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Thursday, January 12, 2012


President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden take their seats as they hold a roundtable meeting on Insourcing American Jobs, Jan. 11, 2012 in the Old Executive Office Building on the White House campus.
President Obama with US Trade Representative Ron Kirk
The Obama administration is promoting insourcing of jobs.

Introduced by New York 1st District Rep. Tim Bishop, the proposed US Call Center and Consumer Protection Act seeks "to bar corporations that sent US call center jobs overseas from receiving federal grants and loans.

The bill requires overseas call center employees to disclose their location to US consumers and gives customers the right to be transferred to a US-based call center upon request.

President Barack Obama is highlighting companies that have returned jobs to the US and he says that’s one more way of putting people back to work.

The Philippines is concerned over the implication of a proposed bill in the United States that would withdraw incentives from American firms outsourcing their operations.

The Philippines is the top destination for call center operations, providing voice services. The call center industry is projected to have grown 18 percent in 2011 in terms of revenues to $7.1 billion employing about 406,000.

If U.S. owned BOP companies in the Philippines return to the U.S. it will affect more than half a million BOP employees commonly called Call Center Agents.

Let us hope and pray for this not to happen.


ellinor said...

i hope and pray that it will not... a lot will be affected and displaced. God forbids.

Unknown said...

I am not a call center agent but when I tried putting myself on the shoes of this call center agents the more I realize that it will be hard for them to find another job with the same salary grade if the US Owned BOP pull out from the Philippines.

So let us hope and pray this would not push through.

Anonymous said...

ay oo nga sana wag naman po!

Anonymous said...

Wag naman sana!Nakakatakot naman! Bigla tuloy ako napaisip!

Graciee said...

Hopefully not.. patay ang ekonomiya ng ating bansa. Mas dadami ang unemployed!

Anonymous said...

Hindi matutuloy yan!!! Hindi pahihintulutan ng Panginoong mangyari yan.. namayagpag na ang America sa mahabang panahon at sobra silang naging mayabang.. panahon na para bumaba na sila.. panahon na para yumuko sila!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's not be selfish. Obama is just trying to help recover the US economy by giving jobs back again to the US American citizens who lost their jobs in favor of us. If we step into his shoes, we will feel the same way. I can empathize him. Like us, those US unemployed have to feed their own children too. Don't we feel guilty at all of stealing those jobs supposed to be for these unemployed US citizen? If it's the other way around, don't you feel bad also if our President will give our local jobs to the foreigners? We can do better here in our own country by studying and working hard. No more brain drain in the Philippines. Let's just help our country and don't depend on the US to help us. Although, we are grateful that US have been helping Philippines for a long time until now...from World War up to the time we have troubles with the rebels. They came to our rescue. That's why God gave us brain to think a better way to improve ourselves so that in return we can use this to contribute to the development of our country. more crab mentality! Let's put our hands together, be united to help solve our country's problem. Remember that we are agents of change in this country and world eventually. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

TWO THUMBS UP! I agree! It's about time to not depend always in the United States to help us. Let's try to start flying in our own and spread our wings!

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