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Monday, December 12, 2011


Letter From Mo Twister
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Letter of Mo Twister to Fashion Pulis

December 10, 2011
Dear Fashion Pulis,

I saw your post regarding Rhian Ramos' interview on 24 Oras. I was hoping I can write this to you in order to give my side regarding your online entry. I'm trying to put this past me and maybe this letter can help in doing that.

I’m hoping this is the last time I have to speak of this issue. After Rhian’s statement on 24 Oras, I would like to clear a few things with all of you. Everything I will say here is fact, easily proven. First, I did not harass Rhian. Our relationship ended in October when I broke up with her while we were riding in my van the day after my birthday. Since then, we have had several arguments regarding issues of infidelity during our relationship but I have not harassed her. Since our breakup, she has willingly come to my house on 2 occasions, met with my family and spent the night at the hospital with me at St. Luke’s a few weeks ago—all can be confirmed. The last time I saw her was the night in the hospital and since then I have not returned any of your calls or text messages, also easily proven by cell phone records and texts log. So please, I’d appreciate it if she would refrain from implying that I have been harassing her or, somewhat narcissistically, thinking I cannot go on without her. We, under their orders, have lied to the public about our relationship for so long but the several people who have knowledge of it can attest that we both do not harass each other. I am happily dating someone new, as Rhian is, and I have not reached out to contact her in any way since our breakup in October.

I DID NOT upload the video that spoke of what we went through. I am also appalled that she denied any knowledge of the existence of the video when she knows that I physically gave her a copy in front of your mother and lawyers in May and even before that, we watched it together. I have been trying my best to find out exactly how the video was uploaded and I appeal to the individual in possession of my personal files to not upload any further videos that we have made.

Regarding the “threat” to take away everything she loves away from her. A variety of undesirable remarks were thrown during our heated arguments, including references to my sick daughter and to her career. I despised how easily a decision to stop something for a career can be made and she specifically told me, “what I’ve worked for in the past 5 years is the MOST important thing in my life.” I then rebutted with, “it should not be the most important thing in your life, because it is just a job. As easily as a baby can be sacrificed, which was so important to me, a persons job can also be easily taken away even though it’s the most important thing in someone’s life.” That was the conversation. If I were so threatening in the past and so abusive, then there should have not been any reason that after our brief break-up in April, that we would have sustained a relationship until October.

Yes, I met her at 16, as colleagues in this industry. It does not imply that we had a romantic relationship. Prior to me, after 16, she had 2 “official” relationships with other actors in her network. I was not even close enough to her to be invited to her debut at 18, and we only became very close after her relationship prior to me.

Again, I’m sorry about the video. I am continuing to follow up on how it happened. But at the same time, I cannot and will not deny the facts in the video. I also will not insult the memory of our child by denying its existence. I tried making a stand for it then and I will make a stand for its memory now. In our time I have known of two of these instances and something has to be done to stop it. Her family is fully aware of this and I hope that one day, their drive for money and fame will take a backseat to what is most important (as Rhian says), which is family. The one you have now and the ones you were supposed to have. Rhian will always have a special place in my heart. As ugly as this ended, I will always love her and treasure every second we spent together because it was very real for me. I will regret some of the things we have done, some of thing we have said, but I will not regret the time we put in for each other. I appreciated all the nice things she has done for me and I have forgiven the times when it got out of hand. I cannot forgive her family’s stance on some of the issues we encountered. I did not appreciate the violent tweets from Rhian's father but I’m glad she told him to stop it. Her new boyfriend has done the same and I too am glad he has erased some of them. I have successfully not contacted Rhian for the past few months and our relationship is something I’ve moved on from. I admit I struggle, as she was always aware, with the loss of our child. I expect that to last for a very long time.

I hope the best for Rhian’s career. I’m glad she has a supportive network to back her and the executives there have always been favorable to her so I assume she will get over this. To be honest, the only time I have been insulted throughout this recent ordeal was when I believe Atty. Gozon said in an interview that I am out to ruin Rhian’s career. And that this is all “ungentlemanly.” As a parent, if that happens to him (knock on wood), I assume he wont take it lightly and that career should not be the focus of any his statements—as ungentlemanly as that may sound. I’m sorry to the people we have let down. I have been seeking therapy for the past year to help get over the loss and be a better person. My decision to leave temporarily was decided long ago. I have lost myself in the wilderness of this industry, maybe in taking a break, I can find myself once more.

Again, this is the last time I'd like to share about this. For those who are sick of it, I understand. I am too. But when lie after denial after hypocrisy gets to pile up, frustration and the need to set it straight feels in order. I don't have a manager or network machinery to concoct statements for me. So I hope this is the last of it. Thank you for reading my letter.

Mo Twister


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