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Friday, December 28, 2012

Canon's Product impact in my life

Canon's product impact in my life.

In 2008, I bought a Canon copy machine at Canon Legazpi City and it came with a point and shoot Canon Camera. I used the Canon copy machine for my business. And that was the beginning of my life as a Canon lover. 

First, I was luckily invited to the Canon event in Cagsawa Ruins, which is a good one hour away from my place of residence then. I must admit, I was having hesitations whether to attend or not, since aside from it being far from my place of residence, I have a business to attend to at the same time. It is a good thing that I went because the Canon point and shoot camera they bundled with the copier won for me second place at the point and shoot category of a Canon sponsored contest at the Cagsawa Ruins. I used the SD Card given to me by Canon and took a photo of the professor I just met during that event while he was taking a photo of the remains of the old church of Cagsawa.

Because of that wonderful experience. I decided to buy a DSLR camera. Of course, it is also a Canon. Yes, I bought a Canon 550 D DSLR despite the suggestions of my friends to just buy a Nikon D90, because that's what they use. In Libmanan photography club, I was the only Canon user because I super love Canon's vivid pictures and quality. My DSLR accompanied me to my solo trips in the Philippines and at the Great Wall of China. It also inspired me to try to live life again after my ruptured brain aneurysm operation, though my brother said that I moved like a pendulum whenever I tried to take pictures during the early stage of my recovery in 2011.

I was not aware that photography will have such a big impact in my recovery. I have had physical therapy and treatments so I could take better pictures. My Canon DSLR helped me find an inspiration to be able to walk again.  I recovered from being physically bedridden. Though I am not yet 100% as of the moment,  I am glad I can now take better pictures using my Canon DSLR camera.

COMPLETE LIST OF WINNERS:Metro Manila Film Festival Awards Night

COMPLETE LIST OF WINNERS:Metro Manila Film Festival Awards Night

Congratulations to all the winners of the recently concluded Metro Manila Film Festival Awards held Thursday, December 27, 2012 at the Meralco Theater in Pasig City.  

The list of MMFF winners: 

Best Actress: Nora Aunor won for her role in “Thy Womb” 
Best Actor :Dingdong Dantes for “One More Try” 
Best Supporting Actor: Cesar Montano won for his role in the film “El Presidente” 
Best Supporting Actress: Wilma Doesnt of “Sisterakas.”
Best Supporting Actor: Cesar Montano for `El Presidente’
FPJ Memorial Award: ‘One More Try’ by Ruel S. Bayani
Best Sound: Albert Michael Idioma in ‘El Presidente’
Best Score: Jessie Lassaten, ‘El Presidente’
Best Theme Song: ‘El Presidente’ by Apldeap and Jamir Garcia
MMFF New Wave Actor: Alan Paule for ‘Gayak’. Actress: Liza Dino of ‘In Nomine Matris’
MMFF New Wave Beat Director: Tyrone Acierto for ‘The Grave Bandits’
MMFF New Wave Special Jury: ‘Ad Ignorantiam’ by Armando ‘Bing’ Lao
MMFF New Wave Best Picture: ‘The Grave Bandits’ by Tyrone Acierto
MMFF Awards: Make-up: ‘El Presidente’ (Warren Munar and Company)
Best Visual Effects:  Imaginary Friends and Black Burst for ‘Shake, Rattle & Roll 14: The Invasion’
Production Design: Brillante Ma Mendoza ‘Sa Iyong Sinapupunan’
Editing: Vito Kahili for ‘One More Try’
Cinematography: Odyssey Flores, ‘Thy Womb’
Special Award for Gender Sensitivity: Will Fredo for In Nomine Matris (New Wave); Manibela by Roberto Pagotan (Student’s Shorts); “Thy Womb”(Mainstream)
FPJ Memorial Award: “One More Try” by Ruel Bayani
Supporting Actor: Cesar Montano for El Presidente; Supporting Actress: Wilma Doesn’t for Sisterakas 
Best Written Story: Henry Burgos for Thy Womb
Best Director: Brillante Mendoza for Thy womb
Best Screenplay: Anna Karenina Ramos and Company for One More Try
Gatpuno Antonio Villegas award: Thy Womb
Best Picture: One More Try
Second Best Picture: El Presidente
Third Best Picture: Sisterakas
Male star of the night: Joseph Estrada
Female star of the night: Nora Aunor.
Special Award SMDC Male Celebrity of the night: Zanjoe Marudo. 
Special Award SMDC Female Celebrity of the night: Bianca King
 Montano’s win gave ‘El Presidente’ 5 awards so far in the glittering rites hosted by KC Concepcion and Kris Aquino. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012



Thailand and Cambodia have agreed on a single visa under the Ayeyawady-Chao Phraya-Mekong Economic Cooperation Strategy framework, effective Dec 27, 2012 turning the two neighboring countries into a single tourist destination for non-visa Asean travellers.

The Acmecs Single Visa pact was signed by Mr Surapong and his Cambodian counterpart Hor Namhong at the 8th meeting of the Joint Commission for Bilateral Cooperation (JC) at a Bangkok hotel on Wednesday morning. Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul said this single visa will help promote tourism in the two countries, making it easier for visitors to obtain visitors and travel between Thailand and Cambodia.

The visa would allow visitors from 35 countries, listed below, to stay up to 60 days in Thailand and 60 days in Cambodia. Tourists would be able to apply for the visa at embassies of either country.

The 35 countries previously announced, but not confirmed today, are: 
  1. Australia
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Bahrain
  5. Canada
  6. China
  7. Denmark
  8. Finland
  9. France
  10. Germany
  11. Greece
  12. Hong Kong
  13. Iceland
  14. Ireland
  15. Israel
  16. Italy
  17. India
  18. Japan
  19. Korea
  20. Kuwait
  21. Luxembourg
  22. the Netherlands
  23. New Zealand
  24. Norway
  25. Oman
  26. Portugal
  27. Qatar
  28. Spain
  29. South Africa
  30. Sweden
  31. Switzerland
  32. Turkey
  33. the United Arab Emirates
  34. the United Kingdom 
  35. the United States.

KC CONCEPCION: 2013 Cover Girl

KC CONCEPCION: 2013 Cover Girl

KC Concepcion's swimsuit pose for a billboard of Bayo in 2008 created quite a stir among showbiz folks. She then sent a big shock waves across the country with her February 2012 cover of Rogue Magazine after her breakup with Piolo Pascual in January, 2012. Now, the megastar Sharon Cuneta's first daughter brings her sexy image back as the 2013 Calendar Girl for a Distillers. Do you happen to see any of KC Concepcion's 201Calendar? If not, then browse some of her pose...

It was a bit of a shock to see KC’s newest pictorials.

“This is really quite new for me. But for 12 years I’ve been endorsing, I feel this is the best time to do this na. It’s worth the wait. And I am endorsing a product na since the 1800s pa eh, nandito na, hindi lang in our country but all over the world,” KC said.

At 27, KC is no longer afraid to be typecast in sexier, more sensual, and daring roles.
“No more na. And I think, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Mas maganda tingnan ang babaeng may sense of openness when it comes to these things. I think, simula nang ipanganak naman ako, until the time I went abroad to study and live there, hanggang bumalik na ako here, sanay na ang mga fans with what they’ve seen in me,” she said.

KC gave her full trust to the creative team for the calendar shoot — photographer Marc Nicdao, hairstylist Celeste Tuviera and stylist Pam QuiƱones.

“We were allowed to have our own creative freedom for the different poses I did. Ayaw ko rin namang gumawa ng something where I won’t be comfortable. Gusto ko, maging masaya ang fans, lalo na ang pamilya ko when they see this,” she revealed.

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Monday, December 24, 2012


Right to receive the full value of the service purchased.
Right to Sufficient Processing Time.
Right to Board Aircraft for the Purpose of Flight.
Right to Compensation.



Air Passenger Bill of Rights

Air Passenger Bill of Rights

Napapanahon! Yan ang sigaw ng sambayanan! Mga kapwa ko Pinoy, Know your rights laban sa mapang-abusong airline companies!

Sa wakas napakinggan na ang matagal ng hinaing ng mga pasahero na nagbabyahe sa himpapawid. The Air Passenger Bill of Rights was crafted by the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) and Department of Trade and Industry in response to the increasing number of complaints against airlines. (It's about time!)

The recently released "Air Passenger Bill of Rights", took effect last December 21, 2012.

What is Air Passenger Bill of Rights?  

Air Passenger Bill of Rights is a measure which seeks to protect consumers from certain airline practices such as overbooking and "misleading" promo fares. I hope this new Passenger bill of rights will help make sure air travelers are treated with the respect that they deserve.
Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Aguinaldo Abaya and Trade Secretary Gregory L. Domingo on Monday signed the Joint Administrative Order (JAO) No. 1 or the Air Passenger Bill of Rights.


The order covers all Philippine-based carriers operating domestic and international flights, as well as foreign carriers operating flights from the Philippines.

Under the order, passengers affected by delayed or cancelled flights will receive compensation from the airline, such as free food, drinks and even hotel accommodations.

Flight cancellations, delays

In case of flight cancellation attributable to the airline, the passenger is entitled to the following rights:

(a) Be notified beforehand via public announcement, written/published notice and flight status update service (text);

(b) Be provided with the following, if he/she is already at the airport at the time of the announcement of the flight cancellation: sufficient refreshments or meals (e.g. snacks consisting of at least a bottle of water and a sandwich, or breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or a voucher for the same, as the case may be); hotel accommodation (conveniently accessible from the airport); transportation from the airport to the hotel, v.v.; free phone calls, text or emails, and first aid, if necessary; and (c) Reimbursement of the value of the fare, including taxes and surcharges, of the flight cancelled, or both in case the passenger decides not to fly;

(d) Be endorsed to another air carrier without paying any fare difference, at the option of the passenger, and provided that space permit such re-accommodation; or

(e) Rebook the ticket, without additional charge, to the next flight with available space, or, within 30 days, to a future trip within the period of validity of the ticket. However, for rebooking made over 30 days, fees and fare difference will paply.

In case the airline decides to cancel a flight at least 24 hours before departure, it will not be liable for any amenities except to notify the passenger, and to rebook or reimburse the passenger.

Passengers who are affected by flight delays or at least 3 hours, whether it is attributed to the airline or not, would be entitled to refreshments or meals; free phone calls, text or e-mails; first aid; and ticket rebooking or refund.

The order also addresses the airlines' practice of overbooking. "No passenger may be denied boarding without his/her consent," the order stated.

Any expense or inconvenience caused by overbooking to affected passengers must be borne by the airline:

The airline shall determine the number of passengers in excess of the actual seat capacity of the aircraft;

The carrier shall announce that the flight is overbooked, and that it is looking for volunteers willing to give up their seats in exchange for air carrier compensation.
It shall provide the interested passengers or volunteers a list of amenities and offers, which they can choose from, which list of amenities shall always include the option to be given priority booking in the next flight with available space or to be endorsed to another air carrier upon payment of any fare difference, and provided that space and other circumstances permit such accommodation, at the option of the passenger, and/or a cash incentive.

At present, airlines are allowed to overbook 10% of its seats per flight but the order removed the limit.

Lost luggage
The bill of rights also addresses passengers' complaints about lost, delayed or damaged luggage. Airlines would now have to compensate passengers P2,000 for every 24 hours their baggage is missing. After 7 days, the baggage would be deemed lost.
No to misleading ads

The order also requires airlines to fully disclose restrictions on rebookability or refundability attached to certain promo fares.

Airlines are now required to disclose the following information on fare advertisements:
(a) Conditions and restrictions attached to the fare type;
(b) Refund and rebooking policies, if any;
(c) Baggage allowance policies;
(d) Government taxes and fuel surcharges;
(e) Other mandatory fees and charges;
(f) Contact details of the carrier (i.e. phone number, website, e-mail, etc.); and
(g) Other information necessary to apprise the passenger of the conditions and the full/total price of the ticket purchased.For promo fares such as the popular "piso fares" or "zero fares", airlines would now be required to also include the following information:
(h) Number of seats offered on a per sector basis;
(i) The duration of the promo; and
(j) The CAB Approval No. of Fares.

"Consistent with the declared policy of the State to protect the interests of the consumers, which includes protection from misleading and fraudulent sales promotion practices, all sales promotion campaigns and activities of air carriers shall be carried out with honesty, transparency and fairness, and in accordance with the requirements of the Consumer Act of the Philippines, and its IRR," the order stated.

Airlines are now required to provide the DTI with a copy of its promo materials, in addition to securing approval from the CAB.

This year, there has been a growing number of complaints against airline companies, ranging from delayed flights to overbooking to misleading promo fare ads. This has prompted the DOTC and DTI to take a closer look at the airlines' practices and craft the Air Passenger Bill of Rights.

Sunday, December 23, 2012



Yesterday, December 22, 2012, Citybank Credit Card holders who received a text message that they can now claim one Purefoods Jamon De Bola for only Php2 at participating Rustan's and Shopwise stores in the Metro had to endure the long lines and unsystematic process. The process took more than 4 hours to complete. Ay, sinabi mo pa, the lines are insane and HB na lahat ng tao sa lines. I thought  pandemonium would break loose any moment last night. Ha ha ha!

Here are some unsolicited advice to Citybank, Rustan's and Shopwise:
  1.  Please give out numbers, so the Citybank credit card holders can eat, pee, shop, and sit while waiting for their turn. ( See, you'll earn more by giving them a number because they'll shop and dine in your establishment while waiting.)
  2.  Please provide chairs or stools. Some of these people lining up are physically not capable to stand for 4 hours, such as the senior citizens and people with certain illnesses. Kayo din, isipin na lang ninyo nanay o lola o lolo ninyo na nakatayo ng apat na oras.
  3.  Please turn on the air conditioner. One new found friend in line said she can bear standing up for 4 hours but at least make it more comfortable by providing them cooler air.
  4. Please separate the lines of those credit card holders who will claim only one or two Jamon de Bola, it is unfair to line up for 4 hours and be delayed because some credit card holders claim up to 30 pieces of Purefoods Jamon De Bola each. 
  5. Please add some more staff that will process the Php2 transaction fee. Based on actual experience and observation, mag isa lang yun staff ng shopwise na nag pa punch ng lahat ng transactions last night.
Overall, your clients are happy with their Php 2 Purefoods Jamon De Bola but please do hear them out. Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

TUTUBAN MALL: Dazzle your Christmas on a Budget!

TUTUBAN MALL: Dazzle your Christmas on a Budget!   

Hear ye, hear ye! Who says you can’t share the joy and be merry when you’re on a budget? Christmas is the joyous time of the year. Which means, shopaholics have a great excuse to splurged. For my fellow shopaholics who wants to save, where else can you shop on a budget? Yes! Divisoria Tutuban Mall is the place to shop this season.  Be dazzle at this fantastic place!
The hunt for great holiday presents live on and choosing items that won’t put a hole in your pocket is the smartest, merriest way to do your shopping.

Tutuban Center and its popular year-long Tutuban Night Market offers numerous suggestions that range from holiday party outfits to unique Christmas gift suggestions. Take your pick on home accents, kitchenware, colourful accessories, gadgets, clothes and adorable knick knacks that will definitely lighten up your holiday spree.

Can you believe this? You can grab these My Phone gadgets for as low as Php 200.00 to Php700.00 at Tutuban Mall.
Gowns, suits and dresses prices starts at  Php250.00 to Php1,500.00. Suit up! Men’s formal wear for only Php5,000.00 for a set.
Home sweet home with curtains ranging from Php250.00 and up per panel and pillows from Php50.00 and up. 

Light up the room with these stylish lamps at Php50.00 and up. 
So spring up a step to Tutuban Center and its festive Night Market where holiday on a budget means shopping galore!
When you get hungry, dine at the newly renovated Tutuban Center’s Food Street where you can find a wide variety of fresh grilled meat and seafood that are cooked to perfection.



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