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Friday, June 15, 2012

Wishing for a Grand Vacation at El Nido Resorts Apulit Island in Taytay Palawan

Why the heck  would I want to visit Apulit Island Resort in Taytay Palawan?
Who wouldn't? Apulit Island Resort is said to be El Nido Resorts’ newest property with powdery white sand beaches, blue water, lush, vividly colourful rainforest greenery and a peaceful environment. 
Picture this! Apulit Island Resort is said to be situated in a quiet cove, surrounded by impressive limestone cliffs. Formerly known by its former name as Club Noah Isabelle, it boasts of an unspoiled scenery. 
I couldn't wait to see with my own two eyes the wonderful flora and fauna of Apulit Island Resort and the pristine rolling hills of coral teaming with colorful tropical fish and friendly sea turtles!
Upon arrival, I could imagine the staff greeting us with a warm performance of a welcoming ceremony. Then they would be putting an everlasting or sampaguita around our necks and would give us a welcome drink, bread and various fruits and then escort us to our rooms.
For my upcoming birthday, I am wishing upon my lucky star that I could stay on Apulit Island Resort's cabana that stands on stilts over deep water. The cabana, tiny as they may look, will be well-equipped and tastefully decorated. I bet, there would be a nice balcony for lounging, with a great view over the bay and a grandstand seat for watching the sunset.
Awww, that would be so romantic. Kilig to the bones! This is so perfect for couples and honeymooners. 
There would be an inviting infinity swimming pool where I will be swimming my heart out all night long. Ha ha ha!
The fishes are said to be in all colors of the rainbow and sizes. There would be few eels present, as is the odd reef sharks that are not aggressive and they are only about 2 feet long. I would also probably see Jaw fish and crocodile fish and spot sting ray and turtle too.There would be a big box jelly hunting under the huts with a full eight inch bell and eighteen (18) inches long tenacles and they will be moving towards me so I have to move away, ha ha ha! These various activities will be an awesome experience.
I could see myself grinning from ear to ear watching the baby sharks hunt for anchovies under the terrace. Being a nature lover, Apulit Island Resort Wildlife can engross me to watch all day long its colorful birds and fishes. I am in love with tranquility and seclusion.
Having my own snorkeling gears and life jacket wherever I go, I would never miss to have a snorkeling trip with one of the guides and be amazed once again of the sights underwater, the different beautiful and alive coral reefs in the area, plenty of fishes, sharks, and marine plants.
Since it has El Nido's branding, Apulit Island Resort offers many activities for its guest for sure. I'll definitely ask its personnel on what I can do every day since most of the activities are free. I believe Apulit Island Resort personnel offers precise and comprehensive schedule and information for the next day which they usually distribute to the rooms every night. Hiking may even be one of the activities.
I couldn't wait to try all the activities at Apulit resort's list that may include island-hopping, different marine sports, such as snorkeling, swimming in the hidden lagoon, caving, diving, para sailing, kayaking, helmet diving, boating, hobie-catting, wind-surfing and underwater hockey.
I could picture myself enjoying evening events which include traditional local dance performances, playing of guitars and other local musical instrument performances, handicraft making and bonfires. I would love to try a very good and inexpensive massage at the beach by the cabana. A wonderful massage by the sea would be really really awesome! 
There would be romantic dinner by the beach. Food would be a buffet at every meal. It would not be extraordinary, but there would always be lots of fresh greens and fruits, and you could pick out your own meat, fish or seafood which the chefs prepare for you. Sometimes, you could compose you own fried rice, soup or fried noodle which the chefs prepare. There would be something for every taste.
I bet there would always be a thermo of drinking water in our room. Hot and cold showers would be at our disposal. The service would be excellent.  The staff would be very helpful and would quickly fix everything that we ask for. Apulit Island Resort staff would be very courteous and genuinely kind. I bet there'd a good variety of gifts and handicrafts that guests could buy and take home as gifts for their love ones. There would also be an in-house physician in case of emergencies or minor illnesses. 
Apulit Island Resort could also be recommended for families as there are big huts here. The activities are also well suited for kids.
Apulit Island in Taytay Palawan is very secluded, private, romantic and adventurous. A great place to go! The world and people could be so spectacular especially in Apulit Island! And yes, for those who need to stay connected, wi-fi works great in the dining and reception areas.

*Credits to the owners of the photos especially to underwater videographer sir Robert "Bobbit" Suntay. I captured them from El Nido Resorts Facebook. If I win this contest, I will come up with my own videos and photos.Thank you.


El Nido beach resort said...

El Nido is really a beautiful place to have a vacation. This is the perfect place to unwind.

itin said...

I wish your wish will be granted anytime soon. Like you, I've been wanting to spend my time at the beaches of Palawan but for soul-searching.

Lizzie said...

I wish to be there too. Too bad, I'm afraid of going underwater. My friends have been to palawan but I'm not sure where exactly. They said that they enjoyed snorkeling and their entire stay.

Rhea Bue (Styles&Writes) said...

wooow.. that's a nice place.. I really really wanna visit Palawan someday! <3

Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

Kai Grafia said...

Summer's not the only time to go to a place like that I bet1 I can literally live there forever! HAHA :D

MrsMartinez | said...

It's definitely my dream vacation! The water looks calm and the place so relaxing.


Unknown said...

El Nido is in my bucket list this year, hopefully by October when rainy season is over. Thanks for sharing! :)

Eunice said...

I've never been to El Nido and seeing these photos breaks my heart. It's certainly a paradise! :)

Faith said...

WOW! I hope your wish would be granted very soon. I would love to visit that paradise as well, beautiful!

Unknown said...

ganda ng place :)

Sumi Go said...

Achie!!! You're making me want to join this contest too! :D I've never been to El Nido nor any parts of Palawan. Anyway, good luck and hope you get to win.. ^^ Wish I can also visit El Nido soon.

Unknown said...

I also wish that I can go here too.
the photos are awesome! :)

The Mommy Roves said...

i wanna go to el nido too!! i plan to go ther before the fiance leaves for canada :)
Rovie, The Bargain Doll

Unknown said...

Me too!! I'm off to Coron today, but would love to come back for this soon! Can't wait ;) For now I am excited to explore and take great shots of Coron... ;)

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