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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

ABS CBN Tribute to Dolphy

ABS CBN Tribute to Dolphy
Up on his sleeves, is more than six decades of making Filipino laugh.
RIP to the King of Comedy Dolphy. Condolences to the comedian's family and friends. 

RIP Mang Dolphy. :-( 

Thanks for the laughter.

Dolphy dies at 83
Caricature by John Bautista
Dolphy dies at 83. 

15 days short to his 84th birthday.

Dolphy, The Comedy King passed away this evening,at 8:34 P.M., Tuesday, July 10, 2012 at the Makati Medical Center due to multiple organ failure, secondary to complications brought about by severe pneumonia, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and Acute Renal Failure.
Dolphy' s real name is Rodolfo Vera Quizon. He was born in Pampanga and was raised in Tondo.
I really feel sad. He gave us so much joy and laughter in times of trouble. I am really glad to have met him personally in Hong Kong on one of our summer vacations. I remember him as the ever smiling Mang Dolphy. He is now with my Dad and Mom in heaven. I bet they will be laughing together in heaven. Heaven will be a much happier place now with Mang Dolphy around.

Dolphy came from a very humble beginnings, and his admiration of comedians Pugo and Tugo influenced him to be a stage performer. His first screen name was Golay, and he used this name for his first movie with Fernando Poe Sr., the father of his friend the late action king Fernando Poe Jr.
Dolphy started his first career in a TV Show, Buhay Artista, at ABS-CBN with a talent fee of One thousand pesos. That was soon followed by many shows and movies.

Dolphy had 18 children to six different women. His last partner was actress Zsa Zsa Padilla.
The Filipino people will miss you! You have given so much Joy in our hearts.

Rest in peace, Mang Dolphy.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The other side of the Fence

Have you ever wonder what's on the other side of the fence?  Yes, just like you probably, I have never been to Muntinlupa Penitentiary in my whole existence on earth. 

Until we got a surprise invitation to cover an event inside the penitentiary. I was not able to join the first two coverage. But for the finals of the Iron Chef,  I decided to take on the challenge. So for the very first time, last June, 2012,  I visited the maximum security compound of Muntinlupa together with seven other bloggers to cover the Finals of Iron Chef.

Yes, I will be honest with you, I was having second thoughts, yeah even third thoughts if there is such a thing. My family doesn't want me to go, but I told my brother that this is a chance of a lifetime and the organizer assured us that it is very safe on the other side of the fence. So, against my family's order,  I went and learned a thing or two lessons in life and conquer my baseless fear.

I was so excited to see for myself what I watched from the movies. This castle like facade is the main entrance to the Muntinlupa Bureau of Corrections.
There are two towers on both sides of the entrance. They say that the worst criminals wind up behind bars in Bureau of Corrections. This is where they house the maximum security compound. But there are also medium, low, and minimum-security prisons.
A flag pole with our Philippine flag waving mightily on top of the pole. And below is insignia of the Kawanihan ng Koreksiyon.

At the entrance we were instructed to log in at their record book, and state the reason of our visit. 
Next step is to present our valid government issued Identification cards. After they inspected our I.D. we were instructed to line up to have our pictures taken for our I.d. inside the penitentiary.
With our visitors I.D., we were asked to step on top of this platform for the body inspection/ search.
Then we were let inside the iron bars.  Inside we filled up another attendance sheet, and was subject again to another search. They wanted to get our phones and camera but our fellow social media blogger told them that we are there to cover the Iron Chef Finals. So we need our cameras to cover the event.
It was a very enriching experience. Inside the compound there's hundreds if not thousands of inmates. When we were interviewing the contestants for the Iron Chef finals, we learned that not all of them are hardened criminals. Some are just victims of circumstances.

In this crazy world we live in, it can be said that the more dangerous jungle is not inside the penitentiary but outside in the very community that we live in. Where we kill other people by the very words we utter against them. We judge as if there's no tomorrow. We said unkind words without the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes we are guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

Circumstances prove time and time again, that in order to live we have to let live. We do not judge so as not to be judge. Hitting people behind their back, does not only show cowardice but also show our breeding and upbringing.

People inside the penitentiary live in a community. I think that is a part of the rehabilitation process. They have inmate work program, health care, education and skills training, recreation and sports, religious guidance and behavior modification using the therapeutic community approach. I saw a basketball court, individual stoves, religious, hobbycraft, and was told that some inmates paint different art works that they sell to big department stores. How I wish we were brought in that area. Maybe next time,  they will show us the art works of the inmates. Some inmates are like vendors they sell their hobbycraft for a very cheap price. My co-blogger Karen was able to purchase a jug like coin bank/ piggy bank ( ok, ok. Alkansya in Tagalog. Ha ha ha!)

Imagine a piggy/ jug bank for only Php 150.00. This work of art is so gorgeous!
I also wanted to buy something from them, to at least help them earn, but our companions are already waiting for us. I waited for Karen and at the same time sent signals to our other companions to wait for us. We hurried back to join our group.

At the exit you will see this sign hanging on the iron bars. Read and reflect on them...
I will be blogging about the Iron Chef finals on my other blog, so stay tune!

Have a free and happy day!


Blogging: The Formula For Success

Event Details
You are invited to join us in this workshop! 

Blogging Workshop
Skill level: Hobbyist, Semi-pro to Start-up Pro

The Course Outline of the Workshop will be as follows:
1. Top Mistakes Newbie Blogger Makes that destroys their brand and credibility on Day 1.
2. Critical Elements of a Successful Blog which I learned from 7 years of professional Blogging Experience.
3. How to Blog (from a Pro-Blogger Point of View)?
4. Marketing Strategies for your blog: SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing
5. How to Grow your Readership Base Exponentially?
6. How to Monetize your Blog 101 (Google Adsense, Direct Ads)
7. Top Considerations before Quitting your Day Job and going Full Time on Blogging

When: July 13, 2012
Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Where: Studio SnR, 3rd Floor Millenium Plaza Building, Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center (the building is right next to the Caltex Gas Station, corner of J. Vargas and Meralco Avenue) 

If you are interested to attend feel free to call or text or e-mail Ginger Palma Arboleda
Cp # 0917-855-5990


I got so excited when I received an invitation to the Spiderman Movie. 
When I went to watched the amazing spider-man movie at My Cinema in Greenbelt 3 last July 4, 2012 they gave us Spiderman Doughnut! No photo though :-( ! Why? Because my SD Card encountered an error :-( Sad.

Verdict: The movie is nice. It shows the beginning of Spiderman, what makes him thick and the very reason why he started hunting criminals.

With the doughnut : I so love it!. Thanks Krispykreme and of course Geiser Maclang you're the best!

Friday, July 6, 2012



First, I would like to thank all the people who took time to enter the contest. And don't worry I will be having another giveaway, so go lang ng go! Malay mo ikaw na ang next winner! Again, maraming maraming Salamat po!


Congratulations to:


JAMELYN BUENCUCHILLO- Update she responded and sent me a picture with her son!

Congratulations! Because of that Travel on a Shoestring, Geiser Maclang and Nido will give you not 1 but 3 Tickets! Congratulations!!!!!  Yes, you could now bring Daddy along! They want you mommy Jamelyn, your son and Daddy to go together to the Robot Zoo. Don't forget to send us your pictures when you visit the Robot Zoo Nido Discovery center at SM Mall of Asia.

To KIMBERLY REMIGIO GeiserMaclang would like to give you enough time to reply, please  e-mail me at your real name, home address, pictures and e-mail address until July 18, 2012. I hope that is enough time already for you to send me an e-mail and picture. Kindly prepare your I.D. for claiming the Tickets.

Since, the second winner did not reply I chose another winner. Congratulations Ms. Gina Rogelio you won 3 tikets to the Robot Zoo.

Attention to the winners:
Please note that if you fail to send me your details and pictures until 12 noon of July 18, 2012 the sponsor will choose another set of winners and your tickets will be forfeited so please cooperate. Thanks for your cooperation.

The Robot Zoo at the Nido Discovery Center in SM Mall of Asia is not a permanent exhibit. It will only be there until the end of July then it will be transferred to Dubai ( if the information given to me was correct.) So don't miss your chances. Visit the Robot Zoo Now! Thank you very much!

A Salute to Philhealth Staff

I salute the dedication of the Philhealth employees at the Quezon Avenue Branch. The staff starts working at 7 o' clock in the morning until they served the last man standing in line every single day. 

As Philhealth members, the least we could do is be kind to them and give them a smile when we go to their office. 

I heard a lot of complaints while applying for a Philhealth card. People, maybe you got so mad standing for so many hours lining up because you decided to pay on the last day of payment for the quarter, well siree, that is already your fault. There is three months in every quarter, you could pay at the bank or bayad center long before its due date.

It is now the policy of the bank not to accept payment a day or two before the due date so take note of that po.

Yes! Payment can be made well in advance through their accredited banks nationwide or at bayad center or at Philhealth offices nationwide long before the end of the three month period.

Some people also got mad because their is no aircon at Philhealth Quezon Avenue, well you are only there once every quarter, whereas those Philhealth employees are there every single day. Yes, those Philhealth employees have more reasons to complain than you. But they don't, at least they're saving people's money. Our taxes or Philhealth contributions will not go to the electricity bill. Thus, we save money. :-)

I also learned that in order to serve more people paying a visit at their branch, these Philhealth employees sacrifice their lunch break from an hour to half an hour each on rotation with NO LUNCH BREAK! That means the flow of transaction is non-stop, which is good for us Philhealth members.
Please be aware too, that our contributions will increase come October 1, 2012 so better avail of the old rate. Our one hundred pesos per month contribution will increase by one hundred percent making the new contribution payable Two hundred pesos per month.

So if you want to save money better pay your Philhealth contribution in advance until the end of 2013 before October 1, 2012.

Green Leafy Vegetables

A pleasant Good morning to everyone~!

I took this photo when we were in Baguio City Public Market. Kids today don't like to eat vegetables. And that is a no no!

While your kids are still young, train them to eat Green Leafy Vegetables. It is not only healthy but also very nutritious too!

Greens are a neglected gold mine. Filipinos today are trained to eat at fast food restaurants as early as two years old or maybe even younger. While I was growing up,  everybody is telling me that green leafy vegetables have a good effect on one's health. Then why do Filipinos today rarely eat green leafy vegetables?

Why are cabbage, broccoli, turnip greens, and spinach are rarely seen at the Filipino's dinner table? 

Why is lettuce the only green vegetable that most Filipinos ever use. Yeah, they use it on their salads or as toppings on their burgers with thousand island dressings and mayonnaise.

Green vegetables are recognized by nutritionists as one of the most inexpensive sources of so many important nutrients. And yet, we take those green leafy vegetables for granted.

Kumain ng gulay dahil eto ay pampahaba ng buhay! (Eat vegetables for they prolong life!) Enjoy! Have a happy day!



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