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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lady Gaga live in Manila

American pop superstar Lady Gaga arrived in Manila Saturday night, May 19, 2012 at around 7:30 p.m.for her two-day “Born This Way” concert.

Airport authorities said the controversial singer arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport on board a private plane around 7:30 p.m. 

Lady Gaga was billeted at Makati Shangri-la in Makati City. She is in the Philippines for her Manila leg of ‘Born This Way.’ Photo Source: Arnold Almacen /Inquirer

Change a life register a child with cleft palate at Operation Smile Philippines

This is an advocacy post, you and I may not have the money to help these kids but you and I can help by informing parents of children with cleft palate that Operation Smile Philippines and Chatters Care for kids are looking for more patients with cleft lip/cleft palate for the May 30 to June 3, 2012 Ospital ning Angeles ( Rafael Lazatin Memorial Hospital ) Pampanga Operation Smile Mission.

Please inform them that patients can register through KDF (kapampangan development foundation)
They can Call or Text Benigno Ricafort President - KDF (045) 4580027 / 09175628673
On May 22, 2012 they will have free lab/xray for harelip/cleft Patients

The simplest way to HELP
If you can't be a volunteer or a sponsor, you can help change a life by just spreading this news in your blog, in your social networking accounts and by telling them to your friends.

If you have time, please like Operation Smile Philippines and Chatters Care for kids Facebook Page as you'll also be spreading the news.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hand Paraffin Treatment at Bioessence

I visited Bioessence not for a facial this time around but for a hand paraffin treatment. Bioessence offers this treatment for free to its valued clients and if you want a foot paraffin, you just have to pay Php 150.00.
Paraffin wax is a white or colorless wax made from petroleum byproducts. Paraffin is used primarily to make candles or as an ingredient in cosmetics and for creating waxed paper.
Bioessence used this machine to dissolve the paraffin wax to be used for my hand paraffin test errr treatment. Ha ha ha! Okay, that is a joke. I am such a lousy joker. Ha ha ha! Sorry po.
Shown above is the Bioessence attendant preparing the hand paraffin treatment. Paraffin wax is melted in a special warmer or double boiler until it becomes clear or translucent liquid.
 The Bioessence attendant sprayed alcohol to each of my hands.
She then wiped it dry using a soft tissue
The Bioessence attendant then dipped my hands directly into the warmer. Another option is to pour the liquid wax into plastic bags and each hand is slipped into a bag of paraffin.
The hands are covered in the wax for several minutes.
Wrapped my hands into a plastic laminate. 
I felt like a chicken. Ha ha ha! I used to sell roasted chicken as a sideline and I wrapped the chicken in a plastic laminate exactly like this plastic laminate in Bioessence. 
The finished product.
I have two (2) hands, the left and the right.
 After wrapping my hands in plastic laminate, they put my two hands inside these gloves.
Paraffin wax is said to retain heat, and this heat increases the skin's circulation and opens pores on the hands, allowing the lubricants in the wax to penetrate and soften the skin.
After 20 minutes, they then removed the gloves and the platic, then put my hands inside these booties.
By the way, I am not sure if it is really called booties. The attendant told me that it is how they call this white thingy.
She said this electric glove-like machine will keep your hands softer than ever before and your "pasma" will be cured. Awww! Amazing, isn't it. She further explained that the heat provided by melted paraffin wax is absorbed by the skin and tissue on which it is placed, making it beneficial for people suffering from arthritis or other joint or muscle pain.


Why am I saying that? It is because paraffin comes from petroleum products, people with chemical sensitivities may suffer side effects from paraffin wax. If you're going to try this at home take extra precautions and keep out of reach of children to avoid serious burns.
A visit at Bioessence always makes me feel pampered. The staff and the atmosphere at Bioessence wrap me in calm comfort and wash away my stress. It is a place that gives me solace. How I wish Bioessence will let us try this room. I have not personally tried this yet but they told us you could rent this room for Php1,800 plus the various services that you'll avail like massage, bubble bath, facial etc.


Jessica Sanchez, Phillip Phillips advances to ‘American Idol’ finale

Rejoice Pinoys! Jessica Sanchez is in the TOP 2 of American Idol!

Pinoys all over the world proved once more that when acting together as one, Pinoys can move mountains. With the overwhelming support of Pinoys all over the world Jessica Sanchez advances to the Final Top 2 in American Idol.

American Idol Ryan Seacrest announced that 90 million votes were cast this week.

American Idol Finale here we come!Jessica Sanchez and Philip Philips will face off on Tuesday, May 22, 2012. American Idol Season 11 Champion will be crowned Wednesday, May 23, 2012.

Pinoys of the world let's join forces and support Jessica Sanchez to the championship!



  • Eric John Salut: Kilala ko na kung kaninong fans ang bitter sa super success ng #EveryBreathUTake. Obvious! Oh well, it's already on record and official, #EveryBreathUTake is breaking box office records!
  • PIOLO-FIED AKO: kilala ko rin sir ej. hindi sila nag-iisip kung makakatulong b sa idolo nila makakasama ang bitterness nila.
  • Eric John Salut: di ba? Ang sama ng ginagawa nila. God bless their souls.
  • LadyMars⚡: And kilala mo rin ba kung kaninong fans ang bitter at panay bash kay KC at Mega? Dont be GULLIBLE! OBVIOUS! :)
  • Eric John Salut: oh why are you reacting? Kayo ba yon? Obvious ka inday! Maglaba ka na!
  • LadyMars⚡: Bitter na kung bitter! eh kayo? plastic!
  • Eric John Salut: ayun, e di umamin ka din! Boba!
  • LadyMars⚡: naku hinde ako labandera.. hinde katulad nyo na laging naglalaba ng baho ni Piolo! :P
  • LadyMars⚡: kilala mo sila hinde ba? but you dont want to admit it! so why not say it? ako kilala ko kung kaninong fans ang bitter kay KC
  • Eric John Salut: gusto mo ng baho ng idolo mo? Dami kong alam. Di mo kakayanin.
  • Marylou Cruz: As an ABS CBN employee,shame on u to threaten to expose the so called baho of one of the stars,coz u don't like
  • Marylou Cruz: No threats, please,. I challenged you to do it. Go ahead n expose it. But r u ready for any repercussion?
  • Roxy Liquigan: Sorry no comment because I'm not a follower ng account niya. Ever and Never. Yun lang po. Good morning. :)

Sharon Cuneta Twitter Rants
  • Ano nga bang 'baho' ni KC ang pinagsasabi nila?! Pakilabas na
  • please at pati ako naiinip na!!! Mga walanghiya ang mga sinungaling. Tandaan ninyo di natutulog ang Diyos.
  • Tapos ilabas din dapat ang baho ng mga dinidios nila sa ABS-CBN ha.
  • gusto ko malaman kung ano ang pinagsasabi ni eric john salut. Nang maglabasan na.
  • Eric, what's the problem with my daughter? Has she done anything karumal-dumal? Or do you guys just choose to have a problem with her? Di ba puedeng mag-move-on na lahat?
  • If @ericjohnsalut or anyone else says may 'baho' si KC they better support it w/ LOTS of proof/evidence/witnesses. Kasi kung gusto namin manira, ang dami naming kilalang involved noon at ngayon.
  • If KC has done anything to upset anyone, or bring shame to our family, or ruin my trust in her, or ruin my NAME, AKO MISMO ANG BUBUGBOG SA ANAK KO AT HIHINGI NG TAWAD SA PUBLIKO BAGO PA MAKARATING SA MGA NANINIRA.
  • Isusumbong ko kayo sa lahat ng Tulfo! Hahaha
  • KC has taken such good care of her phone with ALL "their" messages! Pati mga pagsosorry ng iba dyan sa kanya.
  • @kc_concepcion I will get your iPhone from you asap tutti. Get it ready for me. Love you. Get well anak.
  • yes you're right. May mga tiga-ABS din sila ang nagtitweet ng mga paninira pati sa akin. Ginagawa nila yan sa iba't-ibang tao noon pa.
  • Yun ang nakakalungkot. May mga nandun na di marunong ihiwalay ang mga nabuong friendship at pinagsamahan sa work. Tapos sariling artist nila like KC, sisiraan. At ng EXECUTIVE nila ha! Yan ang KAPAMILYA? Dun sa amin maliit lang ang station namin (sa ngayon lang) pero mga totoo kasama ko. No one has LIED to me yet from TV5.
  • Sa ABS-CBN MERON. One of the reasons I left. Sorry, just telling the truth.
  • Ok guys, at least nasabi ko na sa kanila ang gusto ko sabihin. Basta ang importante, happy kami sa show namin! And I am excited to go to work every taping day kahit maduling ako sa puyat kasi we aim to change kahit one life at a time, and do good works. So I choose to focus on those! At least din lumabas na ang tunay na kulay ng ibang "kapamilya" kaya mas naa-appreciate ko ang mga KAPATID ko now. God bless us
  • Oh ano ang iba noon? Bakit di nya gawin at may threat sya? It's the same thing, wala pa lang detalye!
  • Oh dear SALAMAT naman di totoo yon! Mahal ng Dios si KC. Di pinatagal. Wala kasing NILOLOKO at TINATAPAKAN
  • maja salvador jr.: Naghuhuramentado nnman ang mga bilbil ni Mega! Hahaha! Mag agawan kau ni Claudine ng title #TheUltimatePalengkeraCeleb2012 @sharon_cuneta12
  • Sharon Cuneta: siguro sa palengke ka lumaki no? Kasi pang-defend mo sa paninira mo "palengke" whatever. Eh palengkera means only maingay na nakikipagaway. Twitter ito. NAGTATYPE AKO NG TAHIMIK! Palibhasa kayo ang mga may ugaling kanal kaya kunyari pinapasa nyo sa iba para di kayo mahalata (kala nyo). Hahahahahahahahaha! Bastos ka na di ka pa nakakaintindi! Yuck.
  • jesusasicadsenson: ms.shawie hindi talga kayang bilhin ng 1 billion mo ang peace of mind noh? smile na :))
  • Sharon Cuneta : hindi ka magkapeace of mind dahil di ikaw ang inoffer-an ng 1 billion no? Mahirap ba i-grasp? Makapapel lang. Kawawa ka naman.
  • diana fer: the, patola ka na naman. Nakakadismaya,
  • Sharon Cuneta: iha, exec. ng ABS-CBN ang naninira sa anak kong kapamilya nila. Huwag ka na pumapel. Di ka importante kaya papansin ka.
  • Cassandra Samuel: Naku Mega, u are on top of this. Better talk to ur friend, Boss Gabby & make sumbong @ericjohnsalut and @ROXY_LIQUIGAN
  • Sharon Cuneta: I've already texted 2 bosses. Thanks
  • Humton: why is kc macho?
  • Sharon Cuneta: why are u an idiot?
  • Sharon Cuneta on KC's Abortion: OH MY GOD... NAPAKALAKING KASALANAN ANG KASINUNGALINGAN MO... I am lifting you up to God after I type this. Patay ka sa parusa Niya!!!! eto lang, sabi nga ni FPJ, POKS KITA. Kung sinabi mo yan sa harap ko, sorry na lang pero pabubugbog kita. Oh and yes --- 10 million pesos cash pag natweet mo kahit na anong pruweba. At saan ba at kailan supposedly nangyari ang abortion na ito? At matanong ko lang -- si kiko pa nagbihis sa kanya wala ba kami ng yaya nya? Ano pa? 10M din yun sayang! Dali pengeng proof huwag puro chismis!!! Demonyita
  • alexson ramirez: Ms Sharon is like a London Bridge... #YouKnowWhatIMean
  • Sharon Cuneta: "a" london bridge? Hahahahahahahaha! Iisa lang yung bridge. You're a english speaking? Nosebleed? Your opinion
  • alexson ramirez: Oo iisa lang un.. Kaya nga "BRIDGE". Sinabi ko bang "BRIDGES"?!

Cebu Pacific Sale Period Up To May 20, 2012

Cebu Pacific
Sale Period: May 17 to 20, 2012

  • Quoted fares are one-way and have limited availability.
  • Fare are exclusive of government fees and taxes.
  • International fares are exclusive of fuel surcharges.
  • Fares are non-refundable.
  • Flight changes must be made more than 24 hours before scheduled time of departure.
  • CAB approved terms and conditions of carriage apply.
Domestic Flights Go Lite Fare
Cebu to Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Dipolog, General Santos, Ozamiz, Pagadian, Surigao or Zamboanga
Cagayan de Oro to Iloilo
Davao to Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo or Zamboanga
Zamboanga to Tawi - Tawi
Manila to Boracay (Caticlan), Dumaguete, Kalibo, Tacloban or Tagbilaran
Cebu to Boracay (Caticlan), Puerto Princesa or Siargao
Manila to Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Cotabato, Davao, Dipolog, General Santos, Ozamiz, Pagadian or Zamboanga
Travel Period: June 15 to September 30, 2012
International Flights Go Lite Fare
Manila to Busan, Incheon or Osaka
50% OFF!
Cebu to Busan or Incheon
50% OFF!
Clark to Bangkok, Hong Kong or Macau
Cebu or Kalibo to Hong Kong NEW!
Cebu or Clark to Singapore
Travel Period: June 15 to September 30, 2012

Air Phil Express Sale Period Up To May 20, 2012

Air Phil Express
Sale Period: May 17 to 20, 2012
Travel Period: June 15 to August 15, 2012

  • Quoted fares for Domestic and International Flights are for one-way only.
  • Fares are with 15 kilos Free Baggage Allowance.
  • Philippine Goverment Tax not included.
  • Fare is not guaranteed until the final purchase.
  • Priced from Origin to Destination or Vice Versa.
  • Subject to rules and conditions, please review carefully.
Domestic DestinationsOne-Way Fare
Manila to Busuanga, Laoag, Legazpi, Masbate, Naga, Puerto Princesa, San Jose (Mindoro) or Tuguegarao P288
Cebu to Bacolod, Butuan, Cagayan De Oro, Caticlan, Cotabato, Davao, General Santos, Iloilo, Kalibo, Lagazpi, Ozamiz, Pagadian, Puerto Princesa, Surigao, Tacloban or Zamboanga P288
Clark to Cebu, Davao, Kalibo or Puerto Princesa P288
Davao to Cagayan De Oro, Iloilo or Zamboanga P288
Zamboanga to Davao, Jolo or Tawi-Tawi P288
Manila to Bacolod, Calbayog, Catarman, Caticlan, Cebu, Iloilo, Kalibo, Tacloban or Tagbilaran P388
Busuanga to Puerto Princesa P388
Iloilo to General Santos P388
International DestinationsOne-Way Fare
Manila to Singapore P688
Clark to Singapore P688


Want to experience camping without leaving the metro?

Good News Coleman® in partnership with Discovery Channel, sets the first-ever Urban Survival Camp in the Philippines slated on May 19, 2012, Saturday to Sunday, at the SM Mall of Asia grass grounds near San Miguel By the Bay.

This spearheading jamboree and fair is a rare moment for city folks to take a break from hectic routines and celebrate the fun of the outdoors through various talks, demonstrations, and exhibits regarding basic mountaineering, outdoor cooking, stargazing, night photography, and many more!

This one has a catch though.Please note that you need to purchase a minimum of P 300.00 worth of Coleman products bought from April 9 to May 19, 2012 from any store, so you'll be given free entrances, camping rights and refreshments at the Coleman Urban Survival Camp event.

This is not a paid post. I just love sharing information. Kindly forward the kindness by sharing on FB, twitter, pinterest, Digg, etc.



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