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Saturday, February 23, 2013

BLUE WATER DAY SPA:Introduces New Endorsers

BLUE WATER DAY SPA: Introduces New Endorsers
The Chinese New Year 2013 ushers new endorsers for Blue Water Day Spa. A media launch was held at the Palawan Ballroom of Edsa Shangri-La hotel last February 19, 2013. Handsome Aljur Abrenica, Cute Ian Batherson and Sexy Iya Villania were launched as the new endorsers for Blue Water Day Spa (BWDS). 
Leading the pack is Aljur Abrenica who probably possesses one of the sexiest bodies in showbiz, not to mention a captivating smile :-). He doesn't need to say anything. His charm says it all.
He told everyone that a soothing massage is all he needs to rejuvenate, rest and relax.
Aljur shared that in the past, his friends would always invite him to BlueWater Day Spa because they love going there.
Aljur said,"Now that I’m one of the endorsers of BlueWater Day Spa, I will be the one inviting them to try the spa services at BlueWater Day Spa.
Aljur plans to bond with his family and friends at the BlueWater Day Spa movie theater massage. You see, it is BlueWater Day Spa the first in the world to bring a movie theater massage experience to the people. They have a Blue-ray quality projector, surround sound, amazing La-Z-Boy chairs and of course, a personal masseuse. You’re guaranteed to have the most luxurious and most relaxing movie watching experience of your life!

Aljur added that his endorsement deal with BlueWater Day Spa could not have come at a better time as it helps him relax and de-stress especially now that he's in between projects. He said that he particularly loves the foot spa at BlueWater Day Spa. Aljur is very confident that once his family and friends enter this spa paradise, they will be in for an ultimate spa experience.
Iya Villania's favorite is the Athlete's massage. She prefers hard massage and would often request for the strongest masseuse at Blue Water Day Spa.

Ian loves to have a massage every now and then so it was a welcome surprise for him to be chosen as one of the spa’s endorsers. “BlueWater Day Spa and I have a really good relationship. I was already a fan of the spa even before I became an endorser. I enjoy their services and how therapists attend to your needs really well,” said Ian. “My personal favorite is the Aroma Chakra Massage. After the massage, I felt really good because it was very soothing. I also loved how the therapist talked about how chakra points in my body were healed using the stones.”

BlueWater Day Spa now has six (6) branches strategically located in the following areas:
  1. Ortigas
  2. Makati
  3. Eastwood
  4. Capitol Hills
  5. Tomas Morato 
  6. Cotabato City

Plunge into a world of wholeness at BlueWater Day Spa. Aljur, Ian and Iya all agree that a visit to the spa takes them on both physical and emotional healing. So, what are you waiting for? Go and visit any of the BlueWater Day Spa branches near you.

BlueWater Day Spa is open for franchising. For more information about BlueWater Day Spa, please log on to


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