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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

MERALCO: It's time to MOVE Philippines

MERALCO: It's time to MOVE Philippines

Have you heard about the MOVE? 

MOVE  means MeralcO Virtual Engine.

MERALCO recently held a bloggers' night entitled Meralco MOVE App-date. Martin sent me this cute invitation:

Thank you Martin!

By the way, Meralco won an award recently from the People Management Association of the Philippines as 2012 Employer of the Year. Congratulations to Meralco management!
The event was done to familiarized the bloggers with the MeralcO Virtual Engine services.
Meralco's six different services in one App are compose of the following:

Meralco's OFFICE DIRECTORY App, finding the nearest Meralco office is so easy! from Metro Manila to nearby provinces. One can find the complete contact details of each Meralco offices yes, be it the address, phone numbers or email address . This partcular sevice is so cool!

Meralco's APPLIANCE CALCULATOR App let you know the operating cost of each of your home appliances and how much it contributes to your monthly electric bill in seconds.

Meralco's BAYAD CENTER DIRECTORY App makes looking for the nearest Bayad Center where you can most conveniently pay for your pending Meralco bill as easy as counting 1 2 3!

Meralco's POWER MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE App provides brown out/ regular maintenance schedule ahead of time. Regular maintenance is needed to ensure reliable electricity.

Meralco's E-MERALCO BILL App let you view your latest bill even when you're on the go. 

Meralco's BRIGHT IDEAS App gives you valuable tips on how to use and save on electricity. Did you know that you could save money by simply pulling the plug when you go out of your house? And you get better illumination at a lesser wattage when you use Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL). If you want to learn more download the six Meralco Apps now! This is 100% Free.
Meralco's power ranger in a dance number. They're awesome! Just like each Meralco service application that they represent.
 The author with Meralco Office Directory ranger.
Aside from the music, food and dance number, there was also a game. Since there were six (6) Meralco services in one (1) application we were also divided into six. Yes, folks, each group is composed of six (6) person. We had a game that was similar to speed-dating, each member of the group sat on a table opposite a Meralco power ranger. We were given a minute to get to know one service among the six (6) services in one (1) app that can help consumer to have a round-the-clock access to Meralco's services through any smart phone or tablet. Then we were given a questionnaire where we jot down our answers within sixty seconds.
Each member of the winning team brought home a Samsung Galaxy Tab. Congratulations everyone! I am so happy for you Jo, Mark, Rain, Janese, Lloyd and Dan!

For more information about Meralco six (6) services in one (1)apps, please go to or visit their Facebook page


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