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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

MALDIVES: Coleen Garcia's Vacation Photos

MALDIVES: Coleen Garcia's Vacation Photos
Velassaru Maldives is my ultimate dream vacation destination.  And local showbiz stars Coleen Garcia and her boyfriend Billy Joe Crawford spent 8 days frolicking in the sand of Maldives, said to be a paradise on earth.
Look at those beautiful stilt cottages, gentle waves, white powdery sand, pretty clouds and sunny skies.
Anyway, here is Coleen's mantra for this year 2015 which she wrote on her instagram account:
“Today I’ve decided to center my life on the things that really matter to me. I’ve realized that I have absolutely no time for negative emotions because I choose to focus on what makes me happy and on what makes me better. I choose to continue growing and learning. And appreciating. Fill yourself with gratitude, and there won’t be room for anything else that isn’t needed.” 

Go, girl! Happy New Year!

Monday, January 5, 2015



Wondering how much you will paying at your next MRT-3 ride? Please be guided accordingly and use the Fare Matrix above.

I hope MRT-3 will have better service. 

Happy New Year!



Yes! You read it right. There will be no classes in Manila on January 9, 2015, Friday, the Feast of the Black Nazarene.

In Executive Order No. 1 for 2015, Mayor Estrada said the suspension will cover public and private schools at all levels. 

"Classes for all levels in universities, colleges and schools in the City of Manila (are) suspended 09 January 2015, Friday," Estrada said in his order, which was posted on his Facebook account.

Devotees of the Black Nazarene are expected to flock to Quiapo this week for the yearly feast of their patron, whose image is believed to have miraculous powers.
Mayor Estrada also said work is suspended in all departments, offices and bureaus in the city government except those involved in:
  • maintenance of peace and order;
  • traffic enforcement;
  • disaster and risk reduction management;
  • health and sanitation; and
  • issuance of business permits and collection of taxes.
But Estrada said the suspension of work in national government offices and private offices in the city "is left to the discretion of their heads of office."

Monday, December 29, 2014



The National Museum (NM) celebrates Rizal Day by offering free admission.

© Aissa Domingo and the National Museum of the Philippines (2014)

Come to the NM tomorrow, December 30, and view artworks for free by our national hero, Jose Rizal. One of the more important pieces in the National Fine Arts Collection is this terracotta sculpture "Mother's Revenge" by Rizal. It features a mother dog attacking a crocodile that harmed her pup. It is a National Cultural Treasure.

© The National Museum of the Philippines (2014)

National Museum of the Philippines wishes you all the best this holiday season

The management and staff is looking forward to your visit but remember besides December 25 & 26 and January 1 & 2, NM will also be closed on the two Mondays: December 29 and January 5 for its usual cleaning and maintenance days
. Remember that admission is free on the public holidays which fall on Tuesday and Wednesday, December 30 and 31.
The National Art Gallery is part of the National Museum complex in Manila and is in the Old Legislative Building (along Padre Burgos Avenue). The complex also includes the Museum of the Filipino People (Old Finance Building), National Planetarium and the National Museum of Natural History (Old Tourism Building) which will open late 2015.

RIZAL DAY: December 30

RIZAL DAY: December 30
RIZAL DAY: December 30

President Aquino will lead tomorrow's Rizal Day commemoration at the Rizal Park in Manila. 

Statement of Secretary Edwin Lacierda:

On the week of December 29, 2014 – January 2, 2015
[Released on December 29, 2014]
This week, President Aquino is set to commemorate the martyrdom of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. Tomorrow, the President will be at the Rizal monument to preside over the flag raising and wreath laying ceremonies, in remembrance and recognition of Dr. Rizal’s staunch devotion to truth and justice in the face of the abuses of our colonizers, a devotion that led to incarceration, exile, and eventually, his execution.
As we welcome the New Year, it is an appropriate time to remember what Dr. Jose Rizal stood for: bravery, integrity, an undying love for country, and the firm belief that national progress requires good citizenship, recognizing that freedom carries with it responsibilities.  It is through embodying the values and lessons of civic consciousness that we have learned from Dr. Rizal that we can further accelerate our journey along the straight path to progress, and achieve our collective goal of a more inclusive and more prosperous Philippines.

FREE RIDES: MRT-3, LRT-1 and LRT-2 Commuters

FREE RIDES: MRT-3, LRT-1 and LRT-2 Commuters 

Rejoice commuters of MRT-3, LRT-1 and LRT-2. 

As a celebration of Rizal Day on December 30, 2014, MRT-3, LRT-1 and LRT-2 commuters will be treated for a free ride.

The offer is limited from 

7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. 

5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

It was announced by the government, in a tweet on its Official Gazette PH account.

OASIS GARDEN CAFE: Solaire's Sweets and Tea Time Haven

OASIS GARDEN CAFE: Solaire's Sweets and Tea Time Haven

I was enchanted by Oasis Garden Cafe the very first time I laid my eyes on its decadent-looking cakes, pastries and pralines plus its specialty teas by (pronounced as da - you - deh) during our sneak peek of its world-class new wing called Sky Tower last November 21, 2014.

Add to it its refreshing, lush garden setting and calming effect brought about by its waterfalls installation and you'll definitely think you're in sweet heaven.

Oasis Garden Cafe is a refreshing centerpiece to the spacious Sky Tower atrium. This restaurant is highlighted by a transparent glass roof that brings life to a multihued backdrop of foliage, blooms, and cascading water features.

This is the main entrance of Oasis Garden Cafe.

Oasis Garden Cafe is embellished in elaborate bird’s nest interiors.

I was bedazzled with the wonderful world music played by the pianist.  The soothing voice of the pianist plus the beautiful music he plays on the piano guarantee a delightful experience both for your senses and tummy.

The Sky Tower features two new restaurants - Waterside Restobar and the other one is the Oasis Garden Cafe. A large cafe set against a relaxing garden setting overlooking two waterfalls where one can have a leisurely breakfast, a quick business lunch or cocktails under the stars.

From morning until early evening, Oasis Garden Cafe offers a wide selection of coffee, tea, traditional snacks, and artisanal finger sandwiches. By sundown, the vibe turns into that of a stylish lounge that offers a full complement of cocktails and drinks served with the usual Solaire panache.


So you can imagine my happiness when my brother and I got invited to a luxurious tea party at Oasis Cafe. Armed with our party hats, we trooped to Solaire and savored every bite of its delicious pastries.

It was an afternoon of wonderful conversations and gastronomic adventure like no other.

Every piece of food that was served was artistically hand-crafted. Each one was pleasing to the eyes and best of all, a real palate delight.

Delicious Chocolates.

Oasis even served us mini bibingka ! Yummy!

Enjoy your food in a relaxed atmosphere, dine at Oasis Garden Cafe.  

Smack right in the middle of Sky Tower is Oasis Garden Cafe. It has the perfect sophistication that could enchant almost everyone that sees its beauty.


Oasis Garden Cafe
Solaire Resort Sky Tower Wing
1 Asean Avenue, Entertainment City, Tambo
Parañaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 888-8888 

Friday, December 26, 2014

WATERSIDE RESTOBAR: Solaire's New Sky Tower International Dining Place

WATERSIDE RESTOBAR: Solaire's New Sky Tower International Dining Place

Waterside Restobar is Solaire's newest food haven on its new wing called the Sky Tower. It specializes in Latin American and Mediterranean cuisine with a Filipino twist. 

The W insignia at the entrance reminds me of the W insignia of W Hotel in Hong Kong.  

A beautiful lady welcomes every guest with a smile.

As explained in the video, the restaurant features a number of show kitchens like the paella cooking station, the churrascaria, the rotisserie, and the tapas bar all of which are perfect for dining and lounging against the backdrop of the magnificent Manila bay sunset.

Maximum seating capacity of the restaurant is 265. The Tapas Bar has 18 seats. Pool side can accomodate up to 40 people. Dining area 100. Continental breakfast starts at 6:30 in the morning. 

We were entertained with a wonderful Rondalla performance, a dramatic Flamenco (flaˈmeŋko) and Samba. Some of the bloggers even got a personal dance lesson.

We started off with the tapas (appetizers), like the freshly-baked bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, Sardanillas with olive oil, Asparagus salad with lemon and goat milk, Burritos with red onion pickle, Jabugo ham with pineapples and blue cheese, Chorizo with sweet melon and mint, Bruschetta with aubergine caviar and salsa Lucia, and Humita (sweet corn baked in husk), must-try is its Surf & Turf, a combination of jumbo prawns, best paired with Chimuchurri, Beef BrisketInihaw na Liempo and Crack-back chicken glazed with BBQ sauce. 

My super favorite and highly recommended dish is its house specialty Paella Valenciana, it taste so good I wish an angel will invite me again for another chance to eat at Waterside Restobar. Dessert is Pineapple ravioli with chili and sorbet and Chocolate Tart in Raspberry Jelly.

The place has a circular bar that showcases various wines from all over the world. It has a wide array of wines and spirits. Stylish, laid-back, and state-of-the-art are the words that best describe Solaire’s posh restaurant. Ideally located beside Solaire’s luxurious pool. This all-day dining restaurant is a delightful treat for families, friends, business partners and even to those who are out for a romantic night. 

It is luxuriously decorated with modern furnitures and art fixtures. It has a Latin-influenced table setting.  It is safe to say that Waterside exudes sophistication yet homey vibe while dining in style.

To end the wonderful event, we toasted and wished Oasis and Waterside the very best of luck and congratulated all the people behind the success of their grand opening.

For more informations and reservations, you can visit Solaire’s website @

Operating Hours: 6:30 up to 12 midnight. Average Price is Php700 to Php800 per person.
Waterside Restobar at Solaire Resort is located on Aseana Ave, Parañaque City, Metro Manila. For inquiries and reservations to the Sky Tower, you can call (+632) 888-8888.



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