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Thursday, February 9, 2012

2012 Philippines 17th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta VIP Parking

VIP Parking

One of the biggest problems plaguing this popular event in Clark Philippines is transportation to the Hot Air Balloon site in Clark. Even those who drive to Clark Pampanga have trouble finding a convenient place to park. Aggravations and frustrations with transportation problems have been the bane of previous Philippines Hot Air Balloon Fiestas in Clark Pampanga.

For those who drive to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, Pampanga, they are well advised to make plans for parking. The limited parking facilities at the Hot Air Balloon Festival site fill up very quickly. Although parking is available in many places throughout the city of Clark, these are not very near to the Hot Air Balloon fiesta site so visitors who drive and park in Clark should expect a 15 to 30-minute walk from and back to the place that they parked their cars.


Specially added in 2012 to the Clark Hot Air Balloon Festival is VIP parking made available by Clark Wine Center, a property of Yats International. Located near to the Clark Hot Air Balloon Festival, the parking facilities of this famous wine shop in Pampanga are sought after by travelers. Only 100 slots are available in this VIP Hot Air Balloon parking lot in Clark Wine Center, hardly enough to accommodate the hundreds of vehicles that will not be able to find parking in the hot air balloon fiesta public parking area.

Clark Wine Center, Philippines’ largest wine shop is located in Clark Freeport, at a location that is very near the place where the balloons are parked. This is considered the best vantage point to watch the hot air balloon take off and return to earth. Pre-dawn breakfast is served to the lucky few who got tickets in advance to a ring-side seat at this venue, on Saturday and Sunday morning at 5am to 8am.

Clark Wine Center
MA Roxas Ave corner A Bonifacio Ave, Clark Freeport
(045) 841-4006 0922-870-5173 0916-542-6602 Ana Fe

Note: I am not affiliated in anyway to Yats International  or Clark Wine Center. This is not a paid post. I hope Yats have given an accurate information at their site. I will give you feedback if this information shared by Yats at their web page is accurate. Thanks! I paid for my parking in advance last Friday.  I hope I get my money's worth.


Boy Panot said...


belladonna said...

What makes it ULOL?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lol ata ha ha ha! Sorry may bayad. May bayad talaga ang convenience. If ayaw mo magbayad park ka sa libre lakad ka 30 minutes.

Unknown said...

I am not connected in any way to this company. This is not a paid post. I even paid for my own parking slot. I did not get even a single cents from them so please avoid making comments like that. If you have any problem with the company mentioned above kindly send them a letter or e-mail. Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

I experienced trouble with this company.If they are claiming that they are actually offering comfort, it was more of a discomfort. You can read my review for this company..

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