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Friday, August 6, 2021

Can Vaccination Exempt You From Covid-19?

"Prevention is better than cure".

As of now, there's no valid cure for Covid-19.  There are only vaccines that introduces the virus to your immune system via messenger RNa (Pfizer or Moderna) or  adenovector (Johnson &Johnson) or adenoviral- based (Sputnik v) or inactivated virus (Sinovac) to help the body build its defenses against the virus. Yes, that means that when you're vaccinated your body could now fight off the deadly virus when you chance upon it in the future.

Our government is doing everything in their power to take care of the majority of people but they can only do so much. They're not perfect. They still have to intensify vaccination, contact tracing up to the fourth degree and to make available to the people FREE mass testing. And of course, put in place boarder control in tiny bubbles or pearly shell ✌️πŸ€£πŸ˜‹ to delay the transmission of the deadly Delta Virus.

Fact is, even if you're vaccinated you could still get infected with Covid-19 or become a carrier of the virus to the unvaccinated.

What are the Advantages of those who are already Vaccinated?  

After two weeks after their SECOND DOSE they will have immunity against the virus and if ever they contacted the virus, they'll just have mild symptoms unless they have other underlying sickness. Usually, the manifestations of Delta Variant of the Covid-19 Virus is common cold (sipon), sneezing (hatsing), headache (Makulog ang payo) Sometimes they also suffer from high fever and non-stop coughing. It would be deadly to those who are unvaccinated with underlying medical condition.

Delta Variant is NO JOKE. It is highly contagious. This variant could infect up to 8 other individuals in just a few seconds of exposure to someone with the Delta Variant of Covid-19. Even other countries like Australia is in lock down season 6 right now. Because of Delta Variant. 😒 Sad but true. All over the world there are lockdowns. Not just us.

We should follow the government directive for our own protection and that of our family, friends and the entire country. Especially now that the Delta Variant of COVID-19 targets not only the older population but the younger population as well. I know of an 11- year old who died from COVID-19 recently. 😒☹️😞

Please Practice πŸ™proper handwashing with soap and water, wear facemask and faceshield,  observe at least two meters distance from others. Don't touch your face. Use a different slippers outside then another pair inside your home if possible πŸ™✌️ Please don't go out If not necessary. Pray PSALM 91 πŸ™ God bless us allπŸ™

This too shall pass. Keep on going;


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