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Thursday, March 5, 2015

#JustJulia Beautiful at 18

#JustJulia Beautiful at 18

Today, I attended the press conference of #JustJulia at the 14th floor of Abs-cbn building in Mother Ignacia. This is the second time that I am covering Julia Barreto or Julia Francesca Barretto Baldivia in real life. The soon to be 18-year-old daughter of comedian Dennis Padilla and former actress Marjorie Barreto.

#JustJulia announced at the press conference that she will be celebrating a white, gray and silver-themed 
debut party at the posh Makati Shangri-La Hotel on March 10. Her gown will be made by no less than the great International Fashion Designer Michael Cinco. 

For her coming out party, the debutante's hair will be done by John Valle, while Lala Flores will do her makeup. Barretto also enlisted the services of celebrity stylist Liz Uy.

Participating in the traditional 19 candles ceremony are Dani Barretto, Claudia Barretto, Patita Tumpalan, Erich Gonzales, Alora Sasam, Natalia Ortega, Nicole Barretto, Cris Navarro, Marissa Kalaw, Pokwang, RB Chanco, Lala Flores, Denise Heredia, Coy Barretto, Ella Pangilinan, Liz Uy, Janella Salvador, Liza Soberano and Maja Salvador.

For the 18 roses portion, participating are Dennis Padilla, Matteo Guidicelli, Rayver Cruz, Enchong Dee, Khalil Ramos, Robi Domingo, Sam Concepcion, Dominic Roque, Leon Barretto, Mark Barretto, John Barretto, Cholo Barretto, Jason Soong, Mark Soong, Miguel Barretto, John Sweet Lapus, Enrique Gil and Inigo Pascual (her last dance).

European Tour vs. Debut party?

"With all honesty, I never dreamt of having a debut. I never thought that I will have kasi I just want to travel on my birthday. Actually my original plan was to have a short break to travel around Europe. I really want to go around Europe," she revealed.

#JustJulia's First dance

Julia said during the press conference that her dad will be her first dance. Julia decided to break the ice with her dad by personally handing him the invitation to her party.

“Surprise kasi yun talaga. Gusto ko na as if walang nangyari. Parang ‘Here’s your invitation, ganyan. So are you going? What’s your outfit?’ siyempre shocked siya. (laughs). Tapos from there then he explained na and I just listened. Hindi na ako masyado nagsalita, nakinig na lang ako,” she shares during her#JustJulia presscon.

Julia also admitted that she personally wanted her dad to be one of her 18 roses and her first dance.

“What’s more important now is that everything’s okay between my dad and I. Gumaan yung loob ko ng 100% and I was genuinely happy. Not to sound so cheesy but wounds don’t heal so fast but then you can’t wait forever. Ika nga life is too short, you can’t wait it might be too late 'di ba? Pag mangyari yun I’ll be devastated. And also siyempre my special day is coming soon so sabi ko I want him to be there. Eh di ayusin ko na na just be okay again,” she admits.

#JustJulia's Petition to change her last name. 

A member of the press asked Julia with another issue regarding her petition to change her last name.

“Wow we haven't even talked about this as a family. It's the first time I'm speaking about it that I've made a decision to share it first with you guys I feel that right now there's really no need to change my last name. I’m going to keep my dad’s last name. But siyempre that’s my screen name na talaga Julia Barretto. I don't believe that if I do that he'll be happy. Why would I do anything that would make my father unhappy di ba? I'm taking it into consideration.”

#JustJulia's reconciling with her dad was merely a publicity stunt?

During the #JustJulia presscon, Julia got emotional when asked to react on the issue that reconciling with her dad was merely a publicity stunt to boost her image. The pretty actress was clearly hurt by the accusation. ( I am sad that some people can be so mean :-( they should take into consideration that Julia is only 17 years old.)

“How can they even think that way? How can you think that a young child wants to get everything okay again with her own father just for publicity? I can't even embrace that thought. It's very false. He's my dad, why wouldn't I want to be okay with my dad and have him there sa special day ko? I made up with him because I want to be okay with my own father, not for anybody,” she explains.

#JustJulia's Birthday Wish

Since her parents' split up in 2007, Julia says that she does not wish for her parents to reconcile anymore as they are already leading very separate lives.

“No, parang hindi ko siya birthday wish kasi my dad’s happy with his partner, his new son who’s turning three, my mom is happy with her children, us. Bakit ako ang tinatanong ninyo? Hindi ko naman relationship yan. I’m seeing they’re both happy with their own lives and wherever they are happy, I am happy there,” she states. 

#JustJulia's reaction to her Dad's statement that she can now entertain Suitors

Julia did admit that she's happy if it is true that her dad will finally allow her to entertain suitors. “Oo nga, na-shock ako dun. Ang sarap niyang pakinggan kasi before when we were kids pa lang, it’s a no-no, bawal boyfriend, bawal ligaw. So nung napanuod ko yung interview niya I was so shocked na okay na sa kanya bigla. I was very touched. Pero wala pa naman so okay lang,” she says.

Julia also revealed that her fans will be giving her a special debut party on March 6, several days earlier than her actual birthday.

Good luck and happy happy birthday #JustJulia. Wishing you the best on your birthday! Stay humble, kind and articulate.

Get to know the real Julia Barretto in her 18th birthday TV special entitled #JustJulia, Beautiful@18, on March 29, 2015 on ABS-CBN's Sunday Best right after Gandang Gabi Vice.

Three Easy Steps to Quality Health Care in the Philippines

Three Easy Steps to Quality Health Care in the Philippines

I am an ordinary Pinoy. As an ordinary citizen, I find it very difficult to find the right doctor and quickly get an appointment. Whenever a member of my family got sick, it takes about 3 to 5 hours of waiting at the hospital lobby before we could have a face to face consultation with a doctor.  Of course, I am talking about experts on their field like my neurosurgeon and heart specialist who happened to be very in-demand. One of my doctors only had one clinic day per week in a Makati hospital, so you could just imagine how long the queue is.  Sad, but yes, I always almost turned into a statue like the picture above before I could finally have a consultation with my doctors. No offense meant to my doctors.  I love them dearly. They saved my life. 

Finally, the waiting game is over!  The long wait scenario is now a thing of the past. With the latest Health & Lifestyle mobile and web applications, there is now an easier, more convenient way to get you to a doctor or hospital. Introducing the GetMed.

Save your precious time and effort and consider taking these 3 easy steps in setting an appointment to your specialist.

STEP 1. Know your location. Depending on the area proximity, check the hospital or medical facility for your easy access and convenience.

STEP 2. From a comprehensive line-up of Specialties, and based on your present condition, choose your preferred doctor.

STEP 3. Lastly, as soon as you have selected your doctor, you can now make an appointment.

All of these and more in just one click of a button. All the convenient possibilities in one application like GetMed. 

Developed by UNA I.T. SOLUTIONS, GetMed is a medical app that is aimed to bridge the gap between the doctor and patient and inspire individuals to live a healthier life. At one click, the user is empowered to locate a doctor, make an appointment, check the nearest hospitals or clinics-making lives of patients and consumers a lot easier.

Initially, GetMed has 17,000 registered doctors (including their specialties, location, and complete contact information) covering majority of the country. It also has 3053 Hospitals, Clinics & Barangay Health Centres located in Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao. GetMed also features top issues or articles on health, tips, trivia, health horoscopes or anything that can be of value in building a better lifestyle on day-to-day basis.

GetMed is a free download via Play Store for Android and App Store for IOS. You can also check out its web-based app via

Monday, March 2, 2015

HONEYBON PH: Unveils Sakura Mango Cake

HONEYBON PH: Unveils Sakura Mango Cake

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea

I was super duper excited when my brother and I got invited to the launching of Honeybon's Sakura Mango Cake at Honeybon Pastry Shop along Katipunan Ave. in Quezon City.

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea

There was a little confusion at first because the signage says “Honeybee Patisserie and Cafe” and the guard on duty pointed us to another location when we asked him where Honeybon Pastry Shop is. We ended up in another establishment at the far end of Katipunan Avenue. We even asked several people along the way but they kept on pointing us to another establishment named Honeymoon

We decided to turn around and return to Honeybee. This time around I alighted from the car and asked inside. We're the second one to arrive. I felt bad for my brother because we ran out of fuel right after we parked our car. 

My brother had to walk under the scorching heat of the sun for a total of almost one kilometer to and from the nearest gasoline station. 

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea

It was later explained to us by the marketing manager that they are in the process of rebranding the cake shop to “Honeybon.”  He apologized and asked his staff to tell the guard that Honeybon and Honeybee are one and the same. We later learned that another blogger aboard a taxi also asked the guard and was also pointed to another location. #Confucius si Kuya #kaloka

Moving on, Honeybee or Honeybon is actually a sister company of Tokyo Bubble Tea.  We Iearned from the marketing manager that the owners are actually a husband and wife team. The husband manages the tea house and the wife handles the cake shop.  That is why you'll find cakes at every Tokyo Bubble Tea branches with the exception of provincial branches.
Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea

When we arrived, a particular portion at the second floor of the establishment was covered with pink curtains. Hmmmmm....

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea

We waited for more than an hour for the other bloggers to arrive. Then the program started and the secret behind the curtain was finally revealed.

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea

It was none other than the Sakura Mango Cake!

It looks so dainty! This unique Japanese style cake was lovingly developed by Aileen Tan, owner of Honeybon Patisserie & cafe. It reminds me of the sakura season in Japan.

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea

Sardines in Oil and Garlic with Lemon Pasta - very delicious. 

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea

Honeybon's various Cakes.

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea, cake, cakes

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea, cake, cakes

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea, cake, cakes

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea, cake, cakes

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea, cake, cakes

The 2-floor restaurant houses the two brands. Tokyo Bubble Tea and Honeybon are basically Japanese food chains. The former are known for serving Japanese fusion food and sensational milk teas and the latter serving pastries. There are Honeybon stalls inside every branch of Tokyo Bubble Tea and it’s only in Katipunan Ave. that they almost equally share the space. That is because Honeybon Katipunan is the flagship branch of the Japanese designer cake shop.

Honeybon Pastry Shop, Sakura Mango Cake, Katipunan, Tokyo Bubble Tea, cake, cakes

The staff are really polite and the shop itself has a nice spacious feel. I have had afternoon tea and cake at some of the best establishments in the Metro but this establishment makes me feel so comfortable and welcome.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Bite into the rich chocolate crisp of the new Cream-O Brownie Crunch

Bite into the rich chocolate crisp of the new Cream-O Brownie Crunch

There’s a new treat in town created especially for certified Cream-Oholics. The well-loved Cream-O goodness can now be enjoyed in a uniquely crispy and exciting chocolate indulgence, the Jack ‘n Jill Cream-O Brownie Crunch.

This latest innovation from Universal Robina Corporation (URC) is a different take on the traditional chocolate brownies. Cream-Oholics can sink their teeth in rich and crunchy chocolate brownie crisps that come in two equally delectable variants - Peanut Thins and Choco Chips.
For those who have a palate for the delicately sweet, there’s Cream-O Brownie Crunch Choco Chips, brownie crisps made exciting with chocolate chips. Cream-O Brownie Crunch Peanut Thins, alternatively, is perfect for those who want a nutty twist in their brownie crisps.
Cream-O Brownie Crunch comes in re-sealable packages, great for chocolate cravings on the go. Seize this sweet snacking experience that will keep you satisfied with chocolate goodness anywhere, at any time, now available in leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide.

Cream-Oholics are in for a treat with Jack ‘n Jill Cream-O Brownie Crunch, the reinvention of the classic rich chocolate brownie packed to a crisp. It is available in re-sealable packages to satisfy one’s sweet cravings on the go.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

BM 2.0: The 20th Anniversary Concert

BM 2.0: The 20th Anniversary Concert

Ballet Manila (BM) celebrates its 20th anniversary via BM 2.0 on February 28, 2015, 7:30 p.m. and March 1, 2015, 3:00 p.m. at Aliw Theater. 

From left: BM Artistic Director Liza Macuja-Elizalde, Cha Sy and BM Co-Artistic Director Osias Barroso

I am excited to watch Ballet Manila 2.0 as it presents a medley of classical favorites and original Filipino ballets plus the world premiere of Bloom, Belgian-Colombian choreographer Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s first work for an Asian dance company.

It is not a secret that most of Ballet Manila’s alumni are making waves internationally, thus BM 2.0 also showcases the guest appearance of BM alumna Christine Rocas who is guesting together with Joffrey Ballet colleague Rory Hohenstein. They will perform the Balcony Scene in Krzysztof Pastor’s Romeo & Juliet and Christopher Wheeldon’s After The Rain.

Pictures below are taken during the press preview:

BM Artistic Director Liza Macuja-Elizalde

Pursuant to Ballet Manila’s mission of bringing ballet to the people through OPM (Original Pilipino Music)/ Pinoy choreography, the artists of BM 2.0 will dance to the tune of Tara Let’s. This colorful piece was originally choreographed by BM principal artist Gerardo Francisco for the 2014 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference.

BM principal artist Gerardo Francisco
Ballet Manila 2.0 is presented to you by BM Artistic Director Lisa Macuja Elizalde, Co-Artistic Director Osias Barroso. In cooperation with:
  • Manila Broadcasting Company
  • Aliw Theater 
  • and Star City 
  • ACS Manufacturing Corporation, 
  • BPI Express Credit
  • Island Rose
  • Ralph’s Wines and Spirits
  • First United Travel
  • Papa John’s Pizza
  • Krispy Kreme
  • The Food Club 
  • and Tokyo Bubble Tea.
BM Artistic Director Liza Macuja-Elizalde and Co-Artistic Director Osias Barroso

BM 2.0 caps Ballet Manila’s current season and is a prelude to the company’s special 20th performance season later this year.

For tickets and other inquiries, call Ballet Manila at 525-5967 or 400-0292, e-mail or visit; or Ticketworld at 891-9999 or

#MYXMusicAwards 2015 Complete List of Nominees

#MYXMusicAwards 2015 Complete List of Nominees

Yes! Your favorite music awards event is back! Here are the nominees for this year's #MYXMusicAwards!

Favorite K-Pop Video

Come Back Home - 2NE1
Eyes, Nose, Lips - Taeyang
Mr. Mr. - Girls' Generation
Overdose - EXO
Still You - Donghae & Eunhyuk

Favorite International Video

Dark Horse - Katy Perry feat. Juicy J
Don't Stop - 5 Seconds of Summer
Drunk In Love - Beyonce feat. Jay-Z
Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
Steal My Girl - One Direction

Favorite MYX Celebrity VJ

Enchong Dee
Kylie Padilla
Maja Salvador
Toni Gonzaga
Xian Lim

Favorite Guest Appearance in a Music Video

Dingdong Dantes & Marian Rivera (Tayo Lang Dalawa - Rivermaya)
Ellen Adarna (Ikot - The Oktaves)
James Reid (Mr. Antipatiko - Nadine Lustre)
Janella Salvador (Chinito Problems - Enchong Dee)
Kathryn Bernardo (Simpleng Tulad Mo - Daniel Padilla)

Favorite Media Soundtrack

Do The Moves - Sarah Geronimo,, Enrique Gil and Elmo Magalona
 Dyosa - Yumi Lacsamana
No Erase - James Reid & Nadine Lustre
Til I Met You - Angeline Quinto
Unlimited and Free - Daniel Padilla

Favorite Remake

How Could An Angel Break My Heart - Charice feat. Alyssa Quijano
Islands In The Stream - Kean & Eunice
Maybe This Time - Sarah Geronimo
Pangarap Na Bituin - Lyca Gairanod
Somebody To Love - Darren Espanto

Favorite Collaboration

+63 - Sponge Cola feat. Yeng Constantino
Dedma - Abra & Julie Anne San Jose
Digmaan - Quest feat. Julianne
Qrush On You - Jay-R, Elmo Magalona and Q-York
Takipsilim - Gloc-9 feat. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

Favorite New Artist

Darren Espanto
Kathryn Bernardo
Lyca Gairanod
Maja Salvador
Nadine Lustre

Favorite Urban Video

Abante - Loonie feat. Kat Agarrado (Director: Jasper Salimbangon)
Businessman - Gloc-9 feat. Vinci Montaner (Director: J. Pacena II)
Dedma - Abra & Julie Anne San Jose (Director: Joy Aquino)
Parachute - Jay-R (Director: Cristhian Escolano)
Puyat - Rjay Ty feat. Ron Henley (Director: Ken Yamaguchi)

Favorite Rock Video

Happier This Way - Save Me Hollywood (Director: Mihk Vergara)
Ikot - The Oktaves (Director: Ely Buendia)
Kislap - Kamikazee (Director: Kamikazee)
Out Of Control - Pupil (Director: Erin Pascual)
Unshakable - Slapshock (Director: Paolo Abella)

Favorite Mellow Video

Bahala Na - James Reid & Nadine Lustre (Director: Miggy Tanchanco)
Dito Na Lang - Kyla (Director: Treb Monteras II)
Ikaw - Yeng Constantino (Director: Cristhian Escolano)
Right Where You Belong - Julie Anne San Jose (Director: Louie Ignacio)
Simpleng Tulad Mo - Daniel Padilla (Director: PUP Students)

Favorite Group

Silent Sanctuary
Sponge Cola

Favorite Male Artist

Daniel Padilla
James Reid

Favorite Female Artist

Julie Anne San Jose
Sarah Geronimo
Toni Gonzaga
Yeng Constantino

Favorite Artist

Daniel Padilla
Julie Anne San Jose
Sarah Geronimo
Yeng Constantino

Favorite Song

Dito Na Lang - Kyla
Mahal Ko o Mahal Ako - KZ Tandingan
No Erase - James Reid & Nadine Lustre
Simpleng Tulad Mo - Daniel Padilla
This Love Is Like - Toni Gonzaga

Favorite Music Video

Dedma - Abra & Julie Anne San Jose (Director: Joy Aquino)
Dito Na Lang - Kyla (Director: Treb Monteras II)
Ikaw - Yeng Constantino (Director: Cristhian Escolano)
Takipsilim - Gloc-9 feat. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid (Director: Christopher Santos)
Tayo - Sarah Geronimo (Director: Avid Liongoren)

To vote for your favorite nominees, click here!

Voting period is from February 19, 7PM until March 22, 11:59PM.


Unlike those who don't know how to appreciate the Albayanos' (natives of Albay) hospitality, I am here to promote Albay. 

Naturally I am a bit biased because I grew up in Albay but the natural beauty of the place speaks a lot for itself. And it is not only Mayon Volcano that is majestic in Albay. There are also a lot of fascinating places to see, people to meet, food to taste, souvenirs to buy and things to do in the lovely province of Albay. 

Your visit to Albay will not be complete if you don't visit some of these exciting places and experience the thrills of the following:

Cagsawa Ruins are remnants of the old Franciscan church built in 1724 but destroyed by the eruption of Mayon Volcano in 1814. The Ruins are located in Barangay Busay in the municipality of Daraga, Albay, just about 3 kilometers from Legazpi Airport.

The baroque church was built in the then small town of Cagsawa. After the 1814 eruption that buried the town of Cagsawa, survivors resettled into the nearby Daraga, which was then a barrio (barangay) of the destroyed town of Cagsawa. Later, Cagsawa was merged with barrio Daraga to form the town of Daraga.

2. Lignon Hill Nature Park in Legaspi City

3. All-Terrrain Vehicle (ATV) rides
Photo courtesy of Cannon Leongson Capiral

4. Mayon observatory/ planetarium

5. Hoyop hoyopan cave

6. Busay falls

7. Kawa kawa hills

8. Sunflower farm

9. Danny's Spring Resort

Friday, February 20, 2015



Shell FuelSave Celebrity Driver of the Year Bianca Gonzalez is back to defend her crown in the Shell FuelSave Fact or Fiction Driving Challenge

MANILA, FEBRUARY 2015 – “Being a fuel efficient driver is easy. I’m not an expert, just an ordinary, everyday driver, but through the Shell FuelSave driving challenges, I learned that making a few simple changes to my driving habits and choosing the right fuel make a difference in making your fuel last longer,” said celebrity host and published author Bianca Gonzalez who, after completing several driving challenges last year, is fast-becoming a veteran when it comes to fuel efficiency.

Gonzalez first took on the call of Pilipinas Shell to be a fuel efficient motorist during the Shell FuelSave Celebrity Driving Challenge in January 2014 where she drove from Batangas and through the busy streets of Manila to learn about fuel efficiency from some university students who represented the country in the first ever Shell Eco-marathon Asia to be held in the Philippines. Gonzalez was crowned Shell FuelSave Celebrity Driver of the Year, besting celebrities from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, at the final leg of the Celebrity Driving Challenge held on the opening day of Shell Eco-marathon 2014.

Gonzalez went behind the wheel again in October to challenge everyday Filipino motorists including moms, professional drivers, and media representatives for the Shell FuelSave Good Choice Driving Challenge. The Driving Challenge tested their skills in making good choices on the road to help make their fuel last longer where Gonzalez walked away with a First Runner-up title under her belt.

It seems that nothing could stop Gonzalez in defending her crown as she teams up once again with Pilipinas Shell to take on a different kind of challenge – discovering the extraordinary lengths Filipino motorists go through to save on fuel, and putting them to the test. With Shell Eco-marathon 2015 coming up, Gonzalez enlisted the help of five students from universities forming the Philippine contingent to SEMA 2015 to join her team for the Shell FuelSave Fact or Fiction Driving Challenge on February 11.

Driving the recently-launched models of the All New Honda Jazz, All New Honda City, and All New Honda Brio Amaze, Gonzalez and the students will go head to head against select media personalities on a road trip to Clark, Pampanga. In this Driving Challenge, the participants will go through pit stops that will reveal interesting habits Filipino motorists practice to help them save fuel. The teams will have to distinguish between fuel efficiency fact and fiction to manage their fuel consumption, coupled with teamwork and determination, to outwit each other.

The Shell FuelSave Fact or Fiction Driving Challenge is the lead up to Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2015 as Shell brings back its largest fuel efficiency educational platform to Manila from February 26 to March 1. This will be the second year that Shell Eco-marathon Asia will be held in the country, and Filipino student teams from the country’s top universities will compete once again against fellow students from countries around Asia and the Middle East to design, build and drive the most energy efficient vehicles of tomorrow.

The Philippine teams made history last year when the De La Salle University’s (DLSU) Eco-Car Team-Electric ranked second place in the UrbanConcept-Battery Electric Category with a consumption of 66.38 km/kWH, while the Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP) also came in as a top contender when TIP Mileage bested over twelve other teams in the UrbanConcept-Diesel Category by finishing third with a fuel consumption of 47.44 km/L.
As these students bring pride to the country once more, the Shell FuelSave Fact or Fiction Driving Challenge will serve as a platform to present them to the Filipino public.

The winner of the Shell FuelSave Fact or Fiction Driving Challenge will be determined during the culminating program on February 11. At the same time, Shell will also reveal highlights of the Shell FuelSave Fact or Fiction Report, a nationwide study conducted in December 2014 that analyses the behavior of 1,000 Filipino motorists aged 18 to 40 to understand the extraordinary lengths drivers are willing to go in order to save fuel and cut their driving costs
“More than just being any driving competition, the Shell FuelSave Fact or Fiction Driving Challenge is our way of educating Filipino motorists how to become fuel efficient. All it takes are making a few simple changes to the way we drive and using the right fuel,” explains Anthony Lawrence Yam, Pilipinas Shell Vice President for Retail.

“The Driving Challenge allows our participants to experience Shell FuelSave, and the Shell FuelSave Fact or Fiction Report shows Filipino motorists what they should and shouldn’t do when it comes to being more fuel efficient.” Yam added.

Ultimately, Shell wants to show everyday drivers that choosing the right fuel does not have to be a tough decision, and that Shell FuelSave is a good choice that they don’t have to think about. All motorists can be more fuel efficient by driving smarter and using the right fuel, such as Shell FuelSave – a regular priced fuel designed to last longer.
To discover top tips on how to make your fuel last longer, visit

About Shell FuelSave fuels

Shell FuelSave Gasoline and Shell FuelSave Diesel are our regular priced fuels designed to last longer. Currently available in 22 countries, they contain active efficiency ingredients and are designed to improve engine efficiency from the very first tank.

Shell has over 100 years’ experience in creating some of the world’s most advanced fuels. We are also committed to equipping motorists with the skills needed to be more fuel efficient. Learn how a few simple changes to everyday driving habits can help you manage the costs of motoring by going to and participating in Target One Million, a global Shell FuelSave campaign aimed at helping one million drivers around the world learn how they can make their fuel last longer.

Royal Dutch Shell plc

Royal Dutch Shell plc is incorporated in England and Wales, has its headquarters in The Hague and is listed on the London, Amsterdam and New York stock exchanges. Shell companies have operations in more than 70 countries and territories with businesses including oil and gas exploration and production; production and marketing of liquefied natural gas and gas to liquids; manufacturing, marketing and shipping of oil products and chemicals and renewable energy projects. For further information, click here.


FEBRUARY 2015: A new study released today uncovers the extraordinary lengths Filipinos are willing to go to in order to save fuel and cut their driving costs.

The Shell FuelSave Fact or Fiction Report, which analyses the behaviour of 1,000 Filipino drivers aged 18 to 40, reveals that while 92%[1] see being fuel efficient as important, but 75% admit they don’t know how.

What’s even interesting, more than half (53%) of the drivers surveyed say they feel anxious trying to decide how best to save fuel, leading many to believe in a collection of absurd fuel saving myths. The research shows 80% of drivers believe warming up their engine before setting off will make them more fuel efficient, while 57% think filling up at night does the same trick. Shockingly, nearly half (45%) even believe ‘burping’ their cars to release air pockets in the tank will help them save fuel. Unfortunately for the majority of the Philippines’ driving population, none of these fuel efficiency myth help in reducing fuel costs.

Commenting on the findings, Anthony Lawrence Yam, Vice President for Retail of Pilipinas Shell, says: “The Shell FuelSave Fact or Fiction Report shows just how important saving fuel has become to motorists, along with the incredible ways they try to be more fuel efficient. Some of the beliefs revealed through the study were actually wasting fuel rather than helping to conserve it.”

To help sort fact from fiction, Shell is out to turn the nation’s myth-followers into fuel efficiency pros – both through using fuels like Shell FuelSave that are scientifically designed to last longer and by demonstrating more effective ways to drive smartly.

Drivers are looking to both scientists and engineers (79%) to help them save fuel and energy in the future, and Shell is calling on the next generation of Philippine science and engineering talent to lead the way. Five students from various universities competing in Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2015 teamed up with Bianca Gonzalez, crowned the Shell FuelSave Celebrity Driver of the Year in Shell Eco-marathon 2014, and went head to head with select media from the motoring and lifestyle beats to test the nation’s most-believed fuel saving myths and reveal the truth about fuel efficiency with a Fact or Fiction Driving Challenge on February 11. The complete Shell FuelSave Fact or Fiction Report was revealed in conjunction with the culmination of this event after the day’s drive full of pit stop challenges from the city of Manila north bound to Clark, Pampanga.

This test took place before the students compete against more than 150 teams from Asia and the Middle East in the world’s biggest fuel efficiency competition to be held on its second year in the country. Shell Eco-marathon challenges student teams to design, build and test ultra-energy efficient vehicles of tomorrow.

Bianca Gonzalez says: “As young Filipino scientists and engineers prepare to compete at Shell Eco-marathon, I want to help Shell inspireall motorists to learn how to drive more fuel efficiently. Is switching off your engine in stationary traffic more effective than keeping it running? Does a warm engine equal a more efficient engine? And can a car really burp? These are the questions that we will be aiming to answer.”

The Shell FuelSave Fact or Fiction Report also reveals that the confusion on the road is in stark contrast to what goes on inside the nation’s homes, where Filipinos conserve energy by limiting their electrical use but not their fuel consumption. Indeed, while 88% of people say they frequently turn off the lights to save energy when leaving the house, only 4 in 10 (42%) will frequently remove excess weight from their boot or backseat to make their vehicle lighter and effectively helping drivers to save on fuel.

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About the Shell FuelSave Fact or Fiction Report

The Shell FuelSave Fact or Fiction Report was commissioned by Shell and conducted by independent research firm Edelman Berland in December 2014. It used an online questionnaire with a nationally representative sample of 1,000 Filipino drivers aged 18 to 40.

About Shell FuelSave

Shell FuelSave Unleaded and Shell FuelSave Diesel are our Regular priced fuels designed to last longer. Currently available in 23 countries, they contain active efficiency ingredients and are designed to improve engine efficiency from the very first tank.

About Shell Eco-marathon Asia

Shell Eco-marathon Asia will be held on the streets of Manila between 26 February and 1 March 2015. Approximately 150 teams from 18 countries, including 33 teams from the Philippines will be taking part.

Shell Eco-marathon began in 1939 at a Shell research laboratory in the United States as a friendly wager between scientists to see who could get the most miles per gallon from their vehicle. The winner barely achieved 50 mpg (21 km/l) and from these humble origins a more organised competition evolved. In 1985 in France, Shell Eco-marathon as we know it today was born. The inaugural Shell Eco-marathon Asia was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2010 before moving to the Philippines, in 2014.

[1] Source for all statistics in this document unless otherwise indicated: The Shell FuelSave Fact or Fiction Report conducted by Edelman Berland, December 2014.



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