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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mo Twister & Rhian Ramos' Relationship, kisses,longings and abortion tweets c/o Twitter

  • “I saw an old strand of your hair in the shower this evening. I miss you. Goodnight… I’ve been home for days in darkness. Not going outside in case you come home. Goodnight… Today I remembered when I picked you up at the Amsterdam airport. I had flowers, you were wearing all black. We kissed in public for the first time. It was amazing. Goodnight… We spent the night on a bench in Central Park, right after going to the Apple Store at 2 a.m. to check the iPhone 4. I left a message in the inbox of the display phone for you to read. Please never forget. Goodnight… I have mole right next to my upper lip. I always thought it was a blackhead but you insist it’s a mole and kiss it all the time.
  • Goodnight…We used to do crossword puzzles side by side and even over the phone. We graduated into other things like Monopoly, Boggle, and Hidden Objects. These were simple games but we made an awesome team. I miss you, Goodnight… Every country we visited, we kissed a lot. Especially reaching over the table at one of those fancy restaurants. We always kissed.
  • There was never enough of it. Goodnight… We checked into our hotel in Athens, Greece and we told them we were on our honeymoon just so we could possibly get an upgrade. We ended even getting assigned a butler. We called for room service and the operator answered, ‘Yes, Mrs. Gumatay?’ And you always got a kick out of that. Goodnight. I miss you… You were intern ‘Denise’ on my Podcast during the first week, taking calls and you were so good at it. You helped shape the story to make it interesting. Goodnight, I miss you… I would never rudely wake you up. It was always a slow, gentle process. ‘I’m sorry to wake you, my love.’ With hugs, kisses, and pats on the head. When you stand, I’d kneel down and put the sandals on your feet. Every single time. I miss you. Goodnight… I was in Paris, you were in Singapore.
  • We were talking on the phone as we usually do and I wanted to get you a bag. So you went into the store and I went into the store to look at the same bag, style, and colour. When you decided which one you liked, I bought it, on the other side of the world. It was fun, because we made our distance closer and an activity I enjoyed together. Goodnight, I miss you… October 2010. Your birthday month. I made sure that every week you got some really great gift.
  • Your birthday never ended. Weeks past, and I’d still greet you. I miss you. Goodnight… Tosh.0 was our favorite show. We’d order some expensive restaurant delivery food, sit on our huge dining room and watch and laugh. Crab, we had crab, big ones. It didn’t matter how much it cost, I would pay nearly anything to see you happy at home. I miss you. Goodnight… You would write on the bathroom mirror with crayon.
  • They were great pieces of artwork — worthy of the Louvre. And I never erased it. I’d hold on to it until the condensation would take it away. Then, you’d make your next creation. I especially loved the one when you drew an outline of me so when I got home, it said ‘Stand here’ and I’d stand in it. And there was a kiss waiting for me because of the position I was in. I miss you. Goodnight… We were walking in Paris on our first night there and we came across a street called Rue De Rohan.
  • We said, ‘That’s our street’ because of the play on our names. We kept repeating the street name over and over throughout our trip. Goodnight, I miss you… We first started holding hands in public that day we went to Ansons near Glorietta. I was really happy. We were holding hands in the car, we usually then ‘break’ when we get out. But today, you didn’t care. You held it even inside and I was thrilled. A big victory that day. I miss you, Goodnight… You were in New York for work, I was in Manila.
  • I decided to make dinner reservations at Nobu in Manhattan. I booked a flight and headed 20hrs. your way for dinner that night. I was already wearing a suit coat rushing from the airport because I didn’t want to be late for this fancy restaurant, stormed into the hotel room to see if you were ready and there you were in your bathrobe. We could have missed our reservations and I wouldn’t have cared, it was just great to see you. I miss you. Goodnight… You came with me to a meeting for Podcast sponsors.
  • I was supposed to make a presentation and as I tried connecting with them, you blurted out an idea of yours and they loved it. You started taking over the presentation and everyone was so amazed at what you had to say.
  • You’re so smart and I miss you. Goodnight… You got the new car and wanted so much to drive it. So we were in Tagaytay driving around and you did such a great job. Rarely was I ever scared, you were so happy about the car. I miss you, Goodnight… I have memories. You have victories. I am the game that you played.


  • sitting somewhere at the Fort. Haven't walked around here at night in so long.
  • so hard to sleep when the other side of the bed is empty all of a sudden.brushing teeth is difficult too w/ ur toothbrush right next to mine
  • i havent slept in well over a week. this room seems so foreign. i try closing my eyes but i feel like my bed is poking at me.
  • for those asking and writing, i DID NOT breakup w/ Rhian via Twitter. This is absolutely the LAST THING i would have ever wanted us to encounter. Many of you dont know me personally or you may have an idea of what i may be like from what you hear, but this is a tragedy to me and one of the darkest moments of my life. I love Rhian dearly, much more than any of you will ever be aware of. She was the closest person to me and losing that is the WORST thing that can happen to anybody. So all these headlines saying that I broke up with her here are wrong. We are going through something that I am very sadden about, devastated. I would give anything to have my friend back.

  • and anong "break-up tweet- break-up tweet" ang sinasabi niyo. didn't he say i wasn't his girlfriend.
  • there aint no parachute that they can make for this. I put my pain my heart, my soul, my faith in this. does anyone feel like how I feel?
  • when abuse goes on for a year it makes you realize that you're willing to sacrifice and become the collateral damage to get yourself back
  • well thank you for breaking into my twitter. nice job. i hope you get all the sympathy you hoped for
  • and to the rest of you, mind your business, i've been harassed enough for today, thank you. as if would really publicize my personal life? as if i'm the one that is known to want to be a part of every scandal? thanks
  • and anong "break-up tweet- break-up tweet" ang sinasabi niyo. didn't he say i wasn't his girlfriend?

  • You told me it's your job to be single and desired, but what about the hearts you break along the way?
  • wow! are you implying now it's me who did it? what else do you want to throw at me today? i'm just reacting to your tweet and now job is whats the link? i wasn't the one who did everything for the job.
  • there are a few people i wont fight here on twitter & one of them is you. i think ive been thrashed and lied enough to today. im done here & i wont argue w/ you. i hope your thailand trip last holy week went well
  • i would never wish upon any of you the sacrifice ive had to make. and even after it, its mocked by those who benefited from it. and it will come. the ghosts of those lost will find a way. all the lies and deceit isn't enough of a shield

Last Week

In one of the episodes of TV5's late night showbiz talk show "Juicy" where he is one of the hosts, DJ Mo was quoted saying, "It comes to a point na, feeling ko, I think I have to leave na the country. May isa pang malaking bagay na pinagdaanan, na I've been trying to overcome in the past year, na hindi related sa breakup namin ni Rhian. But it's something that Rhian and I have been trying to overcome together, and sana..."

His co-host Cristy Fermin then asked another intriguing question, "Nakokonsens'ya ba kayo?" which DJ Mo immediately answered with "I don't know... Ayokong sabihin na 'kayo' because Rhian is her own person and I am my own person. Basta, I'm in a dark, dark place. I'm in a dark place."

Video of Mo allegedly talking about Rhian's abortion.



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