy so it's not you. It's the other person who has a problem.)
  3. Wala kang kotse. ( You don't have a car.)
The three stars shared that time in their lives when they asked this very question to themselves. Bakit nga ba hindi ka crush ng crush mo? Here you go:
Kim Chiu told us that she used to play all kinds of sports just to be with her crush and she would join him everywhere, be it in school, gym or wherever he said he'll be going, only to find out he's no longer there. Like for example her crush told her he will be playing basketball at the gym, she would insist she join him and watch him play only to find out he's no longer at the gym, the location he indicated.
Xian Lim related also that he was a bit nervous whenever he saw his crush. One day he bumped into her and because he was nervous he unintentionally shouted hello to her but still the girl ignored him.
Kean Cipriano relates that when he was still a kid, he had a crush on his playmate/ neighbor in his village. He said they had a date at the seesaw playground (so he thought ). One day while playing, he asked for a time out to fix his shoe lace, then when he looked up the little girl throw the ball straight to his face. Ha ha ha! That is when he realized she doesn't like him one bit. 

#KimChiu #XianLim #KeanCipriano #Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo #KimXian #Callalily

Saturday, July 13, 2013

YENG CONSTANTINO: Happy With Her First Boyfriend

YENG CONSTANTINO: Happy With Her First Boyfriend 

Pop-rock singer-songwriter Yeng Constantino is on Cloud Nine nowadays. Why? Because she now has a boyfriend!

Last June 18, 2013, Yeng Constantino officially entered the world of romantic relationship for the first time. Yeng admitted being a late bloomer.

Yes, folks! It is Yeng's first ever love relationship. Unkown to many, Yeng never had a boyfriend. She actually shared with us last February that she is a member of NBSB Club. NBSB stands for No Boyfriend Since Birth. 
Yeng never lacked suitors though, in and outside showbiz. But she never gave in until recently and patiently waited for her GG! GG doesn't stand for Galunggong but God's Gift.

For some reason, Yan made Yeng feel so secure. Yeng decided to end her long wait for a boyfriend last June 18, 2013. Yes, that's the day she and her non-showbiz guy officially became a couple. 

“Hindi ito something na pwede kong i-pinpoint. Ang alam ko lang, ngayon lang ako hindi natakot mag-commit,” Yeng quips.

Love has inspired her all the more to give her best in everything.

Lucky Guy.
The lucky guy is no other than worship director and soon to be pastor Victor ‘Yan’ Asuncion. Yen met Yan through a mutual friend last 2012 and hit it off right away. They lost touch for a while and reconnect recently when they decided to hang out again.

It turns out Cupid’s arrow found its mark on them for the first time. Yeng is also Yan’s first girlfriend.

Yeng felt so blessed. She relates that she God had showered her with HIS 
Blessings galore

“Iba ang feeling. Ang daming binigay ni God na blessings sa ‘kin,” she gushes.

Now, Yeng has amazed even herself at how focused she can be on the relationship.

She wants Yan to text her now and then and feels bad the first time he failed to do so (he has learned his lesson since): “Communication ang language namin.”

Yeng goes to his office at Victory Christian Fellowship Greenhills and puts chocolates on his desk. She plans to write a love song for him in her next album.

The 28-year-old Yan, courted Yeng the traditional way – by visiting her at home. That means he met and courted 
Yeng’s parents. Yeng enthused “Ang haba ng red hair ko!”



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