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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Axe lets loose the hottest women in the country at the launch of its newest fragrances

Axe lets loose the hottest women in the country at the launch of its newest fragrances his and hers fragrance – Axe Anarchy.

Axe, the #1 male fragrance brand in the world, unleashed chaos at the launch of its first ever his and hers fragrance – Axe Anarchy. The event – called The Axe Anarchy Raid – let loose the hottest women in the country on the luckiest gang of guys in a sexy game of cops and robbers. And as if drop-dead gorgeous female celebrities and models weren’t enough, Axe made the game even wilder by offering a two million-peso reward to the winning pair.
Axe has always been about attraction. In the last 30 years, Axe has helped millions of guys get the girl with the Axe Effect,” says Axe brand manager Gem Laforteza. “Then we thought, ‘how crazy can things get when both guys and girls spray on Axe?’ That was the whole idea behind [Axe] Anarchy.”

The Axe Anarchy Raid gets one hundred of the country’s finest females and one hundred of the country’s luckiest males to run after one another in a wild take on an old kid’s game. Spotted playing was FHM’s 2011 Sexiest Woman in the World Sam Pinto. Also seen were some of the hottest female TV stars – Bianca King, Sarah Lahbati, Kylie Padilla, Sheena Halili, Ryza Cenon, Gwen Zamora, Megan Young, Vaness Del Moral, Bangs Garcia, Nadine Samonte, and Ellen Adarna.
Centerfold hotties – Iwa Moto, Nina Jose, Regine Angeles, and Jacq Yu – were also present at the event, as well as the hottest girls on radio – Jinri Park, Andi Manzano, and Karen Bordador. Another Axe favorite was the elegantly beautiful Divine Lee who played cops and robbers with boyfriend Victor Basa.

With female models and beauty pageant girls rounding out the list of Axe’s picks for the Axe Anarchy Raid – Gwendoline Ruais, Dorina Groh, Chloe McCulley, Anne Real, Karel Marquez, and many more – the number of hot girls per square meter went through the roof!

The sexiest cops and robbers game ever turned guys’ wildest fantasies into reality, as the handcuffed boys playing robbers were frisked by the hottest celebrities and models as they searched for their destined pair.

The dreamy Marc Nelson and funny man Ramon Bautista hosted the event with beautiful field reporters Tintin Caballero and Riza Diaz. Also spotted playing on the field were the Boys of the Boys Nights Out – Sam YG, Slick Rick and Tony Toni – and The Morning Rush DJ, Gino Quillamor. 
Experience Axe’s signature brand of uncontrollable attraction with new Axe Anarchy For Him and For Her. Check out Axe on Facebook at or #AxeAnarchyManila on Twitter for more details about the event.


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