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Sunday, January 18, 2015

12-year old asked Pope Francis: Why does God allow this to happen?

12-year old asked Pope Francis: Why does God allow this to happen?

12-year old asked Pope Francis: Why does God allow this to happen?

12-year-old Glyzelle Palomar, dressed in a Filipiniana attire and was carrying a prepared speech to relate her life as a street kid to Pope Francis at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila (UST). She started by introducing herself as one who lives in the streets and who is exposed to all sorts of problems such as drugs and prostitution.

She then asked in Filipino "Why does God allow abuse and prostitution? Why does God allow this to happen?" and then she broke down and cried and stopped speaking. In a span of several seconds, this little girl's speech managed to make everyone cry.

Organizers had to console her before she and another street kid, 14-year-old Jun Chura, were brought to the Pope, who gave them a tight hug. 

The two are from the Tulay ng Kabataan foundation, which takes care of street children in Metro Manila. The Pope had an unscheduled visit with members of Tulay ng Kabataan on his second day in the Philippines, last Friday, January 13.
Because of what the 12-year old said, Pope Francis had to forego his prepared English homily.

"The reality that you have is more superior to the paper in front of me" quips Pope Francis.

He then spoke in Spanish ( his native tongue ) and based another extemporaneous homily to the 12-year old child and also Ricky, one of the volunteers who helped the Yolanda survivor. Amazing! You could feel that he talks from the heart and you can sense the rawness of it!
"Women have so much to tell us about the society. Women are able to pose questions that men are not able to understand,"
"Today's world lacks the capacity of knowing how to cry."

"Be courageous don't be afraid of crying. Let us learn how to weep, how to cry."
Have you ever ask yourself: " Have I learned to weep for someone who has suffered abuse?"
It's ok to cry...realities are seen through the tears of our eyes.
Rikki Macolor, an electronics engineer who invented the Solar Night Light for Yolanda victims, asked Pope Francis, "What more can the youth do? How can we, especially the youth, be agents of mercy and compassion?"

To Ricky who built solar lamps for Yolanda: You give but do you allow yourself to receive? "You lack only one thing. Become a beggar. To learn how to beg."

"Let yourselves to be loved. It is important to let yourselves be loved by Him."

"The most important subject you have to learn is how to love."

Real love is about loving and letting yourselves be loved. It is important to let yourselves be loved by Him. 

Use 3 languages: Mind, heart, hands that is to think, to feel, to do -Pope Francis

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I am so emotional since the @Pontifex arrived. Each of his quotable quotes makes me ponder and cry each and every time the Pope shows mercy and compassion. 
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