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Saturday, September 1, 2012

TWITTER & INSTAGRAM WAR: Mo Twister vs. Bubbles Paraiso and Karel Marquez Santos

Mo Twister posted the photo above on his Instagram account with the following caption:
 "Taking bets whether they know what team he plays for...oops, a bit of underwear showing there. Nice move."

via Instagram
  • bubblesparaiso: Why are u deleting comments. Mo, youve always had a problem with me. Come back to manila, lets talk and settle this once and for all. Ibang klase ka manira ng tao eh. Hello youre so far away naman. Hiding?
  • djmotwister: @iamkarelmarquez I didn't even read your comment because it was so long. You can post it again though and I promise to read it this time. To be honest though, I didn't know that girl on the right was you. It looks nothing like you. And i didn't say there groupie or anything, I just thought it was a pretty girl and a bad angle that the photographer shot. Anyway, post your comment again. Sorry I erased it, it was just taking up too much space. Well, so is this comment.
  • djmotwister: @bubblesparaiso I'm sorry, who are you? The one on the left?
  • bubblesparaiso: U answer like a wuss. Oh wait. YOU ARE.
  • djmotwister: @bubblesparaiso what is it? Are you gonna block me or not? You do the whole public blocking on twitter then go here on Instagram to converse with me? You are a dizzying intellect.
  • bubblesparaiso: In just abt to block u on instagram, einstein.
  • djmotwister: @bubblesparaiso oh okay. I'm ready to be blocked. It's terrifying but hold my hand during the process and tell me when it's over.

via Twitter
Karel Marquez Santos
  • NEVER in my whole life did I mind immature captions until today. Sometimes we just have to, at least once ever.. I'm kind, but not so today.
  • Why delete MY only comment? Face me.
  • He deleted MY comment but I saved it on my phone. You know I know you in person and we have had brief talks 

Bubbles Paraiso
  • @rolfsburg @djmotwister @iamkarelmarquez nagpa-picture lang , groupie na agad? #narrowmind
  • someones deleting all the negative comments about him on his instagram. too much to take i guess? truth hurts? tsk tsk tsk.
  • i have had enough of you and your lies @djmotwister. malicious insinuations much? ENOUGH ALREADY! come back here & face me!
  • mag usap tayo ng masinsinan, harapan. tama si @glocdash9, minsan mas lalake pa sa lalake ang bakla. para sayo ata yun
  • @djmotwister eh di mo pala ako kilala, lagi mo ko tinitira. are you STUPID?!
  • @djmotwister blocking u now. all u want is attention. there i gave it to u. now bye.
  • ok thats it. enough bad vibes. saya saya ng buhay eh. i hope the ksp is happy now that he was given attention. haha loving the twitterlove from my followers. the best talaga kayo :) ok, wag na naten patulan yung nagtatagong littleboy :)
  • parang iba dapat ang maglaban sa #onefc...
  • @akosimymy nagpapicture lang po ako. groupie ba agad yun? his table was behind ours. aint a sin to ask a famous athlete for a photo ryt?

Mo Twister
  • @rolfsburg Huh, what war? There's a war? Oh, shit, you're telling me those girls in the pic was them? I didnt know that was them!
  • @bubblesparaiso I'm sorry, but who are you and why are you mad? I'm uninformed.
  • I just got blocked by a person I don't even follow. Talk about overall appraisal of ones own worth.
  • @betsydaroza I dont think so. I got a tweet saying "im blocking u now." I thought to myself, "But I dont follow u." Sounds self-centered.
  • Mags Magno: @djmotwister blocking someone who's not even following you... #feelingera. Her name somehow describe what's in her brain. #JustSaying
  • Hahaha exactly. And to be honest, I don't hate her. I just hate people like her. There's a difference! #ThatWasAJokeOK?
  • Block me here only to go on my Instagram to talk to me there. I'm dizzy.
  • @iloveruffag Haha I heard she sent you a message to send me a message! That's hilarious! Why did she block me then? #Comedy #BigStarScandal!


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