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Thursday, January 23, 2014

MASTER HANZ CUA: Lucky Charms and Enhancers for 2014

MASTER HANZ CUA: Lucky Charms and Enhancers for 2014
To those of you looking for love and harmony, don't forget to have a Rose Quartz with you. Rose Quartz enhances love and harmony. 

Amethyst --- As anti-stress 
Evil eye -- Protection against jealousy and bad intentions.

Onyx --- Protection against illness and bad elements.

Citrine --- For money luck.

Agate --- For good health

Jade --- For business luck and good health.

Tiger's eye --- For career or big luck.

Turquoise --- For travel luck.

Flourite -- For good memory.
Clear quartz --- Cleanses negative energy.
Black tourmaline -- Protection vs witchcraft, curses, and spells.

Master Hanz shares his reading and forecast at Level 1, EDSA Shangri-la Plaza Mandaluyong City or e-mail at Visit website at or contact 0922-8290382. Follow him on Tweeter @masterhanz168, Facebook and Tweeter Master Hanz Cua.


Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua's reading for each member of the Chinese zodiac for the year 2014.

Just like you, I am also curious as to what is in store for my animal sign this coming Chinese New Year 2014. So, if you like a personal reading, don't forget to visit Master Hanz at Level 1, EDSA Shangri-la Plaza Mandaluyong City. Let the master personally share his reading and forecast to each one of you.
Rat (1936, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996)

* Work/ career slow.

* Read carefully each document before signing.

* Prolong your patience especially at work.

* Monetary loss.

* Put your investments in the bank.

* Accident in life chart (July).

* Annual check up.

* Mood swing.

* Not suitable to get married.

Ox (1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997)

* Smooth sailing year.

* Career promotion.

* Benefactor star is strong.

* Female ox must be more understanding to their partners.

* Problem may arise from hospital bills of elderly.

* Career promotion luck.

* Over fatigue at work may lead to minor illness.

* Stomach problem may arise in June, September.

* Need to communicate often with partners.

* Strong sexual desire among male ox may lead to family problem.

Tiger (1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998)

* Friendship with Horse enhances luck in business partnership.

* Stay away from gossips because it may lead to lawsuits.

* Mood swing arises.

* Theft and robbery star.

* Keep valuables in safety deposit or in bank.

* Easily agitated at work.

* Need to have a stable mind in undertaking your career.

* Enhance your knowledge which will lead to career promotion.

* Avoid being a loan guarantor which may lead to disputes or lawsuits.

* Careful with liver or spleen.

* Low metabolism.

* Vulnerable to unexpected illness (October and November).

* Exercise, less alcohol, more outdoor activities.

* Strong marriage luck.

Rabbit (1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999)

* Offspring luck.

* Good time to expand business.

* Careful with scams which you might attract with your greediness.

* Working employee will have benefactor and support.

* Careful with hygiene, gastro-intestinal problem.

* Office romance will lead to problem at work.

* Good to invest in stocks.

* Accept views of others.

* Keep home and office area clean.

* Energetic and strong sexual desire.

* Careful with accidents (male rabbit, March).

* Strong fertility luck.

* Careful with what you say, you may offend others.

* Married couples should stay away from office romance which may lead to serious family problem.

Dragon (1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000)

* Avoid going to funerals.

* Stay low profile and be nice.

* Health luck is bad.

* Unstable year in career.

* Do charity work.

* Wealth luck is low.

* Be meticulous and frugal in handling money.

* Be careful and avoid being cheated.

* Invest in small amount.

* Health problem.

* Handle sharp objects carefully (October).

* Difficulty in getting affinity with opposite sex.

* Don't be too vain. Treat others with sincerity.

Snake (1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001)

* Big luck in change this year.

* High positive energy to bring good fortune.

* Help and support stars.

* Strong mentor luck.

* Stay away from gambling.

* Good business partnership luck.

* Reproductive health issues.

* Do not indulge in sexual desires. Practice restraint to obtain wealth and happy family lifestyle.

Horse (1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2001)

* Luck is not good; indirect clash with Tai Sui.

* Stay low profile; careful with what you say.

* Do not rush on things.

* Make efforts to nurture relationships at home.

* Handle finances well.

* Wen Chang star enhances career advancement; Tai Chi star dissolves misfortune.

* Be cautious in investment matters and finances.

* Fortune will be better in second half of the year.

* Careful with car accidents. Do not drink and drive.

* Do more exercises. Regular health check up.

* Love life colorful and smooth sailing.

* Cherish loved ones and ignore gossips.

Sheep (1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003)

* Offspring from illicit sexual affairs.

* Careful with adventurous sports; head injury possible

* Blessings at home, new born, job promotion, children marriages.

* Be nice to gain support.

* Better fortune than last year; windfall luck strong, chance to win lottery.

* Invest money in banks.

* Respiratory illness.

* First half of year better but second half will experience frequent quarrel.

Monkey (1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004)

* Lessen oily and meaty food.

* Hidden danger at start of the year.

* Careful with lawsuits.

* Stay on defensive and high risks expectations.

* Stubborn mind will lead to unfortunate events.

* Low energy in career, need support from others.

* Better fortune beginning September, bad month in November.

* Cautious on investments.

* Not suitable for long-distance travel.

* Careful with sharp objects (August).

* Strong romance luck for singles (June).

Rooster (1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005)

* Auspicious and prosperous year.

* Careful and relationship luck.

* Careful with friends -- prone to lawsuit.

* Interaction with work mate will bring luck.

* Be charitable to avoid or reduce losses.

* Peach Blossom star, best year to get married.

* Good health but the elderly should be careful with fall.

Dog (1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006)

* Mentor luck star.

* Fame and recognition.

* Business or career expansion.

* Backstabbing and business partnership lawsuit.

* Mentor luck to activate second half of the year.

* Surrounded by friends, charisma with opposite sex.

* Beware of drinking alcohol which may cause marriage problems.

* Prone to sudden disease (April).

(1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007)

* Turnaround year, better than 2013.

* Careful with backstabbing, gossips.

* Wisdom star and career luck star.

* Good year to save money in bank.

* Money luck and career promotion.

* Avoid overspending (January)

* Unwed female boar will have marriage luck.

* Emotional instability for male boar, need to practice self-control.

* Satisfactory health, heart-related disease (December) and stomach upset (May).

E-mail at Visit website or contact 0922-8290382.  Follow him on Tweeter @masterhanz168, Facebook and Tweeter Master Hanz Cua.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

FENG SHUI MASTER HANZ CUA: Sees Hotter Year, More Disasters

FENG SHUI MASTER HANZ CUA: Sees Hotter Year, More Disasters  
Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua shared his readings for 2014 in a press conference in Mandaluyong City. According to the Feng Shui Master, 2014 will be a hot year as disasters will continue to devastate parts of the country. 

Oh, No! Not again. That is so sad. After what our country had been through last year, this revelation is just heart breaking.

Feng Shui expert Master Hanz Cua verified that he saw the following events this 2014:
  • We will experience hotter weather this year. Rain will be less which will create havoc to the agriculture sector.
  • Still reeling from the effects of super typhoon Yolanda that devastated several provinces in the Visayas region last November and killed more than 6,000 persons already, Master Hanz forecasts the possibility of another weather disturbance near the strength of super typhoon Yolanda to slam the country.
  • It's the Year of the Horse. The Wood and Fire elements will be dominant in 2014. And because it will be hot this year, water is expected to evaporate fast. Its effect could trigger strong weather disturbances. Another super typhoon is not far-fetched. Later, we should expect heavy rains and more floods,'' said Master Hanz.
  • Fire is one of the prevailing elements this year. With this, expect heated arguments, anger and ever war on the forefront. There will be tensions in the Middle East and Korea as well.
  • Master Hanz also foresees another disease of pandemic proportion that might hit the country sometime between April and September.
  • Sex scandals and love triangles will still heat up due to the appearance of the Peach Blossom Star. "Relationships will also be 'hot.' Many people will do everything for love,'' Master Hanz said. Yet the year 2014 will be a good year to get married. 
One of the good news in 2014 is that the Philippines will maintain good economic growth. It will rise in April, which he said, is a good month to invest in stocks.

Master Hanz said that the lucky businesses for 2014 include telecommunications which belong to the Metal Element and restaurants under the Fire Element. 

Sectors deemed lucky are the following:
  •  Southwest
  •  South
  •  West 
  •  Center.  
Unlucky directions:
  •  Northeast
  •  East 
  •  Southeast  
Lucky colors this year are:
  •  red
  •  orange
  •  yellow
  •  green.
This 2014, the Yellow Misfortune Star sits on the Northwest. "Every year, those who practice Feng Shui always take note of the Yellow Misfortune Star because that's the area where misfortune will likely to hit,''Master Hanz said.

Last year, the Yellow Misfortune Star affected the center sector. "There were earthquakes and weather disturbances that hit the central part of the country.'' In 2011, the Misfortune Star hit the East sector where a tsunami devastated Japan, an Asian country located on the east.

But Master Hanz, who is also into face reading, Chinese astrology, and tarot and palm reading, said that these problems can be cured with correct practices and enhancers. "With correct charms and practices, the problem can be cured 90 percent. We still make our own destiny.''  
2014 is the Year of the Horse based on the 12-year animal cycle which appears on the Chinese zodiac sign. While the tradition originated from China, Filipinos have embraced the culture of Feng Shui for many years now. The Chinese New Year will be on January 31, 2014.

Master Hanz shares his reading and forecast at Level 1, EDSA Shangri-la Plaza Mandaluyong City or e-mail at Visit website or contact 0922-8290382. Follow him on Tweeter @ masterhanz168, Facebook and Instagram Master Hanz Cua.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

FREE MOVIES: 8TH Spring Festival

FREE MOVIES: 8TH Spring Festival
The best things in life are free.  Agree or disagree? Free movies are up for grabs at the 8th year of Ateneo de Manila University Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies and the Ateneo Celadon's sponsored Spring Film Festival. Yehey!

The 2014's Spring Film Festival Movie Line-Up will be shown on January 24 to February 2, 2014 at the Shangri-La Plaza Mall and will also be held simultaneously in 
the following places in the Philippines:
  1. Cebu
  2. Davao
  3. Ilo-Ilo
  4. Cagayan de Oro. 
  5. Naga City
  6. Dagupan 
  7. Baguio. 
Admission is free and on a first-come, first-served basis.

Here is the line-up and their respective synopsis:

Snowfall in Taipei

May, a singer from mainland China, suddenly lost her voice and had conflicts with Ah Lei, her producer and secret lover. In anger, she came to Old Town of Jingtong where she met Xiao Mo, a warmhearted man. Xiao Mo helped May find a dwelling place, and introduced her to work at a local restaurant. Thanks to their constant contacts, they made a good impression with each other. May found happiness and consolation from the old streets of the small town, and her voice was getting better and better. However, May had left her heart at another place. Gradually, Xiao Mo understood that when one deliberately disappears, one wants to be looked for by others. Along with a sudden appearance of Jack, a muckraking journalist, the situation began to develop towards the uncontrolled direction.

City Monkey

He Zhipeng is a senior student in high school who lives in a big old Beijing hutong yard with his mother and grandmother. He loves parkour, an extremely dangerous sport in most people’s eyes. With his good psychology and physique, he becomes the star player of “City Monkey” parkour club. But his mother strongly disapproves it and hopes he could focus only on his entrance exams to university. Clashes of different concepts, rebellion of the youth, and persistence to the ideal are unavoidable problems for them. What would the two generations do?


Tangshan, 1976. Two seven-year-old twin children are buried under the rubble of the devastating earthquake. The rescue team explains to their mother, Li Yuanni that freeing either child will almost certainly result in the death of the other. She is forced to make the most difficult decision of her life and must choose between her children. Li Yuanni has no idea that her decision is overheard by her daughter Fang Deng, the female twin. Although she has been left behind as dead, the little girl miraculously survives for several more days before being pulled clear by another rescue team who believe that she is simply a corpse. She wakes up in the pouring rain next to the dead body of her father. Suffering from the emotional shocks of the disaster and the painful memory of her mother’s choice, Fang Deng refuses to reveal her identity. She is adopted by a middle-aged Chinese couple and years later moves to Canada to marry. Shadowed by the traumatic experiences of the earthquake and devastated by her mother’s decision to abandon her, she continues to be emotionally withdrawn throughout her adult years.

Where is My Home

Mrs. Geng is a simple village mother who raised two children on her own. Her son made his way to the city and offers to have her come live with him and his family. Despite the improved material conditions of the city, Mrs. Geng cannot help feeling isolated and lonely. It takes some time for her children to understand how she feels, and they rebuild their family’s affection.

The I-go King and his Son

Liu Yishou, an amateur Go player, is called by his friends “the king of Go”. Liu Yishou has been laid off quite a long time ago and now, with no other skills to make a living, teaches Go in a humble training course for children. Life has been hard, and his wife has decided to divorce him. His young son, Xiaochuan, has chosen to stay with him through his difficulties. On an unexpected occasion, Xiaochuan displayed an amazing talent for Go, and his father vowed to support him to further develop his gift for the game. They confronted challenges, but with courage, persistence and profound love between father and son, they eventually arrived at the destination towards which they were heading.

1911 Revolution

As the country enters the new century, China is facing a crisis. Two warring factions have emerged, starvation amongst the citizens is rampant and political reforms have made matters worse. The seven year old Emperor and his mother, Empress Dowager Longyu (Joan Chen), are out of sync with people’s needs after 250 years of total power. As Huang Xing (Jackie Chan) arrives from his studies on modern warfare in Japan, he finds himself picking up his sword to lead a rebellion against the powerful Qing Dynasty and the New Army.

Let’s Fall in Love

Tan Momo, who showed his natural gift in music in his childhood, entered the Conservatory of Music to learn to play Guqin (seven-stringed plucked instrument) smoothly. His teacher placed great hopes on him and his girlfriend Xia Fei had the greatest esteem for him. Upon their graduation, Momo, Xia Fei and other young people who cherished dreams finally walked out of the campus and began to experience the ups and downs in real life. While in front of conflicts between their ideals and family relation, love and morality, what would they choose.

Li Mi Conjecture

Due to the intervention of her parents, taxi driver girl Li Mi had to break up with her long-term boyfriend, Fang Wen, who had disappeared from her life yet seemed to remain connected. For four years, Li Mi had continued to search for his whereabouts in a constant tug-of-war between hope and despair. An eerie murder was witnessed, leading her to a man nearly identical to her missing lover. Could he be the one she has been looking for? Her life suddenly changes. Then come terrible yet pitiful drug dealers, and irascible but highly duteous police detectives. Behind the cascades of mysteries, compromises lie still between those who were once in love.

All movies are in Chinese with English subtitles This will 
give you and your children a glimpse of the Chinese culture while enjoying Chinese quality films. I am so excited! I couldn't wait for the festival to start. Please share with your facebook friends, twitter and instagram followers!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

VIDEO: Why did Angel Locsin Cry this Afternoon?

VIDEO: Why did Angel Locsin Cry this Afternoon?
Angel Locsin suddenly got teary-eyed after she was asked by some members of the press about Luis Manzano right after our blogger conference for The Legal Wife this afternoon, January 15, 2014. Angel admitted that she is hoping to reconcile with ex-boyfriend Luis Manzano. 
She believes it is up to her and Luis. After all everything is possible, especially now that both of them are single. Here is the video of the portion of the interview where she admitted that she hopes for her and Luis to reconcile. Hmmmm... I can smell love in the air...part two?  
In the video, you could see her trying to calm herself. After saying goodbye, Angel Locsin proceeded to the Comfort Room (CR) and stayed there for a long long while. 

#TheLegalWife #LegalWife #Love #January27 #LuisManzano #AngelLocsin

ISRAEL: OFW Osang Wins X Factor Israel

ISRAEL: OFW Osang Wins X Factor Israel
Our kababayan (compatriot) Rose "Osang" Fostanes, a Filipina caregiver who works in Israel for 6 years after a 20-year stint in the Middle East, won the first ever "X Factor Israel" contest. 
Rose Fostanes puts a face to the thousands of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Israel. As the first season winner of "X Factor Israel," Osang becomes a great inspiration to a whole lot of people who never thought that a dream could still come true at age 47.  I hope Osang, as she is fondly called by close friends, continues to be an inspiration to many, particularly OFWs. May she never change her humble ways.

She showed Israel and the world how a 47 year-old can still fulfill her dreams while striving hard abroad for her loved ones back home.

The finale of the show was shown live in Israel on January 14, 2014 (Tuesday). That's Wednesday, January 15, 2014, 1 o' clock in the morning in Manila.  

Rose "Osang" Fostanes sang the Frank Sinatra classic "My Way" with an orchestra. #myway
On behalf of Osang and the Filipino people, I would like to thank all the Israelis who voted for Osang. Thank you for not discriminating against her in your contest. #ProudFilipino #XfactorIsrael #myway

Here is Rose "Osang" Fostanes' winning performance:

My Way Performance of Osang

Osang also performed  Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You" duet with her mentor Shiri Maimon :

Osang is part of the show's "Over 25s" category. Placing second is Eden Ben Zaken (Girls category), and third is Ori Shakiv (Boys category). She's one of the favorites to win the reality show's first season with performances regularly lauded by the show's judges. 

Sidelights: Her rendition of "My Way," with an orchestra as her backup, got a standing ovation from the judges: 
  • rock singer Rami Fortis
  • singer and composer Moshe Peretz
  • pop singer Ivri Lider
  • and Maimon ( Osang's mentor who was teary-eyed after her performance. Oh! I love Maimon! She's so sweet and good in singing too!)
Congratulations Osang! May you use your new found stature to help your OFW kababayan in Israel.

INSPIRATIONAL: Heartwarming Video

INSPIRATIONAL: Heartwarming Video

This video proves that there are still good people in this world. I cried when I saw this video. It reminded me once again that there are still wonderful people around.  For a while there, I thought there was none anymore.

Monday, January 13, 2014

KIMUKATSU: Yummy Japanese Dishes

KIMUKATSU: Yummy Japanese Dishes
kimukatsu (キムカツ) ebi mayo or prawn mayonnaise, Shangri-la, East Wing,Manila, Philippines,
Joining the Tonkatsu bandwagon in Manila is Kimukatsu (キムカツ).  The most famous pork cutlet restaurant in Japan with multiple locations in Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Sendai, Korea, Hawaii and California, U.S.A, is now in the Philippines!  
decor, ambiance at kimukatsu (キムカツ), Shangri-la, East Wing,Manila, Philippines,
Since it is my first time to eat at Kimukatsu, I asked for assistance from one of the owners. He is very helpful in describing the menu and the types of katsu (short for katsuretsu, meaning cutlet) that they offer. All of them are very friendly so don't hesitate to ask for assistance if you're not familiar with the condiments and dishes that they offer.


Ebi Mayo or prawn mayonnaise (Php210.00 + 10% service charge) is a fantastic appetizer. Kimukatsu's version is very delicious. Their shrimp dish consists of 8 pcs. shrimp, peeled and deveined . Kimukatsu has one of the few shrimp dishes that I like. The shrimp is soft and tasty. It is not really healthy so people with high blood pressure must eat in moderation.

Verdict: 4 fingers

Koshikihari Rice
kimukatsu (キムカツ),white, rice, Shangri-la, East Wing,Manila, Philippines,
I love the restaurant's unique bamboo rice container. Its rice is special, not your normal cheap everyday rice The rice is freshly cooked. It comes unlimited when you order the set meal.

Verdict: 4 fingers

Miso Soup
kimukatsu (キムカツ),white miso soup, red miso soup, Shangri-la, East Wing,Manila, Philippines,
Unlike other Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) restaurant, Kimukatsu offers not one but two types of miso soup:
  • Red
  • White

The white miso soup is creamier and sweeter, which is just right for my palette. I don't like the red miso because of its spicier kick. Some of our companions prefer the red one though, so it all depends on your taste buds. Both has generous servings of sea kelp and diced soft tofu.

Verdict: 4 fingers

Cabbage Salad
Kurogoma, Black Sesame Seeds, Cabbage, sliced cabbage
Unlimited sliced fresh cabbage. For me, its the finest cabbage salad ever. Best with Kimukatsu goma (sesame) dressing and the kimukatsu salad dressing (shoyu paste soy-vinegar).


Verdict: 4 fingers

Kurogoma or Black Sesame Seeds
Kurogoma, Black Sesame Seeds, Kimukatsu, Shangri-la, Manila, Philippines
A tonkatsu (pork cutlet) meal will never be complete without the traditional sesame seeds grinding ritual to go with their sauce. Kimukatsu's black sesame seeds are imported from Japan that's why they are limited to only one serving per person.  Black sesame seeds, especially after being toasted, are fragrant and nutty and wholly addictive. Kurogoma or Black Sesame Seeds are also used to promote healthy bowels and in Chinese medicine, they are used to promote healthy kidneys and liver. They also contain phytosterol which apparently helps to reduce cholesterol.
Tonkatsu Sauce or pork cutlet sauce with black sesame seeds, soy-vinegar, condiments, Kimukatsu, Shangri-la, Manila, Philippines
Kimukatsu offers two Katsu sauces:
  1. Tonkatsu sauce (the strong) which is in the black sauce pot; and  
  2. Ponzu sauce (the mild) is in the white sauce pot. 
I decided to experiment by mixing both sauces to my tonkatsu. The first sauce on the right is the preferred sauce of Filipino customers because it is sweeter, while the one in the middle is vinegar with grounded black sesame. 

Some people prefer a few dash of the pink Himalayan salt at the right corner.

Tonkatsu or pork cutlet
Tonkatsu or pork cutlet, Kimukatsu, Shangri-la, Manila, Philippines
Kimukatsu's tonkatsu is very unique! I was so amazed looking at those paper thin pork cutlets. Unlike the classic tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet) that are cut into to one thick piece, Kimukatsu's pork loin is thinly sliced. Twenty five (25) layers of paper thin meaty goodness are painstakingly crafted, stacked and rolled to made one regular size tonkatsu. So yummy and flavorful! In Japan, according to my friend, this type of multi-layered tonkatsu is called a "mille-feuille katsu."  Sounds French to me than Japanese. He he he.
Tonkatsu or pork cutlet, Kimukatsu, Shangri-la, Manila, Philippines
 Kimukatsu's tonkatsu filings come in 7 flavors:
  • Cheese
  • Garlic
  • Kurokosho (black pepper)
  • Negi shio (salt marinated green onion)
  • Umeshiso (sour plum with Japanese basil)
  • Yuzu kosho (Yuzu with pepper)
  • plain tonkatsu
Tonkatsu or pork cutlet, Kimukatsu, Shangri-la, Manila, Philippines
Kimukatsu's tonkatsu is not oily unlike other tonkatsu. It is very crispy on the outside and tender juicy in the inside. We are very lucky here in the Philippines because Kimukatsu's tonkatsu costs an arm and leg in Japan while it only costs Php380 per order here in the Philippines, with unlimited Japanese rice, freshly sliced cabbage, complimentary appetizers of Tsukemono (pickled vegetables), mayonnaise, sauce and even unlimited hot tea. I can say that this is a perfect deal. You could even order by the set if you have a companion with you. A family of seven or eight could order the 7 flavors for only Php2,400 Vat inclusive just add 10% service charge though.

Light and fluffy, yet extremely juicy and flavorful, it is the softest tonkatsu you'll sink your teeth in. 

Verdict: 4 fingers 

Kuro Goma Purin or Black Sesame Pudding (黒ごまプリン)

Tonkatsu or pork cutlet, Kimukatsu, Shangri-la, Manila, Philippines

Kimukatsu's version is divine! I have a penchant for sweets.  I love Kimukatsu's black sesame pudding.  It is the best among all the desserts that I had tried in Kimukatsu Php110 plus 10% service charge.

Verdict: 5 fingers 

Japanese Panna Cotta
Japanese Panna Cotta, Kimukatsu, Manila, ShangriLa, New Wing
Japanese Panna Cotta Php110.  Served cold. This creamy goodness is the Japanese version of Panna Cotta ( which by the way literally means cooked cream in Italian ) It is a rich-tasting, absolutely divine dessert. This luscious soft Japanese panna cotta is a perfect accompaniment to your Tonkatsu meal at Kimukatsu.

Verdict: 4 fingers

Green Tea Ice Cream with Mochi 
Macha, Ice Cream, Kimukatsu, Shangri-la, Manila, Philippines
Macha Parfait Two scoops of green tea ice cream with one tablespoon red bean paste, 2 pcs. of mochi. Green tea has a very refreshing green grass aroma. It helps cut the smell of fish and grease in our dinner. The green tea used in Green Tea Ice Cream is called Matcha in Japanese. Matcha is in powdered form, and so it has a much more concentrated flavor than green tea leaves. It is forbidden to be mixed with green tea made with regular tea bag. Matcha is also a drink that is used in the tea ceremony in Japan, but you don’t drink it as much as brewed green tea.

Verdict: 4 fingers

Black sesame ice cream or kurogoma aisukurimu
 kurogoma aisukurimu, Kuro Goma Purin or Black Sesame Pudding (黒ごまプリン), Black Sesame Seed, Ice Cream, Kimukatsu, Shangri-la, Manila, Philippines  
Black sesame ice cream or kurogoma aisukurimu.  

Kurogoma is believed to have health benefits that is why this ice cream became very popular in Japan for a while. It is said to be loaded with minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus,copper, iron and calcium. This is the first time I've ever tried an ice cream with Black sesame flavor. My initial impression is that it was strange because of the texture of the partially ground sesame seeds, but I loved the taste. It has a sweet, roasted and earthy flavor to it. It was unlike anything that I’ve ever tasted before. I just hope they could reduce the amount of sugar though.

Verdict: 4 fingers

kimukatsu (キムカツ),decor, Shangri-la, East Wing,Manila, Philippines,

The service is good. The staff is friendly and accommodating. I just don't like it though when they shouted "Irasshaimase"  in chorus at the top of their voices on my ear when I passed by. They actually remind me of Cyma's enthusiastic chorus of "Opa." Lol.

With their delicious dishes, Kimukatsu gets my highest recommendation. I couldn't wait to go back. 
Kimukatsu Japanese Restaurant
Level 5 Shangri-la Plaza East Wing Shaw Boulevard corner
EDSA, Mandaluyong City
Open from 10:00am to 10:00pm



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