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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to donate to JAPAN

Pray for Japan
How to help in relief efforts in Japan. 

Please be careful of unscrupulous websites claiming to be fund raisers for Japan. 

If you have a local RED CROSS in your country, it is better to give your donations to them and specify that you are donating it for Japan so they would be the one to coordinate with Japan Red Cross.

Here are some site who claimed to be donating to Japan if you are not sure don't donate to them. I am in no way affiliated with any one of them.Thanks!
  1. Crisis Response: Provides a way to donate DIRECTLY to Japan Red Cross Society online (uses Google Checkout).
  2. Peace Winds Japan: Online donations
  3. Global Giving: Online donations
  4. Save the Children: Online donations
  5. An online bento store will donate 100% of proceeds of sale to the Japanese Red Cross Society.
  6. Flutterscape: Flutterscape, a Japan-related shopping website has established a donation page that would send donations to the JAPAN Red Cross Societyand Civic Force.  They will also match your donation.
  7. American Red Cross (via text, U.S. only.) – Using your cell phone, you can text-message donations of $10 to the Red Cross. Text the letters REDCROSS to 90999 to make the $10 donation, or visit the organization’s website.(Please be informed that the American Red Cross has not formally been invited to Japan and therefore they have no ongoing relief efforts in Japan.  For further info please read this article in Gizmodo.)
  8. Salvation Army:
  9. Yahoo Japan (in Japanese only)
  10. Japan red cross
  11. In the Philippines for Smart subsribers you can help Japan via mobile donations @philredcross. Send RED to 4143. You can donate 10, 25, 50, 100, mobile donations @philredcross Send RED to 300, 500, 1000.
  12. And for Globe subsribers you can help Japan via 2899. You can donate 5 25 100 300 500 OR 100


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