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Thursday, March 26, 2015

1,126 Passed the 2014 Philippine Bar Exam

1,126 Passed the 2014 Philippine Bar Exam

Congratulations to the 1,126 law graduates who passed the 2014 Bar exams. A graduate from the San Beda College of Law topping the list with a grade of 85.5. The passing rate is 18.82 percent.

Associate Justice Diosdado Peralta, chair of the 2015 Bar exams, made the announcement.

A total of 6,370 law students applied for last year's Bar exams but only 6,344 made it to the final cut. Over 300 backed out during the four Sundays of the exam in October.

The exams were held at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. The 2013 Bar exam results were released in March last year.

The passing rate in the 2013 exams was 22.18 percent, and 17.76 percent in 2012 which was a 12-year low

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SARAH GERONIMO: Big Winner At 2015 Myx Music Awards

SARAH GERONIMO: Big Winner At 2015 Myx Music Awards

Popsters rejoice! Our idol Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo is the big winner tonight at the 2015 Myx Music Awards

Sarah G. won 4 (four) major awards.

Sarah won the following awards:
  • Favorite Music Video
  • Favorite Artist
  • Favorite Female Artist
  • Favorite Remake for "Maybe This Time.

Sarah Geronimo's Kilometro's song and dance number was a blast!

Video uploaded at YouTube Channel.  The video are best viewed at 720 hd. Click the setting icon and choose hd. Enjoy!

Video link:

Sarah G. is a very lucky gal indeed. She got it all, talent, looks, body and lovelife!

2015 Myx Music Awards were announced Wednesday, March 25 at SM Aura Premier's Samsung Hall. 

(To view list of nominees, CLICK HERE)

Here is the complete list of winners of the 2015 MYX Music Awards:

MYX Magna Awardee: Rey Valera

Favorite Music Video: Tayo by Sarah Geronimo (director: Avid Liongoren)
Favorite Song: Simpleng Tulad Mo by Daniel Padilla

Favorite Artist: Sarah Geronimo

Favorite Female Artist: Sarah Geronimo

Favorite Male Artist: Daniel Padilla

Favorite Guest Appearance in a Music Video: Kathryn Bernardo (Simpleng Katulad Mo by Daniel Padilla)

Favorite Collaboration: Takipsilim by Gloc 9 feat. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

Favorite Mellow Video: Right Where You Belong by Julie Anne San Jose (directed by Louie Ignacio)

Favorite Urban Video: Businessman by Gloc 9 feat. Vinci Montaner (directed by J. Pacena II)

Favorite Rock Video: Kislap by Kamikazee (directed by Kamikazee) 

Favorite Group: Silent Sanctuary

Favorite Remake: Maybe This Time by Sarah Geronimo

Favorite New Artist: Darren Espanto

Favorite Media Soundtrack: "No Erase" by James Reid and Nadine Lustre

Favorite MYX Celebrity VJ: Toni Gonzaga (Celebrity VJ for July 2014)

SPINNR Choice Award: Nikki Gil

Favorite K-pop Video: Come Back Home by 2NE1

Favorite International Video: Shake It Off by Taylor Swift 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Philippine Women's University In The Eyes of One of Its Educators

Philippine Women's University In The Eyes of One of Its Educators

On March 8, 2015, we celebrated International Women's Day and yet the first school for women in Asia is in a lot of trouble---the Philippine Women's University (PWU). It is a private, non-sectarian educational institution which would mark its centennial in academic year 2019-2020.

STI wins auction of PWU foreclosed properties

PWU properties along Taft Avenue in Malate, Manila, where the PWU campus is located, plus another property located at Pilar Hidalgo Lim Street, Malate, Manila, registered in the name of PWU, were allegedly won by STI Education Systems Holdings, Inc. (STI) in the auction sales involving extra-judicial foreclosures on Wednesday, March 18, 2015.

STI has also filed a petition for foreclosure of the Jose Abad Santos Memorial School (JASMS) Quezon City campus; and a property in Davao under the name of Unlad Resources Development Corporation (Unlad), the corporate arm of the Benitez family.

PWU Rehabilitation Plan

Asked for comment, PWU President Dr. Jose Francisco Benitez said PWU did not contest the auction because an earlier case for rehabilitation was filed before the Manila Regional Trial Court by former Senator Helena Z. Benitez, chairperson and long-time creditor of the beleaguered Philippine Women’s University.

"I would like to assure all of you that we are pursuing all legal actions necessary to protect the interests of our students, faculty and the schools. The school remains open and operations are normal. We are accepting enrollment for next year and are heartened by your support. Despite press releases from STI, we are still in control of PWU and our direction is clear for the future of PWU,” Dr. Jose Francisco Benitez said in a statement.

The Rehabilitation Plan calls for a 10-year period which will allow reasonable payment to all of PWU’s creditors (including former Sen. Benitez and STI) through the sale of Benitez family assets and cashflow from the operations of the schools. PWU is still waiting for the issuance of the Commencement Order on the Rehab Petition. If granted, it will invalidate the auction sale and pave the way for the approval of the rehabilitation plan of PWU. If denied, PWU has one year within which to redeem the PWU properties. The same holds true for the possible Foreclosure auction sale of the JASMS QC property, scheduled for March 24.

PWU Loan History

The foreclosure petition stemmed from PWU's alleged failure to pay almost P1 billion in accumulated loans, interest, and expenses. STI has acquired PWU’s loan with BDO worth P223 million in 2011, and loaned another P198 million to Unlad.

PWU earlier offered STI P644 million to settle the dispute which the latter rejected.

An Educator's Perspective

On the face of the foreclosure of its properties initiated by STI, it is not only the owners, students and their parents who will be affected but also the educators who dedicated their lives in giving a brighter future to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

With all the legal battles and media frenzy, no one dared to ask the teachers of PWU what their take is on said foreclosure. I decided to interview Ms. Angel Velasco Shaw, an Associate Professor at the Philippine Women’s University School of Fine Arts and Design, Director of the Institute for Heritage, Culture and the Arts, and Research Coordinator.

Prof. Shaw is an American-born Filipina who has been teaching for 23 years at universities such as New York University (11 years), Hunter College of The City University of New York, Columbia University, Pratt Institute and The New School. In addition, she's also a practicing filmmaker, media artist, freelance curator, and cultural organizer.

Here is an excerpt of my interview with Prof. Shaw:

Professor Shaw, can you give me a little background about yourself please. When did you start teaching at PWU?

I have been going back and forth to the Philippines for the past 30 years working on art and cultural projects, and teaching workshops in Metro Manila, Dumaguete, Bacolod, Bago City and Baguio City. In July 2013, I relocated to Manila and began teaching at Philippine Women's University in August 2013, first as a graduate mentor and advisor to graduate students in the School of Fine Arts and Design as well as a part-time faculty and faculty/curriculum development consultant. In June 2014, I was appointed Director of the newly inaugurated Institute for Heritage, Culture and the Arts, an Associate Professor and Research Coordinator and I continue to teach undergraduate and graduate courses.

What is your take on the dispute between Benitez family and STI? Do you support the Benitez family on this issue?

While I can understand that you would like me to address your questions in the specific context of the Benitez/STI dispute, I would prefer to focus my responses in a less direct way, albeit pertinent, as I feel that the media (mainstream and otherwise) is focusing on an issue that while important and valid, I feel is not necessarily a public matter in the way that it is being framed and continues to be reported on.

Having said this, my opinion about their business agreement, is at this point, irrelevant to what transpired over the years as far as their partnership and subsequent dissolve goes.

In 2011, the Benitez family entered into an agreement with STI whereby the latter assumed PWU’s loan with BDO in exchange for certain considerations. Are you personally in favor of that deal? Why?

Although, it is true that the outcome of this dispute will affect me as a concerned educator/employee in more than one-way. I do think it is of utmost importance that the media present other voices and experiences at PWU, that of faculty, students and staff. So thank you for this opportunity. If you would like responses from any of my students about their experiences at PWU, please let me know and I will try to arrange this.

Since my employment at PWU, I have had the great pleasure of working with Dean Josephine Turalba (School of Fine Arts and Design) and President Francisco Benitez. The two of them share the same pedagogical vision as myself, one which acknowledges and upholds the importance and value of providing the best possible academic education and equal access to education regardless of their financial, ethnic, regional, religious, gender backgrounds.

President Francisco Benitez has a forward-thinking pedagogical vision that I have not personally encountered in quite the same way, over the course of years of interactions with scholars and artists on several Philippine college campuses where I have had the opportunity to speak at and/or conduct workshops. This is not to say, that these campuses do not have progressive pedagogical practices as these campuses also have dedicated faculty members and excellent mission and vision statements.

Due to President Benitez’s commitment to upgrade the quality of education and my positive experiences of working under his visionary leadership and scholarship, I choose to come on board as a full time faculty member despite the fact that I had the opportunity seek employment at other universities at the time that I was making the decision in April 2014. His dedication to the largely underprivileged student body—sons and daughters of overseas workers and other low-income earners is unwavering. As an academician and scholar, President Benitez has an excellent understanding of how a liberal arts university should be run and the academic opportunities needed to provide students with the best quality education available to them which a university like PWU can support. He understands the balance needed in departmental curricula to strive to uphold and upgrade towards providing students with sufficient practical job skills as well as academic intellectual skills which promote reading/writing and critical thinking proficiency necessary for a student to compete in a job locally and globally.

As someone who has not only taught children of Filipino overseas workers enrolled at Hunter College in New York, but now, of their children enrolled at PWU, I have a good understanding of the hardships that parents and children face and encounter and the degree of difficulty of staying in school and believing that higher education can help them do more than just survive in an imbalanced Philippine economy where there are more have-nots, than haves. Vocational skills and job placement is not enough to help these youths to live and actively participate in creating a stronger, more balanced Philippine nation. PWU has been on a path for 95 years to grow the nation in a humble way, and not merely to educate people to participate as laborers both locally and globally.

President Benitez has spoken on several occasions to his PWU constituents about students, faculty and staff being stakeholders in the university. In all of my years of teaching, I never genuinely felt like a “stakeholder” until teaching at PWU.

If Tanco of STI assures the public that PWU will remain an educational institution in his group’s overall plan, would you support him instead or will you be loyal to the Benitezes?

My commitment first and foremost is to my students and to the pedagogical philosophy of President Benitez who, as far as I can see, since I began at PWU, is not only dedicated to improving his students and faculty’s abilities to compete academically in Metro Manila and nationwide, but within the Southeast Asian region and globally. He understands full well the kinds of challenges that PWU faces in the local and global academic and educational arena. I am witnessing how he is trying to meet these challenges through his interactions with my undergraduate and graduate students, and university-wide events where he has spoken quite frankly and eloquently about PWU’s mission and vision.

It is important to stress to the public that there is not one form, system or ideological perspective about what constitutes education nor is there one simple way to define what pedagogical practices are and what their approaches and attributes will contribute to a society. Formal, informal and alternative learning practices are multi-faceted with a plethora of outcomes that might not be seen immediately, but over a period of time. And yet, such methodologies can be used immediately by students with concrete results like employment in their respective fields of study. Education is not a monolithic structure although it is simpler for members of a society to understand it as such. Is education a “business”? Yes, it is but as mentioned, there are different models with similar yet different potential outcomes.

My own approach to education is a wholistic one that includes an understanding that the institution, educators, administrators, students and staff must strive to work together in a mutually beneficial harmonious manner that supports the mental, economic, and spiritual health of a community in relationship to other communities that comprise a nation. How people working together whether as teacher/learner, administrator/management is based on a vision that provides students with adequate academic and practical skills and tools to do more than just survive. Quality education promotes equal access and potential for upward mobility no matter what one’s ethnic, religious, class, gender, geographic background.

It is my belief, however, that an institution must provide critical thinking tools in order to attain these possibilities for a better life and how an individual contributes to a society can only be obtained if one is given the tools to think and act upon their thoughts, be self-reflexive, value the knowledge base from not just their own life experiences or their family’s, but society’s and then built upon this growing knowledge base which formal and “higher” education can offer. Balance is needed.

PWU is a university that I have come to know and love because I can contribute, in my own small ways, to this vision and mission that I have mentioned briefly, in a wholistic manner. When I first came to PWU, I had no idea that its 95 year old mission and vision would align so closely with my own. In fact, I didn’t know that two of its seven original female founders are somehow related to me—Concepcion Aragon Santiago and Clara Aragon Villanueva—until I came upon their photographs in one of the hallways and saw a woman who resembled my mother in an uncanny way.

I remain committed to my ancestors’ vision and practices no matter where in the world I teach, work as a cultural organizer and cultural practitioner. This is a part of my continuum.

What is your message or appeal to the Benitez family? To the Tanco group?

My appeal is not only to the Benitez and Tanco groups, but to the PWU community of students, faculty, and staff, and to the public at large to take the needed time to reflect on each other’s perspectives, needs, expectations, and fears about what a wholistic education can offer students in the present and future, and what diverse services and needs can be satisfied by such an approach. 

To wrap up the interview the good Professor left this message and quote:

Thank you for your time and for reading my words. 

“For apart from inquiry, apart from the praxis, individuals cannot be truly human. Knowledge emerges only through invention and re-invention, through the restless, impatient, continuing, hopeful inquiry human beings pursue in the world, with the world, and with each other.”      ― Paulo Freire

Friday, March 6, 2015

DIANA STALDER: All That Glitters Is Gold

DIANA STALDER: All That Glitters Is Gold

Upon the invitation of a very good friend, I headed over at Diana Stalder in Gateway Mall in Cubao, Quezon City for its #GoldLaunch of #DianaStalder #AllThatGlittersIsGold campaign. The call time was so early that I had to be literally dragged out from bed by my brother. ( I admit, I am not a morning person and I am not good in time management but I honor my commitments to the best of my capacity.)  Diana Stalder or simply dS is located at the basement of Gateway Mall. (Think about Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf; yeah, enter the mall entrance beside that famous coffeeshop tambayan.) 

I was bowled over when I was greeted by a gold-colored guy in gold tuxedo and gold hat. He happened to be golding ... errr ... holding a dS Gold VIP Card poster. 

Very accommodating dS branch Sales manager Ms. Cynthia Esquida, who conceptualized the card, explained to me the concept behind the golden offer.

Introducing the dS Gold VIP Card

It is a card like no other. It consists of a full year of pampering for a VIP cardholder. The VIP Gold cardholder has the right to share the beauty benefits to his or her immediate family members and friends. I was like, oh wow! That's a great deal! It suddenly makes me want to sign up immediately for a gold membership because of the idea of sharing its privileges with my brother.

The dS Gold VIP Card Package includes the following:
  •  3 Facial Supreme Treatment
  •  3 Gold Facial Treatment 
  •  6 Underarm Bleaching Treatment
  •  4 whole body Massage Treatment
  •  4 Paraffin Wax Treatment
  •  6 Skin Awakening Treatment. 
The total package originally costs Php14,000 but go ahead and show them this article and get the dS VIP Gold membership card for only Php6,000!!!! Plus if you tell them that you learned about it from CHA you'll get extra complimentary service like a body massage, 50% discount on other treatments and other exciting freebies! Cool, right?  After all the best things in life are free! 

Plus, yes, you read it right, it has a plus, not a minus . . . Ha ha ha! You can customize your package! 


You can change your treatment into other treatments like diamond peel or body massage if you happen to be uncomfortable with, say for example, the underarm whitening treatment. I know, you can't believe it.  Hell yeah, me too. I think dS management is too generous in coming out with such a huge discount that comes with a privilege to tweak the package according to your preference. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go for Gold! Avail of the promo now!  Remember you'll get to enjoy the VIP privilege together with your family, officemate, or friends. That's more than half the price, given at an unbelievable discount rate of only Php6,000. 

But wait... there’s more!

The dS Gold VIP Card Package entitles you to a Personal Hygienic Kit, Personal Therapist, Free Beverage every visit, Birthday treat, Exclusive members only promos & Exclusive Sparty Discounts and other privileges.

Diana Stalder's owner plus all of the staff are 100% committed to meet the clients' desire to be beautiful inside and out.  That's why dS never gets tired to offer the best services and products that targets its clientele needs in the rapidly-changing and diverse skincare market. 

For more details about Diana Stalder's VIP Gold Card, visit Diana Stalder at the following branches :
  •  dS Gateway Araneta Center
  •  dS SM Megamall
  •  dS Svelte Eastwood
  •  dS SM Calamba. 
Do follow them on 

Twitter @diana_stalder 

Instagram @dianastalder.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

#JustJulia Beautiful at 18

#JustJulia Beautiful at 18

Today, I attended the press conference of #JustJulia at the 14th floor of Abs-cbn building in Mother Ignacia. This is the second time that I am covering Julia Barreto or Julia Francesca Barretto Baldivia in real life. The soon to be 18-year-old daughter of comedian Dennis Padilla and former actress Marjorie Barreto.

#JustJulia announced at the press conference that she will be celebrating a white, gray and silver-themed 
debut party at the posh Makati Shangri-La Hotel on March 10. Her gown will be made by no less than the great International Fashion Designer Michael Cinco. 

For her coming out party, the debutante's hair will be done by John Valle, while Lala Flores will do her makeup. Barretto also enlisted the services of celebrity stylist Liz Uy.

Participating in the traditional 19 candles ceremony are Dani Barretto, Claudia Barretto, Patita Tumpalan, Erich Gonzales, Alora Sasam, Natalia Ortega, Nicole Barretto, Cris Navarro, Marissa Kalaw, Pokwang, RB Chanco, Lala Flores, Denise Heredia, Coy Barretto, Ella Pangilinan, Liz Uy, Janella Salvador, Liza Soberano and Maja Salvador.

For the 18 roses portion, participating are Dennis Padilla, Matteo Guidicelli, Rayver Cruz, Enchong Dee, Khalil Ramos, Robi Domingo, Sam Concepcion, Dominic Roque, Leon Barretto, Mark Barretto, John Barretto, Cholo Barretto, Jason Soong, Mark Soong, Miguel Barretto, John Sweet Lapus, Enrique Gil and Inigo Pascual (her last dance).

European Tour vs. Debut party?

"With all honesty, I never dreamt of having a debut. I never thought that I will have kasi I just want to travel on my birthday. Actually my original plan was to have a short break to travel around Europe. I really want to go around Europe," she revealed.

#JustJulia's First dance

Julia said during the press conference that her dad will be her first dance. Julia decided to break the ice with her dad by personally handing him the invitation to her party.

“Surprise kasi yun talaga. Gusto ko na as if walang nangyari. Parang ‘Here’s your invitation, ganyan. So are you going? What’s your outfit?’ siyempre shocked siya. (laughs). Tapos from there then he explained na and I just listened. Hindi na ako masyado nagsalita, nakinig na lang ako,” she shares during her#JustJulia presscon.

Julia also admitted that she personally wanted her dad to be one of her 18 roses and her first dance.

“What’s more important now is that everything’s okay between my dad and I. Gumaan yung loob ko ng 100% and I was genuinely happy. Not to sound so cheesy but wounds don’t heal so fast but then you can’t wait forever. Ika nga life is too short, you can’t wait it might be too late 'di ba? Pag mangyari yun I’ll be devastated. And also siyempre my special day is coming soon so sabi ko I want him to be there. Eh di ayusin ko na na just be okay again,” she admits.

#JustJulia's Petition to change her last name. 

A member of the press asked Julia with another issue regarding her petition to change her last name.

“Wow we haven't even talked about this as a family. It's the first time I'm speaking about it that I've made a decision to share it first with you guys I feel that right now there's really no need to change my last name. I’m going to keep my dad’s last name. But siyempre that’s my screen name na talaga Julia Barretto. I don't believe that if I do that he'll be happy. Why would I do anything that would make my father unhappy di ba? I'm taking it into consideration.”

#JustJulia's reconciling with her dad was merely a publicity stunt?

During the #JustJulia presscon, Julia got emotional when asked to react on the issue that reconciling with her dad was merely a publicity stunt to boost her image. The pretty actress was clearly hurt by the accusation. ( I am sad that some people can be so mean :-( they should take into consideration that Julia is only 17 years old.)

“How can they even think that way? How can you think that a young child wants to get everything okay again with her own father just for publicity? I can't even embrace that thought. It's very false. He's my dad, why wouldn't I want to be okay with my dad and have him there sa special day ko? I made up with him because I want to be okay with my own father, not for anybody,” she explains.

#JustJulia's Birthday Wish

Since her parents' split up in 2007, Julia says that she does not wish for her parents to reconcile anymore as they are already leading very separate lives.

“No, parang hindi ko siya birthday wish kasi my dad’s happy with his partner, his new son who’s turning three, my mom is happy with her children, us. Bakit ako ang tinatanong ninyo? Hindi ko naman relationship yan. I’m seeing they’re both happy with their own lives and wherever they are happy, I am happy there,” she states. 

#JustJulia's reaction to her Dad's statement that she can now entertain Suitors

Julia did admit that she's happy if it is true that her dad will finally allow her to entertain suitors. “Oo nga, na-shock ako dun. Ang sarap niyang pakinggan kasi before when we were kids pa lang, it’s a no-no, bawal boyfriend, bawal ligaw. So nung napanuod ko yung interview niya I was so shocked na okay na sa kanya bigla. I was very touched. Pero wala pa naman so okay lang,” she says.

Julia also revealed that her fans will be giving her a special debut party on March 6, several days earlier than her actual birthday.

Good luck and happy happy birthday #JustJulia. Wishing you the best on your birthday! Stay humble, kind and articulate.

Get to know the real Julia Barretto in her 18th birthday TV special entitled #JustJulia, Beautiful@18, on March 29, 2015 on ABS-CBN's Sunday Best right after Gandang Gabi Vice.

Three Easy Steps to Quality Health Care in the Philippines

Three Easy Steps to Quality Health Care in the Philippines

I am an ordinary Pinoy. As an ordinary citizen, I find it very difficult to find the right doctor and quickly get an appointment. Whenever a member of my family got sick, it takes about 3 to 5 hours of waiting at the hospital lobby before we could have a face to face consultation with a doctor.  Of course, I am talking about experts on their field like my neurosurgeon and heart specialist who happened to be very in-demand. One of my doctors only had one clinic day per week in a Makati hospital, so you could just imagine how long the queue is.  Sad, but yes, I always almost turned into a statue like the picture above before I could finally have a consultation with my doctors. No offense meant to my doctors.  I love them dearly. They saved my life. 

Finally, the waiting game is over!  The long wait scenario is now a thing of the past. With the latest Health & Lifestyle mobile and web applications, there is now an easier, more convenient way to get you to a doctor or hospital. Introducing the GetMed.

Save your precious time and effort and consider taking these 3 easy steps in setting an appointment to your specialist.

STEP 1. Know your location. Depending on the area proximity, check the hospital or medical facility for your easy access and convenience.

STEP 2. From a comprehensive line-up of Specialties, and based on your present condition, choose your preferred doctor.

STEP 3. Lastly, as soon as you have selected your doctor, you can now make an appointment.

All of these and more in just one click of a button. All the convenient possibilities in one application like GetMed. 

Developed by UNA I.T. SOLUTIONS, GetMed is a medical app that is aimed to bridge the gap between the doctor and patient and inspire individuals to live a healthier life. At one click, the user is empowered to locate a doctor, make an appointment, check the nearest hospitals or clinics-making lives of patients and consumers a lot easier.

Initially, GetMed has 17,000 registered doctors (including their specialties, location, and complete contact information) covering majority of the country. It also has 3053 Hospitals, Clinics & Barangay Health Centres located in Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao. GetMed also features top issues or articles on health, tips, trivia, health horoscopes or anything that can be of value in building a better lifestyle on day-to-day basis.

GetMed is a free download via Play Store for Android and App Store for IOS. You can also check out its web-based app via

Monday, March 2, 2015

HONEYBON PH: Unveils Sakura Mango Cake

HONEYBON PH: Unveils Sakura Mango Cake

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea

I was super duper excited when my brother and I got invited to the launching of Honeybon's Sakura Mango Cake at Honeybon Pastry Shop along Katipunan Ave. in Quezon City.

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea

There was a little confusion at first because the signage says “Honeybee Patisserie and Cafe” and the guard on duty pointed us to another location when we asked him where Honeybon Pastry Shop is. We ended up in another establishment at the far end of Katipunan Avenue. We even asked several people along the way but they kept on pointing us to another establishment named Honeymoon

We decided to turn around and return to Honeybee. This time around I alighted from the car and asked inside. We're the second one to arrive. I felt bad for my brother because we ran out of fuel right after we parked our car. 

My brother had to walk under the scorching heat of the sun for a total of almost one kilometer to and from the nearest gasoline station. 

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea

It was later explained to us by the marketing manager that they are in the process of rebranding the cake shop to “Honeybon.”  He apologized and asked his staff to tell the guard that Honeybon and Honeybee are one and the same. We later learned that another blogger aboard a taxi also asked the guard and was also pointed to another location. #Confucius si Kuya #kaloka

Moving on, Honeybee or Honeybon is actually a sister company of Tokyo Bubble Tea.  We Iearned from the marketing manager that the owners are actually a husband and wife team. The husband manages the tea house and the wife handles the cake shop.  That is why you'll find cakes at every Tokyo Bubble Tea branches with the exception of provincial branches.
Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea

When we arrived, a particular portion at the second floor of the establishment was covered with pink curtains. Hmmmmm....

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea

We waited for more than an hour for the other bloggers to arrive. Then the program started and the secret behind the curtain was finally revealed.

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea

It was none other than the Sakura Mango Cake!

It looks so dainty! This unique Japanese style cake was lovingly developed by Aileen Tan, owner of Honeybon Patisserie & cafe. It reminds me of the sakura season in Japan.

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea

Sardines in Oil and Garlic with Lemon Pasta - very delicious. 

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea

Honeybon's various Cakes.

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea, cake, cakes

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea, cake, cakes

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea, cake, cakes

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea, cake, cakes

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea, cake, cakes

The 2-floor restaurant houses the two brands. Tokyo Bubble Tea and Honeybon are basically Japanese food chains. The former are known for serving Japanese fusion food and sensational milk teas and the latter serving pastries. There are Honeybon stalls inside every branch of Tokyo Bubble Tea and it’s only in Katipunan Ave. that they almost equally share the space. That is because Honeybon Katipunan is the flagship branch of the Japanese designer cake shop.

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea, cake, cakes

The staff are really polite and the shop itself has a nice spacious feel. I have had afternoon tea and cake at some of the best establishments in the Metro but this establishment makes me feel so comfortable and welcome.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Bite into the rich chocolate crisp of the new Cream-O Brownie Crunch

Bite into the rich chocolate crisp of the new Cream-O Brownie Crunch

There’s a new treat in town created especially for certified Cream-Oholics. The well-loved Cream-O goodness can now be enjoyed in a uniquely crispy and exciting chocolate indulgence, the Jack ‘n Jill Cream-O Brownie Crunch.

This latest innovation from Universal Robina Corporation (URC) is a different take on the traditional chocolate brownies. Cream-Oholics can sink their teeth in rich and crunchy chocolate brownie crisps that come in two equally delectable variants - Peanut Thins and Choco Chips.
For those who have a palate for the delicately sweet, there’s Cream-O Brownie Crunch Choco Chips, brownie crisps made exciting with chocolate chips. Cream-O Brownie Crunch Peanut Thins, alternatively, is perfect for those who want a nutty twist in their brownie crisps.
Cream-O Brownie Crunch comes in re-sealable packages, great for chocolate cravings on the go. Seize this sweet snacking experience that will keep you satisfied with chocolate goodness anywhere, at any time, now available in leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide.

Cream-Oholics are in for a treat with Jack ‘n Jill Cream-O Brownie Crunch, the reinvention of the classic rich chocolate brownie packed to a crisp. It is available in re-sealable packages to satisfy one’s sweet cravings on the go.



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