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Thursday, January 5, 2012


Guys and gals dreaming to be a star in Hollywood need not look or travel far!

Audition for the "BOURNE LEGACY" Philippine shoot is in need of Stand-in Talents for Lead Hollywood actor Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz. Please send your picture with name, age, height and contact number to or text 09153080403. Look for Oghie- talent coordinator.

Note: As a Stand-in, you will serve as a body double. You are always on call on the set and will "stand in" on the lead actors markers for a length of time for technical reasons such as cinematography (light measurements) and blocking decisions. - Source Casting Calls Manila
Jeremy Renner
Writer Jessica Zafra likewise blogged about the casting call in her January 4 entry, “Brewhuh’s Jeremy Renner News Bulletin # 2: Extras wanted. Glamour not required.” According to her source, 1000 crowd talents are needed for shooting days scheduled from January to March.

Please send your profiles (name, age, height, vital stats, contact #s) and picture to: ASAP. Deadline of submission is JANUARY 6, 2012 (Friday). MINIMUM AGE is 13years old and NO MAXIMUM AGE LIMIT. as long as he/she can walk. Minimum talent fee (per shooting day) is 300php - Source post from Jessica Zafra's blog


Bourne Legacy casting call a hoax, PHL producer said. There goes our dream to be included in this hollywood film.

GMA News tweet: Accdg to Jun Juban, Bourne Legacy PHL producer, names mentioned in site announcing casting calls for Pinoy extras not part of their staff.


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