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Thursday, February 16, 2012


People had to queue on a very long line under the heat of the sun just to buy the entrance ticket to the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark, Pampanga.  I hope the organizers will come up with a better system next year and set a ceiling price for the ticket price. One had to pay a contribution of P200.00 to get an entrance ticket good for one day.

Some businessmen resell the ticket at a higher price and had even asked their clients to buy a package tour consisting of breakfast, lunch or dinner which is not only overpriced but the food is also very limited and cold.  Allegedly they had to walk for 10 to 15 minutes to get to the entrance of the event. Some had expressed disappointments when the shuttle which had advertised to give them comfort gave them a nightmare instead allegedly because of overcapacity and disorganized staff of that particular company. 

I hope the management and staff will be fair to their paying clients. Please give them seat numbers upon purchasing of their tickets and please avoid overcapacity wherein you let paying clients sit on the aisle. I think that is unfair. And please have your toilet flush repaired. Yep, there's no flush inside your toilets.
Don’t let problems like these though put a damper on the thrills and excitement of the 2013 Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark, Pampanga.  
Set up the trip well in advance and enjoy this famous annual festival in style and comfort by coming early or staying in Pampanga overnight so you will not miss the first flight of the hot air balloon.


jdinflatables said...

This info is virtually identical to one I've used many times. It's great.!

Unknown said...

Huh? All the images except the poster of the event above are mine and the information I've shared are my own personal opinion, why would you say it is similar to yours? What is your blog URl please?

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