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Friday, December 2, 2011


Mo Twister and Rhian Ramos chose fame & money over life?  If that is true that's really sad.

We don't know them personally and we don't know what the real score is between the two of them. And maybe they'll say that we don't have any right to judge them. 

Though all of this brouhaha started when Mo Twister allegedly tweeted scandalous details about a former girl friend allegedly referring to Rhian Ramos.

"Its 28th of July 2010, First time I'm doing this. I don't event know why. Um, Maybe one day you'll watch this. Just remember how horrible of a day it is. You're in Singapore, You've been crying all evening because tomorrow morning, You and Rhian will go to the hospital here and get rid our baby. It doesn't matter naman what I think about it because this was her choiice. I don't know how long you'll keep this as a souvenir, but this is the test (Whisper) This is wrong. This is the hardest thing (Crying) This is the hardest thing you've gone through before and you've gone through so much. And we have to blame our jobs for this"

"This industry that judges you for these things. This business has made her believe that we have to take the life of our own child because no one will forgive her for this. That this job will ruin her, so we agreed that we'd come here and get it done. Because you love her and you just want her to be okay. Its not like Rhian is having an easy time with this too. Its hard on all of us. She said one day we will see this again. And maybe our jobs will be a little bit easier and more accepting about it. One day you'll look at this video, 20 years from now, I don't even know if you will still be together and it will still hurt. It will still hurt like hell. (Crying) You'll be sorry for this your whole life. I'll be sorry for this my whole life. I'm sorry for the bad choice we are about to make. Its hard for both of us"

"Nobody wants to do this. I know other celebrities have been able to succeed after this problem, if it is even a problem, I don't know if it's a problem. But you know, her parents are tough on her. Her station, her channel, her manager is so tough on her that it has made her feel that having this baby, is just no other option. I know Rhian is young. Maybe one day when we're older, when she is older, that we won't have to go through this. I don't blame her. The pressure on her is so great. That I know she feels like she has no choice. So this is not your fault Rhian. Its not. I know how hard it is to be you in here, In this situation."

"Its July 28, 2010 and I'm sitting inside the hotel. The Ritz-Carlton in Singapore and we've been fighting all night about this. I'm doing my best to try to keep you safe. And all this fighting is taking a toll on us. I wish we could have this child. I don't want to do this. This job is so difficult. Its so difficult. I'm so sorry. I'll be sorry forever. Again, one day you'll watch this. Maybe when you're an old man. You'll remember how difficult today was. And I hope you watch this and I hope by that time, I'll be married and I'll have a family that I can try to make it up to. You're going to do something really wrong today. I'm sorry for that. This is business is so so hard. This business is so hard on its employees. I guess all bussinesses are. I don't know. It's our fault I know. We can't really blame our jobs because other people did it. But um, I understand."

Source: PrettyJenny55


To all the youngster out there reading this. Taking the life of an innocent child is never the solution for unwanted pregnancy.

Please consult a priest or a nun if ever you find yourself in an unwanted pregnancy. There are organizations who are willing to help you, so don't you ever emulate wrong doing.

You may look for anyone or maybe directly to Sister Pilar Verzosa, RGS, National Coordinator of Pro-life Philippines 


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