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Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Senator Koko Pimentel, a bar topnotcher, is considered a PUM (Person under Monitoring) since the day he and fellow senators were exposed to a resource person who tested CoViD-19 positive during a Senate hearing last March 5, 2020.

March 9 the good senator had a meeting with his Senate staff.

March 10 & 11 he attended a birthday party. 

March 11, the Senate adjourns session for Holy Week.

From March 11 onwards the Senators who attended that March 5 hearing were notified to observe a 14-days self quarantine period because of their exposure to a resource person at the Senate last March 5.

Last March 14, he experienced body pains like flu,  minor cough, slight sore throat and on and off diarrhea.

March 16, his colleague Senator Miguel Zubiri.
tested CoViD-19 positive.

Last March 18 he experienced a slight fever which shifted his status from a PUM to PUI (Person Under Investigation). 

March 20, he took a CoViD-19 test.

Last night, March 24 around seven pm the Honorable Senator Koko Pimentel breached the protocol of his stringent home quarantine and went to the #MakatiMed delivery room together with his wife Katrina who is about to give birth to a baby girl. By doing so, the Senator exposed the doctors, nurses, anaesthetiologist and other patients as well to #Covid19 He was also seen on CCTV walking around the hospital without a facemask.

Same day, March 24 at around 9 pm he got a call from RITM that he was CoViD-19 positive. He immediately left #MMC

Bar topnotcher siya at Senator, hindi alam na bilang #PUI lumabas ka lang Sa bahay ay violation na ng home quarantine protocol?

Hay nakupo! Kaya pala matitigas ulo natin Mana Mana sa Isa sa lider ng bansa.😱😱😱

#HuwagTularan #LawmakerLawbreaker 😢 

Ignorance of the law excuses no one! Please practice what you preach 🙏🙏🙏

Idol ko pa Naman ang tatay mo 😢 😭

Update: He admitted his fault and apologized. Get well Senator. Congratulations to your upcoming third baby. Please make it up to your people. But please remember, no one is above the law. Ignoring the heroism of our fallen doctors and other frontliners should be punishable by law. Dura lex sed lex.


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