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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tips 'N Toes Jennifer Lynn's Gel Polish

Your nails tells a lot about your personal grooming habits. So it's important to keep them looking fresh and healthy by caring for your nails on a regular basis. So I travel to Tips 'N Toes nail salon in Greenbelt 1 in Makati to get a shapely and polish nails.
This is the area where they give you pampering from your fingernails down to your toes.
For my hands fingernails I tried out their UV nail colour (gel polish). One of the most popular brand in the U.S. today is said to be Jennifer Lynn's Gel Polish.
Jennifer Lynn Gel Polish is said to be an amazing Professional line of UV Gel Polish that goes on like polish, dries in 30 seconds, and stays shiny for the entire length of time between manicures.
Jennifer Lynn Gel Polish has an extensive color selection. I was very impressed with the variety of Jennifer Lynn's Gel Polish. So, let's wait for three weeks so I could speak for myself about Jennifer Lynn's Gel Polish quality.
If you love a polished look but unfortunately your recent manicures have been a chip off the old block (read: ordinary manicure), treat your tips and toes to quality service with Tips 'N Toes Jennifer Lynn Gel Polish which yields long-lasting, picture-perfect results according to the nail technicians B1 and B2.
The nail technician Bebe Meneses started by cleaning my nails, cuticle detail, reshaping and buffing them into a healthy shine. 
                   I tried the most popular style which is the innocently sexy French Manicure.
For a total of Php1,350, you would get a Gel Polish manicure, ordinary pedicure, a relaxing foot soak, callus-smoothing session, and a one minute hand and leg massage.
After each Jennifer Lynn Gel Polish application, the nails are then cured under a UV light machine to seal the gel polish. If I counted it right, I think they made a total of 3 coats for each of my fingernails.
Oh Yes, B1 finish the treatment with a 1 minute therapeutic massage to both of my hands.
They applied to my fingernails Jennifer Lynn Gel Polish which cost Php 650.
Nail care at the salon is not limited to the hands only. Foot spas and pedicures are offered as well for both men and women. 

B1 and B2 said that Jennifer Lynn's Gel Polish on my fingernails would last for up to three weeks without the inconvenience of chipping, tearing or cracking. So let's wait and see if this manicure would last that long.

My manicure where they applied Jennifer Lyn's Gel Polish still has a fresh new look even after I hand wash clothes and wash the dishes.


lakwatsero said...

yep. I think girls will enjoy visiting this place. For the guys, samahan nyo nalang mga GF nyo dito. I'm sure matutuwa sila.

ArtsyFartsy Panda said...

I like Tips 'n Toes. They do a fabulous job there. I've had my nails done there since I was in college. They do have a 24hr retouch policy. Maybe you were wearing closed shoes after your pedicure, that's why the polish moved like that. It can't be because of bubbles. That's too much polish movement. Were you?

Anonymous said...

Im a regular customer of Tip N Toes but also tried other nail salon na. I always go back to tipntoes.. they are very clean and they always make sure youre happy and contented when you go out from their salon. I can always have my polish repair/retouch even after 24 hours.Just let them know your complain and they will have it retouch/repair.

Anonymous said...

I believe Tips and Toes is one of the pioneer Nail Spa in the Philippines. But sometimes it doesnt mean that if youre the first your the expert. Some people just have the money to invest in a business but are not really well trained. Its so easy to open a Nail Spa nowadays and it seems that the government isnt doing anything to control them. Some arnt really particular in sanitation practices since there isnt really regular or surprise inspections by any sanitary bureau. Would you know if the towel they used on you isnt recycled? And do you know that any bacteria will be dead only at 230 degrees celcius and would you know if they sterilize their instruments up to this degree? And they just do initial training and dont update their knowledge. Even an ordinary person can just watch videos in youtube and perform gel application without even understanding the science behind it. And Fyi, Jennifer Lynn isnt a well known brand of gel in the U.S. Its actually China made. Please do your reasearch and investigation?

Anonymous said...

pls can someone tell the mission and the vision of tips and toes nail salon in Philippines ?

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