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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Philippines Airport Prohibitions-List of Prohibited Items on your carry on bag

Airport Prohibitions

List of prohibited items:
  • explosives
  • weapons
  • and other dangerous items and substances
All liquid substances exceeding 100 milliliters such as
  1. beverages
  2. lotions
  3. shampoos,
  4. toothpastes
  5. gels
  6. astringents
  7. and other items of similar consistency. 
These liquid items shall be placed in check-in luggage and shall be confiscated if found at the final screening point.
Along with the usual prohibited items such as firearms and ammunition and bombs and grenades, also banned from hand-carried bags are common harmless items such as 
  • vinegar
  • soy sauce
  • salt (in large volume and improperly packed)
  • hair spray
  • bleaching liquid
  • matches
  • tweezers
  • barbecue sticks
  • billiard cue sticks,
  • manicure set, and many others. 
  • acetone
  • aerosol
  • bleach
  • dry ice (in quantities not exceeding two kilograms per passenger)
  • formaline
  • varnish
  • insecticide
  • muriatic acid
  • spray paint
  • all kinds of seasoning especially those with pungent or acrid odor such as bagoong
  • fish sauce
  • soy sauce
  • all sea produced "binurong" or salted products
  • alcoholic beverages.
New MIAA Airport Security Center List of Prohibited Items, included in the dangerous substances that should be prohibited in passenger’s bags are

  • all brands duct tape
  • Scotch tape
  • electrical tape
  • large safety pins
  • fish hooks
  • metal chopsticks
  • knitting needles
  • manicure sets
  • skateboards
  • hockey sticks
  • nail cutters
  • "nail pushers" 
  • billiard cue sticks
  • golf balls
  • cork screws
  • can openers 
  • and hundreds of others.  
In the case of the cooking items and condiments included in the list of banned items, Atutubo said only those contained in breakable bottles are prohibited.


Anonymous said...

How about batteries? Primary lithiums and some rechargable niMh batteries. Is it ok to bring them in you hand carry bag?

Anonymous said...

Are electric cigarettes and electric cigarette liquid juice allowed in the hand carry bag? Are we allowed to use them inside the plane while on air??? Pls reply... Thanks

Anonymous said...

are bouquet of flowers(hand carry baggage) allowed on international frlight..???

Anonymous said...

Can I bring balut in my check in baggage? Provided I packed it properly?

Anonymous said...

can i bring monopod or selfiepod and power bank on hand carry?

Rianne Reen Tan said...

Can I bring small candles for our house blessing?

Anonymous said...

Wow.. thats a lot. They should just told all passengers to just bring urself ONLY so that theres no prob anymore. Their rules are changing. They wont stick to what really is prohibited. Sometimes they wont allow lotions or sanitizers. I think they just want it so that they can have as much products as they want for "FREE" and they're gonna divide the confiscated products for themselves. Sheeeesh...

Anonymous said...

What about perfumes? Is it also included in prohibited items on carry-on bag? I'm suppose to bring one 60 ml, 25 ml and 10 ml. A hand sanitizer is in my list too. Please answer me back.

Anonymous said...

How about box of donuts for pasalubong?

Anonymous said...

How about contraceptive pills?

Anonymous said...

Shouldnt i be able to bring just a skateboard deck along with me?

White_demon said...

Is firework ok to bring when i pack it in my check in baggage?

Adpnis Balajo said...

how about cigarette,,?

Unknown said...

how about BOW AND ARROW? please confirm...

Anonymous said...

Can i bring my pennyboard pls. reply

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