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Friday, December 23, 2011

TAGAYTAY HIGHLANDS: Vegetarian Restaurant

TAGAYTAY HIGHLANDS: Vegetarian Restaurant
This is my dinner at the Vegetarian Restaurant in Tagaytay Highlands. A fresh, organically grown greens is basic for a healthy diet. In this vegetarian restaurant, you have the freedom to prepare your salad with different toppings and dressings. 

Yes, you can turn your salad into a healthy gourmet dish. The Seared Tuna Pomelo Arugula Salad is a wonderful treat that is sure to play with your taste buds with its spice and proteins. While the Swiss Pinoy Kamote Salad is rich in vitamins A, B and C, dietary fiber, potassium and iron, and excellent antioxidant properties present in sweet potatoes. Experts believe that the popular tuber is one of the healthiest vegetables in the world. 

The menu is based on the principles of healthy and organic nutrition, and on the philosophy of LOHAS, or Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability, which is the same guiding concept used for the development of Plantation Hills in Tagaytay Highlands.

Its special formula complies with the Natural, Green and Fresh principle. The vegetables served in the dishes are freshly picked, straight from nearby Flowerside Farm and Plantation Hills in Tagaytay Highlands, both of which use organic composts. Fish, seafood and chicken are used as substitute sources of protein. The healthy fats and oils are well-chosen, as well as the first-class ingredients, condiments and healthy sweeteners. And for zesty beverages, there are healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies to quench your thirst. 

I so love the organically produced fresh fruits and vegetable in this lovely vegetarian restaurant. I don't exactly know our total bill because the family friend of my friend is the one who paid for our dinner because they don't accept cash, check or credit card inside Tagaytay Highlands. Only the owner/ members are allowed to charge purchases inside Tagaytay Highlands. Oh, it is very exclusive indeed, the owner/ member must accompany his/ her visitor/s at all times, so he/ she/ they can eat, lol.
 This is the lamp that guides you to the vegetarian restaurant.
The adorable facade of the vegetarian Restaurant in Tagaytay Highlands.


chrisair said...

I so like the food, its healthy actually mejo bawasan lang ng corn , kaso ang sarap din kasi ng corn. Nice photograph sis

Traveleronashoestring said...

Thanks sis Chrisair! Sarap ng fruits at corn nila fresh na fresh talaga! I also love the lettuce, di ko pala na picturan, gutom na gutom na kasi kami ha ha ha!

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