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Today, I receive all God’s love for me. Today, I open myself to the unbounded, limitless, overflowing abundance of God’s Universe. Today, I open myself to your Blessings, healing and miracles.Today, I open myself to God’s Word so that I become more like Jesus Everyday. Today, I proclaim that I’m God’s Beloved, I’m God’s Servant, I’m God’s powerful champion, And because I am blessed, I will bless the world, In Jesus Name, Amen.

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Friday, September 23, 2022

BREAST CANCER AWARENESS: Early Detection Save Lives

My classmate through Rotary Club of Kamuning would like to invite all of you to a free breast examination and seminar about Breast Cancer Awareness because early detection saves lives.

The free event and seminar would happen on October 1, 2022 at the Silver Hall, Rotary Center Mother Ignacia Corner Roces Avenue, Quezon City

Please register for FREE in the registration link below:

More details will be sent via text message/email upon registration. 

Thank you and God bless๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

Sponsored by RCC Pink Warriors 

Rotary Club of Kamuning Central


Monday, September 19, 2022

Milkin Corporation 30 Years and Beyond

Milkin Corporation 30 Years and Beyond 

The 30th year of a company’s existence is traditionally called the pearl anniversary. It represents honesty, wisdom and purity.  Even more, it shows how something amazing can come out of a humble beginning. Like a grain of sand.  When you apply layers and layers of coating over time, after sometime you will have a luminous gem. I personally like pearls because they’re the only gem formed and found within a living creature.

What better time to celebrate his company's 30th anniversary than on the occasion of his birthday in the company of family, friends, employees and  industry partners. President and CEO Mr. Richie Cuna celebrated his birthday and his company's pearl anniversary at the Maynila Ballroom of Manila Hotel last September 14, 2022.

Kudos to Milkin Corporation's CEO Richie Cuna for taking the time to pause and recognise the contribution of his incredible team and franchisee from all over the country in making Milkin 
Corporation such a great company. 

The company started way back in 1989 under a Filipino-Italian business venture. The company started as a Designer's Ice Cream Manufacturing Co., 

Fast forward to 30 years and they now have franchisees across the country with Japan and LA franchisee opening real soon.

Milkin Corporation also carry other brands such as Fior Cafรฉ, Fiorgellato, DM Express and its newest baby, Kurimi Milk Tea Bar. "KURIMI" is a slang term for "CREAMY" by the Japanese because they don't have an equivalent word for it in Japan.  Milkin's 2D milk tea restaurant concept has 60 franchise locations nationwide now and is going international with Japan and LA opening Kurimi Stores soon!

Having branches around the globe says a lot about their brand. What has remained consistent is the go beyond DNA of their amazing people going way beyond above and beyond.


The company's focus on customer satisfaction means they don’t rest until they’ve done their job right. Even when no one is looking. That’s how Milkin Corporation's various brands such as Fiorgelato,  Fior Cafรฉ,  DM Express & Kurimi earn the trust of those they serve. And it’s how they’ve built those iridescent layers year after year. It’s like the old proverb. Pearls don’t lie on the seashore. You must dive for them.

Just as troops can’t fly if aircraft don’t, they dive in and do what’s needed to be done. Deploying rapidly. Getting into challenging environments, even when travel is restricted during the lockdowns because of covid-19 pandemic. 
Korean inspired 2D theme Kurimi Outlet

On their milestone anniversary, they have never been more mission driven or dedicated to making a difference. While they have 30 years behind them, they keep on looking ahead and feel full of possibility. The industry needs what they have to offer. Watch for some amazing plans and expansion that they will be sharing with us Filipinos over the coming years. You might say, Milkin Corporation are fully coming out of their shell.

Milkin Corporation's excel 
culture drives their actions. The officers and staff of the company works from-the-heart some of them are employed since the creation of the company. They're all very dedicated. A real difference-making team.

To cap the celebration, all of the pioneers of Milkin Corporation that served the organization since its founding in 1989 plus all the officers and staff were honored. Likewise, the company recognized the support of outstanding partners and linkages in delivering aesthetic restos and delicious food and drinks closer to our fellow Filipinos nationwide. 

Kurimi Laoag 

Sunday, September 18, 2022


In celebration of its 15th year as a social enterprise, Hapinoy treated select sari-sari store owners from all over the archipelago plus its industry partners to a sumptuous lunch last September 14 at Enderun Atrium in Taguig City.

Sari-sari store owners from all over the Philippines who attended either the physical or online digital training in the past finally meet one another in person.

Founded in 2007 by then (Former) Senator Bam Aquino and Mark Ruiz. Hapinoy is a pioneering social enterprise based in the Philippines which aims to be a constant partner of women microentrepreneurs who own micro-retail shops called sari-sari stores. 

These “Titas and "Titos" as how the men and women of Hapinoy fondly call one another - are organized into on-ground and online communities and are provided access to learning, financing, technologies, and new business opportunities.

Since its inception in 2007 it has now impacted close to 100,000 sari-sari storeowners all around the Philippines.

I also met these two foreigners who are connected with Qualcomm. Through their modern technology, Hapinoy was able to bridge the gap and transcends from physical trainings to online FB live seminars reaching more sari-sari store owners nationwide, especially  during the onset of the pandemic when everyone was lockdown in their respectives homes. 

Hoping for more years of Hapinoy so that sari-sari store owners all over the country would be presented with more opportunities and skills to take their business to new heights. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Teacher Bullying Students

Students and pupils are now back in a face to face setting at their respective schools nationwide here in the Philippines.

With Vice President Sara Zimmerman Duterte-Carpio at the helm of DepEd, I hope this valid issue of teachers bullying students would be addressed accordingly. DepEd should be loud and clear about its stand of zero tolerance for any act of child abuse, psychological violence, discrimination,  bullying committed by teachers.

Madam VP, I hope you'll act on this matter with the broken window theory in mind. Nag uumpisa pa lang ay kalusin na. Ika nga ayusin na po kaagad bago lumala. Maraming Salamat po ๐Ÿ™.  Broken window theory is the concept that each problem that goes unattended in a given environment affects people's attitude toward that environment and leads to more problems.

Only on her second week of being back in school, my 13-year old niece was so stressed out and traumatized, nangangalumata na parang panda and has a fever this morning. She did not say anything wrong about school. But upon closer prodding of my eldest brother just this morning, it turned out that she's "pinag-iinitan" at school by her teacher for no reason at all.  Yes, we do not know the reason or reasons of her teacher. One possibility is because she was absent for two days last week because her dad has a health scare. Imagine how my niece is trying to cope with the possible loss of her dad, and the huge responsibility on her shoulder being the eldest and now her teacher is bullying her for no apparent reason. Imagine making her take a make-up quiz with about 50 questions within 5 minutes while constantly nagging her of the time left all throughout that 5 minute-ordeal. Talaga lang po teacher? Ikaw kaya bigyan ko ng exam 1 to 100 sa loob ng 1 minute kasi malaki ka na at definitely triple ang edad kaysa sa mga tinuturuan mo na students. Under time pressure ikamo, so ayan para maramdaman mo paano sumagot under extreme time pressure coupled with unrelenting nagging about the remaining time.

I wonder why some teachers tends to bully their students or pupils for no apparent reasons. Some students or pupils classify teacher bullying as only  "PINAG -IINITAN". That's bull! You call an ace an ace! That is definitely an act of terrorizing students.

Some students are stressed, and even traumatized by subtle bullying done by fault-finding teachers.

Growing up, I was never bullied at school. I got lucky that my teachers are the best of the best in the field of education. My classmates are also cool๐Ÿ˜Ž.  So, I cannot relate to the victims of bullying before. But when I was bullied by some peers when I was still new in the event scene I can say that I now uniquely feel those poor bullied students and pupils.  Bullying is still prevalent not only in school but also in other fields of work not only in the Philippines but worldwide. 

Reminder to all teachers, child abuse is a criminal offense punishable by Imprisonment of six (6) months and one (1) day to six (6) years or a fine of not less than Fifty Thousand Pesos (P50,000.00) but not more than Three Hundred Thousand Pesos (P300,000.00) or both at the discretion of the court.

2022 na po, teacher. Tigilan na po ninyo yan fault-finding ninyo sa mga kawawang mag-aaral. Be kind, empathize with your students and please be compassionate.  After all, you're receiving a high salary to mold and help your students be a successful individual and good citizen of this country, not a mentally challenged,  insecure, and traumatized individual. 

I guess a lot of people has realized by now that mental health is important, be it at school, workplace or at home. Please protect your students. Don't add up to the stress that they're going through at home.

Always be kind to your students. You never know what they're going through. ๐Ÿ™ Rotten tomatoes at DepEd should be removed.

Kindness, empathy and compassion should be practiced by those in the teaching profession because those elements will help your students to become successful in life.๐Ÿ™ Teach your students to be happy. Don't instill fear in them. 

According to a Harvard University research, they were able to gather evidence that prolonged and/or excessive exposure to fear and states of anxiety can cause levels of stress that can impair learning and adversely affect later performance in school, the workplace, and the community.

The students may feel sick and will start to think about all the things that could go wrong. As a result, the performer will not attack the vault as effectively as they could and the performance will not achieve as high a mark.

So to all the teachers who love to torture their students please stop the unnecessary "power trip".  Some teachers uses their "authority and moral ascendancy over their student by threatening to fail them, that's why some students cowardly suffer in silence fearing that his or her teacher would make good her or his threat. Other teachers connive and tolerate the act of their fellow teachers because they sympathize with their colleague.

The talent of the students in public schools could be at par with the privileged, and sometimes, even better. What and how the teacher teach can be reflected in the way the students think and act. Teachers are there to improve students morally and mold them to be the best. 

To all pupils, students suffering from mental anguish, emotional damage from their bully teachers please feel free to email DepEd 

You can also fill up the form at their official website just click this link and it will open to the complaint and feedback form of DepEd

Teaching is a noble profession. Salute to the men and women in the teaching profession who never stops loving and caring for their students. Mabuhay po kayo ๐ŸŽ‰ May your tribe increase ๐Ÿ™ 

Monday, August 29, 2022

Bikers retrace the road to freedom for National Heroes Day

Bikers from Bataan, Pampanga, Tarlac and nearby provinces pedaled along the route traversed by the country’s heroes in a fun ride for a cause dubbed, “Ride for Valor.”

The “Ride for Valor” a non-competitive 160 kilometers long bike ride raised funds to save our heroes’ historical markers so that we may remember their sacrifice. The funds will be turned over to the Filipino-American Memorial Endowment (FAME) a non-government organization that maintains the kilometer markers of the Bataan Death March from Mariveles, Bataan to Capas, Tarlac.

In the past, Bataan Death March markers had been destroyed, uprooted, and neglected due to drainage and other road projects. Ten (10) Death March historical markers in Mariveles, and four (4) in Limay, Bataan have to be relocated soon due to road widening and other repairs.

The Death March markers serve as a reminder of the route taken by Filipino soldiers who defended the country against Japanese forces during World War II some 80 years ago. About 10,000 brave soldiers died along the route; many of the bodies were never identified or recovered.

The ride is part of the 30th anniversary of the Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB). PVB is a commercial bank owned by World War II veterans and their families. As part of its charter, PVB allocates 20% of its annual net income for the benefit of its shareholders.

Around 80,000 Filipino and American soldiers and prisoners of war were forced by the Japanese military to march 69 miles from Bataan to Tarlac during World War II. Only some 54,000 persons reached the camp, and around 20,000 died due to starvation, dehydration, diseases, and the brutality of Japanese captors.

For more information, visit

The Ultimate Performance Flagship OnePlus 10T5G arrives in PH

Features flagship performance, stable connectivity, industry-leading charging feature, world-class photography, fast and smooth user experience, allowing users to Evolve Beyond Speed

The global technology brand OnePlus officially launches its ultimate performance flagship device in the Philippines – the OnePlus 10T5G.

The device boasts flagship performance, stable connectivity, industry-leading charging, world-class photography, fast and smooth user experience, and even innovative design.

Exceptional features for a flagship performance

The OnePlus 10T5G is powered by Qualcomm’s latest and most powerful Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform to provide usersthe  with fast and smooth performance. For a seamless multitasking experience, the chipset is complemented by a large RAM and internal storage, which is available in two variants: 8GB + 128GB or 16GB + 256GB.

Its RAM is supported by the Always Alivefeature, server-level memory management, that enables users to run up to 35 applications effortlessly in the background with 16GB of large memory. For a superior cooling system, the device leverages the OnePlus’ 3D Cooling System 2.0. It is packed with a larger cooling area, better heating dissipation material, and a redesigned heat dissipation channel to deliver its users an impressive experience anytime and anywhere.

Packed with industry-leading charging technology

For long-lasting use, the ultimate performance flagship device boasts a large battery capacity of 4800mAh. It features a 150W SUPERVOOC Endurance Edition, the industry-leading and fastest charging technology that charges the battery from one percent to 100 percent in just 19 minutes.

Such a feature is made safer and better as it has 13 temperature sensors, 128-bit encryption, and a customized Smart Charging Chip supported by an AI algorithm that learns the user’s charging schedule.

Boasts world-class camera capabilities

Aside from a 16MP front camera, the OnePlus 10T5G showcases a flagship triple rear camera system. It consists of a 4cm macro camera, a 119.9° ultra-wide camera, and a 50MP main camera with a Sony IMX766 sensor and optical image stabilization (OIS) to provide users with high-quality images.

To support its imaging system, it features Nightscape 2.0 to take photos in low-light or dark environments and Super HDRto improve the uneven brightness of images. It also has ICE 2.0 to enable users to capture split-second moments with an ultra-fast shutter.

Features ultra-smooth user experience

As it is equipped with OxygenOS 12.1, the latest flagship device exhibits a fast and ultra-smooth user experience. It also comes with HyperBoost Gaming Engine to enhance users’ gaming experience and AI System Booster 2.1 for continuous system-level optimizations and power consumption monitoring.

Offers strong connectivity

For a stable connection, the OnePlus 10T5G is packed with a redesigned antenna system to prevent blind signal angles. On top of that, it is integrated with Smart Link for continuous connection while gaming, even if users are in busy areas. It also has Amp Connect, which improves Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections and lowers gaming latency by around 60 percent for users using WiFi and Bluetooth earphones.ate performance flagship smartphone boasts a futuristic design built by combining more than 130 manufacturing techniques and stunning craftsmanship.

Retailing at Php 35,990, the OnePlus 10T5G (8GB + 128GB) will be available in the OnePlus Official Store on Shopee starting August 26 and on Lazada on September 9. Meanwhile, watch out for the grand launch of the OnePlus 10T5G variants on OnePlus Official Stores on Shopee and Lazada.

Showcases an innovative design

Available in two colors, such as Moonstone Blackand Jade Green, the ultim

To learn more about the OnePlus 10T5G, visit the OnePlus Philippines’ official website at You can also check out OnePlus Philippines’ official Facebook page.

Friday, August 12, 2022



E-bike Registration Fees

Despite having the same process, e-bikes have different corresponding fees. Kindly refer at the table below: 

Vehicle Type/CategoryMVUC Rate
Category L2b, L3Similar to motorcycle w/o sidecar
Category L4Similar to motorcycle w/ sidecar
Category L5, L6, L7Similar to “light” car

This means that owners will pay 

Php 240 for e-bikes falling under L2b and L3 categories

Php 300 for L4 categories

Php 1,600 for L5, L6, and L7 categories.


Here are the e-bikes categories according to MMDA:

E-SCOOTER (L2B) – a three-wheeled vehicle, with or without pedals, powered by electrical energy capable of propelling the unit up to a maximum speed of 50 km/hr. 

E-MOTORCYCLE (L3) – a two-wheeled vehicle, powered solely by electrical energy capable of propelling the unit more than 50 km/hr.  

E-TRIKE (L4, L5) – a three-wheeled motor vehicle powered solely by electrical energy with a minimum rated power of 1000 W capable of propelling the unit to no more than 50 km/hr and having a maximum curb weight of 600 kg. It is designed for the carriage of goods, cargoes, freights, and passengers.

E-QUAD (L6, L7) – a four-wheeled microcar with limited weight, power, and speed. They are further classified into light electric quadricycles and heavy electric quadricycles.

Only e-bikes under L2b, L3, L4, L5, L6, and L7 categories require LTO registration

Meaning e-scooters don’t require registration, although they are mandated to use protective gear under the same administrative order.

As for the registration process, e-bikes have the same registration process as any other motor vehicle. 

For e-bikes bought after the implementation of LTO Administrative Order No. 2021-039, expect the dealer to process the registration for you.

 However, if you have existing e-bikes that need to be registered, you may follow these steps here



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