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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rhian Ramos One on One Interview by Pia Guanio on 24 Oras(VIDEO)

MANILA, Philippines - Rhian Ramos has final granted a lengthy interview. Rhian Ramos was interviewed by Pia Guanio of GMA News for her ‘Chick Minute’ segment last night, her very first interview wherein she answered questions about the controversial issue she is embroiled in right now. Previously, Rhian only delivered a short statement to Sanda Aguinaldo also of GMA News but reportedly declined to answer questions. This time, the now-controversial young actress answered Pia Guanio’s questions about her relationship with Mo Twister, how that turned into an ‘unhealthy relationship’, and the controversial video that was leaked online last week.

Rhian Ramos revealed that she met Mo Twister when she was 16 years old at an unnamed event. She found him ‘nice, smart and funny.’ They quickly became friends that eventually turned into romance.

“He gave me a lot of attention… I was very flattered. He would often say on his radio show that I’m his crush so I was really flattered. And I liked him.” But right from the start, according to Rhian, many close to her were against the relationship. This includes her mother who warned her of Mo Twister’s reputation.

“Hindi ako nakinig eh because… I just really liked him and.. I guess I was being blind. I dunno… you learn your lesson after naman eh.”

According to Rhian Ramos, Mo Twister changed during the latter part of their relationship. “Later on when we became boyfriend-girlfriend, he changed. And… I came to know him in a completely different way…. He was a different person.”

She reportedly tried to end the relationship because it already became ‘unhealthy.’ But every time she would bring up the subject, Mo Twister would get mad and ‘threaten’ her.

Asked about her feelings on the revelations Mo twister made in the video diary that came out last week, Rhian said she was really shocked and hurt by what she heard. She later said she will be taking a leave from show business to recover and rest, and move away from all the controversy.

Prior to the interview being aired here was the post Mo Twister made in his official Tumblr account
What made me most jealous? Every year on your birthday, you’d take your camera crew and go see terminally sick children and throw a party for them. I’m sure it made those children genuinely happy, and for that, a thank you is in order from their parents and doctors who put so much effort in trying to extend their life and make it comfortable. But I was secretly jealous. To see your mom make spaghetti and chicken lollipop. To see you do interviews and take pictures with the children. Because every year as you do this to celebrate, I wonder why the same people making chicken lollipop and pasta, the same girl showing concern for the dying child—also on a yearly basis—sacrifices the life of our own child for fame? I was always jealous. I shoudn’t be. These children didn’t know what happened just months prior and the year before, and how many other times before that. But I knew. I knew that these children and parents struggle to stay alive one more day—while their “idol” and her family have taken so many in the name of vanity. For every year you’ve visited them, was also a year you’ve gotten rid of one.
Source: The Manila Paper & Pinoy Power


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