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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Good Luck Messages to Kaye Michelle Duran Agnes Candidate No. 20 2012 Miss World Philippines

Messages from Kaye Michelle Duran Agnes' Friends, schoolmates in College, Teachers in Bicol, Friends in Spain, Supporters and Fans.
Ryan Salcedo TaƱada (College Schoolmate):
"Hey Kaye heard you're in Ms.World. goodluck! dapat dati pa e. will vote for you!"
Nahida Haidar (Schoolmate College):
"Good luck Kaye, You look stunning. I hope you'll gonna make it to the top. Take care. muah [:-*]"
Jayvee Advincula (Schoolmate College):
 "You have our full support Kaye!"
Ella De Guzman Agir (Schoolmate College):
  "Go Kaye! I'm cheering for you. [:)] ikaw na Ms. World!"
Don Paolo Afante Tiburcio (Schoolmate College):
  "GOOD LUCK MS. WORLD! Ill be cheering for you! [:)]  FTW!"
John Kendy Smile Sajuela (Schoolmate College):
  "Kaye Michelle Agnes hahaha,The other day I was just like telling you to join Ms.Earth then, when I look at your wall you are already a contestant of Miss World Philippines na pala... Now that's what time talking about!!! GoodLuck! GB ^^"
Jelo Carrillo (Schoolmate College):
  "Wow kaye!!! More power! Miss World Philippines!!!:-)"
Warren Jay Bathan (Schoolmate College)
  "ei.... congrats Kaye... bring home the crown... wanna watch.... [:-)] Kaye Michelle Agnes Good Luck sa Ms. World Philippines"
Fatima Angelica Herrera (Schoolmate College):
  "yeahh! God bless, kaye! winner na [:)]"
Ana Teresa Lim-Funtaniel (Teacher):
 "hi kaye! nakapag vote na ako sau, sinabihan ko na din mga kakilala ko. goodluck ha! God bless u!"
Tess Limena De Ramon (Teacher from HS):

           "Watch for our very own Kaye Michelle Agnes ( a sorsoganon and my former DOST/ESEP student in SNHS)in Ms. World Philippines pageant's coronation night on June 24,TV5. She's gorgeous and talented with equally talented sorsoganons Monique Rimpola as her make up artist and Edmund Estocado Galias for her Couture gown. We salute you guys! Keep up:)"

Thalal Ibrahim Gasea Ruiz (Friend from Spain):
 " I propose to Kaye as a Princes of the Universe ¡¡¡"
Benjamin Holt-Hughes (Friend from Spain):
 "Go Kaye ! I'm with you, and I'm sure you'll gonna win !Bisous !!!"
Verna Villa (Friend Spain):
  "Looking forward to see you wearing a crown! Good luck Ate Kaye. [♥]"
Edmund Estocado Galias (Friend from Sorsogon):
   "Break a leg..last minute check with the beautiful Kaye Michelle Agnes."
Gee Plamenco Jr (Friend):
    "Soooooooo Miss World na...goodluck sis!!! Perfect fit"
Sa-Sa Ravanilla (Friend):

             "Go Kaye Michelle Agnes for Miss World Philippines! [:)]"
Eleanor Zuniga Montemayor (Family Friend):
   "I'm so proud of you Kaye....the whole Bicolandia are celebrating with joy...congratulations for being one of the official candidate of Miss World-Philippines... I told you.. you will win! Just keep grounded!!! love, love, love!"
Rosie Villamor Wee (Family Friend):
   "Congratulations Kaye!"
Eleanor Montemayor (Family Friend):
    "Congratulations, Kaye! You make us so proud of you! Friends, Loved ones, HS Batch 76 of Colegio de la Milagrosa and mga Kababayan sa Sorsogon and the whole Bicolandia.......let's Celebrate!!!!!Ms Kaye Michelle Agnes is officially the candidate for Ms. Worldl-Philippines 2012...Congratulations Kaye Michelle Agnes, Angie and Maning Agnes.....we are so proud!!!!!! Truly, GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!"
 Evelou Hermo Hitosis (Supporter Sorsogon):
    "WOW !!!! CONGRATS to the Duran and Agnes Kaye: Good luck and God bless to the pride of Sorsogon."
Maganda Ako (Supporter from Sorsogon):
     "Wow!! So proud of her!!! keep it up!"
Carmen Rimpola Aban (Supporter from Sorsogon):
             "Great ! Post more of Kaye, a true blooded Sorsoguena!"

Nilda Boland (Supporter from Sorsogon):
   "Pretty and so nice. Galing naman!"
Cesar Jeresano Balmaceda (Supporter from Sorsogon):
   "Go KAYE. u"ll be a sure winner! go KAYE! go Sorsogon!"
Max Becca Escarcha (Supporter Sorsogon):
              " Greetings Everyone! Please do SUPPORT My Fellow BICOLANA Kaye Michelle Agnes for Miss World Philippines ---& GO KAYE MICHELLE AGNES! Sorsogon's Pride!

Diane Malazarte Bulalacao (Supporter Bicol):
     "Good luck, Kaye! [:)] Bring home the glory!"
Jakechris Sicad (Supporter Sorsogon):
             "Go Kaye Michelle Agnes! Good thing you joined. Bring home the bacon [:)]"

Inna Lanuza (Supporter Sorsogon):
             " Kaye,goodluck..bring home the crown. [=)] cheers!"

Evan Fucal (Schoolmate HS):
             " Wow!! Galing! Proud to have been schoolmates with her [:)]"

Alan Varon (Supporter):
             "Wow!! Congratz for making it!! Wish you all the best Kaye!! God Bless!! [:-)]"

Jamschat Bonos Hagos (Supporter Sorsogon):
             "GOOD LUCK Kaye! I'm sure it will be another learning experience for you."

David Esquiros (Supporter Sorsogon):
             "Gudluck! 100% support from Sorsoguenos! Bring home the crown!"

Febverly Ayo Egama (Supporter Sorsogon):
              "Wow! Proud to be bicolana tlaga! wil support u. [:)]"

Ruby M. Bulalacao (Supporter):
              "Kaye, if im not mistaken.... congratulations! so happy for you... suportado ka! [:)] goodluck! mwah miss yu"

Antonette Jarilla (Supporter Sorsogon):
              "My positive thoughts go out to Kaye Michelle Agnes..I am wishing you the best and hope for a winning crown to Miss World Philippines 2012".

Bonner C. Lasquite (Fan):
    "One of my sentimental favorite..."
Mike Herrera (Fan):
   "She reminds me of actress Angel Aquino. Kaye is in my top ten."
Kris Tina:
    "Good Luck Kaye, good job! xxx"
Jeane Louise Flores:
              "So its true Ms. Kaye Agnes?!! Goodluck Kaye!!! You are a complete package!"
Don't forget to watch Miss World Philippines on June 24, 2012 at our Kapatid Network, TV5 Philippines.

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