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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Personally I believe that the fastest way to go to Hongkong Disneyland is by MTR.

Take the MTR to Sunny Bay MTR station where you change train to Disneyland Resort Line which will take you to Disneyland Resort station.

The MTR train going to HK Disneyland is a specially designed Disney train. Riding on the Disney design MTR is in itself  already an entertainment. The train is so cute with Disney characters accessorizing the interior of the train.

Travel on the railway network of MTR and interchange for the Disneyland Resort Line at Sunny Bay Station.

  • 23 minutes from the Hong Kong International Airport- MTR Airport station.

  • 30 minutes from MTR Kowloon station.

  • 33 minutes from MTR Hong Kong station 

    Guests can pick up Park Tickets too at Hong Kong MRT Station! 

Check out the route map at the MTR website.

Operating Hours between Sunny Bay and Disneyland Resort Station 

From Sunny Bay:  from 6:15 a.m. - 12:45 a.m. the following day 

From Disneyland Resort Station
: from 6:20 a.m. - 12:40 a.m. the following day


Every 4 - 10 minutes

Final destination is  MTR Disneyland Resort Line

Conveniently located Disneyland Resort Station it is your gateway into the magic.

For more information about fare and the train services, please visit the MTR website.


Dex said...

We'll be staying at at Hollywood Hotel but we'll go there by shuttle bus. So, just for the sake of riding the Disney MRT line, is it possible to just ride from Disney to Sunny Bay Station and back?

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