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Saturday, January 19, 2013

INSTAGRAM WAR:Sunshine Cruz-Montano Vs. Krista Miller

INSTAGRAM WAR:Sunshine Cruz-Montano Vs. Krista Miller

"Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned"- An Insensitive Man

The girl in the picture is Cesar Montano's alleged flavor of the month. Allegedly, this isn't the first time Montano has been linked to another woman since his marriage with Cruz 12 years ago.
Everybody got surprised when Sunshine Cruz-Montano posted on Twitter and in instagram pictures lambasting Cezar's alleged other woman. After discovering that a number of her gifts to husband Cesar Montano are now in the hands of a woman who co-stars with him in an upcoming film.
Sunshine said that even her kids know the"girl" who allegedly goes with the name Kristalyn Engel aka Krista Miller, because it was her kids who called her attention about the matter, because allegedly Krista keep on sending provocative and sexy pictures and messages to her husband Cezar for weeks.

In a series of posts on Instagram, which have also been deleted, Miller shared photos of an Abercombie and Fitch shirt for men, a pack of chocolates and an iPhone 5.

Allegedly, Sunshine found out that the iphone5 and men's shirt she gave to Cezar not to mention the chocolate from her sister-in-law was posted in Instagram by Krista. A big ouch for the legal wife Sunshine. Which prompted Geneva Cruz to react as well in defense of her cousin Sunshine.

shinemontano: I have been quiet. Weeks of texting and sending photos. I was REALLY QUIET but don't you know the meaning of being DISCREET? I BOUGHT THAT SHIRT and it is a guy's shirt for heaven's sake! The chocolate is from my sis in law and that is my iphone5. Di mo na dapat pinagmamalaki sa social networking.
Sunshine Cruz-Montano also responded to another photo post of Miller, which has the caption, "I hope one day, I'll be your first priority."
The actress said, mentioning Miller's account, "You might soon be his first priority. Pagdasal mo."
On Thursday night, Geneva Cruz said, "Mess w/ @shinemontano & you'll mess w/ our whole family too. We come in peace, pero konting respeto naman, babae ka rin. @iamkristamiller"

She added, "Get ready to attack a recent invader of a family member. :p #trespassing @Somimilicious"

Addressing Miller, Geneva said in a series of "tweets," "I'll never understand it! And I refuse to do so. Hooking up with unavailable married men is death. There's no logic. No responsibility."

"Girl, maybe if you treated yourself with some much needed respect you could win yourself a husband too! You are so insensitive. What are you a non-living thing? Purchase your own husband & get off my cousin's. It's never too late to change," she said.

Sunshine Cruz ,Cesar Montano and kids during happier times.

On microblogging site Twitter, Cruz directly addressed Miller via a "mention," telling her to "have the decency to return the iPhone 5. I'm sure you can do better that that." 

Netizens reaction:

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Miriam Defensor-Santago tweets: "Losers want to kick me out"

Miriam Defensor-Santago tweets: "Losers want to kick me out". 

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santago reacted on twitter earlier today because of the mounting pressure cast by her political enemies who wants her to resign.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Angelicopter vs. Rhian Ramos War on Twitter

Angelika "Angelicopter" Schmeing, former disc jockey of radio station Magic 89.9 vs. Rhian Ramos, actress-model-singer War on Twitter.
It all started with this twitter message tweeted by Angelicopter:
"Now having Bfast in a nice hotel & front desk thought i was Kristine H & Rhian R. I said "thanks. I'm not. Khristine & I have babies," she posted on her twitter account last Friday, June 22, 2012.

Angelicopter's tweet didn't sit well with Rhian Ramos, who, only last year, had to parry accusations that she had an abortion, no thanks to Youtube videos uploaded by still unidentified individuals showing former boyfriend Mo Twister wailing about her having supposedly undergone the procedure.

The usually reserved Ramos retorted with a wry tweet, "nyek kailan naman kami ni Kristine pumangit, tumaba at nagpalagay ng silicone ng ganyan?" seemingly alluding to Schmeing, who was a poster girl for Vicki Belo's mammoplasty methods, having had breast augmentation.
To which TheAnglelicopter's reply:
Apparently, Mo Twister saw @TheAnglelicopter's tweets to @cybellise (the two girls were talking about @whianwamos' tweets). Since he wasn't aware of @whianwams' tweets, he asked @TheAnglelicopter:
Obviously already updated, Twister, who is currently in New York, tweeted a little later, "Just ignore her tweet. No big deal. Pls dont tweet or dare her for truth."
Not surprisingly, Angelicopter Schmeing, who is rumored to be dating the controversial radio and TV host , ignored the seeming insult and did as instructed, stopping her tirades against Ramos but not before posting a dig of sorts: "Masarap matulog ng malinis konsensiya."

@TheAnglelicopter stopped attacking @whianwamos, but replied to another Twitter follower:
Suddenly, @whianwamos apologized to @TheAnglelicopter: who is now reportedly dating Mo Twister's ex-best friend KC Montero, sent a direct message to Angelicopter Schmieng saying, "I wanna apologize for even making patol, I myself fueled this thing that didn't even need to happen. Best of luck to you."
Asked by a follower why she had to apologize to Schmeing, Ramos retorted, "wala, i know i didnt start it but it wasnt classy of me to reply. also i was embarrassed that my followers had to see me angry."
Not that Schmeing even cared. Angelicopter has yet to allow the actress the courtesy of a reply.

You could note that Angelicopter Schmeing was noticed a few years ago when she started sharing seeming bedroom anecdotes on air during question & answer's with Mo Twister, which led to her earning the moniker "Angelicopter." It was Mo Twister who asked her to pinch-hit for Magic DJ Grace Lee after Grace was injured in an accident.

The turn of luck allowed for Angelicopter Schmeing to start a career not only as DJ but as model and as contestant on "Survivor Philippines." Coincidentally, it was an altercation with Grace Lee early this year that is said to have gotten Schmeing booted out of the station though Magic 89.9 has already denied it citing vague reasons for the dismissal.

Friday, May 18, 2012


  • Eric John Salut: Kilala ko na kung kaninong fans ang bitter sa super success ng #EveryBreathUTake. Obvious! Oh well, it's already on record and official, #EveryBreathUTake is breaking box office records!
  • PIOLO-FIED AKO: kilala ko rin sir ej. hindi sila nag-iisip kung makakatulong b sa idolo nila makakasama ang bitterness nila.
  • Eric John Salut: di ba? Ang sama ng ginagawa nila. God bless their souls.
  • LadyMars⚡: And kilala mo rin ba kung kaninong fans ang bitter at panay bash kay KC at Mega? Dont be GULLIBLE! OBVIOUS! :)
  • Eric John Salut: oh why are you reacting? Kayo ba yon? Obvious ka inday! Maglaba ka na!
  • LadyMars⚡: Bitter na kung bitter! eh kayo? plastic!
  • Eric John Salut: ayun, e di umamin ka din! Boba!
  • LadyMars⚡: naku hinde ako labandera.. hinde katulad nyo na laging naglalaba ng baho ni Piolo! :P
  • LadyMars⚡: kilala mo sila hinde ba? but you dont want to admit it! so why not say it? ako kilala ko kung kaninong fans ang bitter kay KC
  • Eric John Salut: gusto mo ng baho ng idolo mo? Dami kong alam. Di mo kakayanin.
  • Marylou Cruz: As an ABS CBN employee,shame on u to threaten to expose the so called baho of one of the stars,coz u don't like
  • Marylou Cruz: No threats, please,. I challenged you to do it. Go ahead n expose it. But r u ready for any repercussion?
  • Roxy Liquigan: Sorry no comment because I'm not a follower ng account niya. Ever and Never. Yun lang po. Good morning. :)

Sharon Cuneta Twitter Rants
  • Ano nga bang 'baho' ni KC ang pinagsasabi nila?! Pakilabas na
  • please at pati ako naiinip na!!! Mga walanghiya ang mga sinungaling. Tandaan ninyo di natutulog ang Diyos.
  • Tapos ilabas din dapat ang baho ng mga dinidios nila sa ABS-CBN ha.
  • gusto ko malaman kung ano ang pinagsasabi ni eric john salut. Nang maglabasan na.
  • Eric, what's the problem with my daughter? Has she done anything karumal-dumal? Or do you guys just choose to have a problem with her? Di ba puedeng mag-move-on na lahat?
  • If @ericjohnsalut or anyone else says may 'baho' si KC they better support it w/ LOTS of proof/evidence/witnesses. Kasi kung gusto namin manira, ang dami naming kilalang involved noon at ngayon.
  • If KC has done anything to upset anyone, or bring shame to our family, or ruin my trust in her, or ruin my NAME, AKO MISMO ANG BUBUGBOG SA ANAK KO AT HIHINGI NG TAWAD SA PUBLIKO BAGO PA MAKARATING SA MGA NANINIRA.
  • Isusumbong ko kayo sa lahat ng Tulfo! Hahaha
  • KC has taken such good care of her phone with ALL "their" messages! Pati mga pagsosorry ng iba dyan sa kanya.
  • @kc_concepcion I will get your iPhone from you asap tutti. Get it ready for me. Love you. Get well anak.
  • yes you're right. May mga tiga-ABS din sila ang nagtitweet ng mga paninira pati sa akin. Ginagawa nila yan sa iba't-ibang tao noon pa.
  • Yun ang nakakalungkot. May mga nandun na di marunong ihiwalay ang mga nabuong friendship at pinagsamahan sa work. Tapos sariling artist nila like KC, sisiraan. At ng EXECUTIVE nila ha! Yan ang KAPAMILYA? Dun sa amin maliit lang ang station namin (sa ngayon lang) pero mga totoo kasama ko. No one has LIED to me yet from TV5.
  • Sa ABS-CBN MERON. One of the reasons I left. Sorry, just telling the truth.
  • Ok guys, at least nasabi ko na sa kanila ang gusto ko sabihin. Basta ang importante, happy kami sa show namin! And I am excited to go to work every taping day kahit maduling ako sa puyat kasi we aim to change kahit one life at a time, and do good works. So I choose to focus on those! At least din lumabas na ang tunay na kulay ng ibang "kapamilya" kaya mas naa-appreciate ko ang mga KAPATID ko now. God bless us
  • Oh ano ang iba noon? Bakit di nya gawin at may threat sya? It's the same thing, wala pa lang detalye!
  • Oh dear SALAMAT naman di totoo yon! Mahal ng Dios si KC. Di pinatagal. Wala kasing NILOLOKO at TINATAPAKAN
  • maja salvador jr.: Naghuhuramentado nnman ang mga bilbil ni Mega! Hahaha! Mag agawan kau ni Claudine ng title #TheUltimatePalengkeraCeleb2012 @sharon_cuneta12
  • Sharon Cuneta: siguro sa palengke ka lumaki no? Kasi pang-defend mo sa paninira mo "palengke" whatever. Eh palengkera means only maingay na nakikipagaway. Twitter ito. NAGTATYPE AKO NG TAHIMIK! Palibhasa kayo ang mga may ugaling kanal kaya kunyari pinapasa nyo sa iba para di kayo mahalata (kala nyo). Hahahahahahahahaha! Bastos ka na di ka pa nakakaintindi! Yuck.
  • jesusasicadsenson: ms.shawie hindi talga kayang bilhin ng 1 billion mo ang peace of mind noh? smile na :))
  • Sharon Cuneta : hindi ka magkapeace of mind dahil di ikaw ang inoffer-an ng 1 billion no? Mahirap ba i-grasp? Makapapel lang. Kawawa ka naman.
  • diana fer: the, patola ka na naman. Nakakadismaya,
  • Sharon Cuneta: iha, exec. ng ABS-CBN ang naninira sa anak kong kapamilya nila. Huwag ka na pumapel. Di ka importante kaya papansin ka.
  • Cassandra Samuel: Naku Mega, u are on top of this. Better talk to ur friend, Boss Gabby & make sumbong @ericjohnsalut and @ROXY_LIQUIGAN
  • Sharon Cuneta: I've already texted 2 bosses. Thanks
  • Humton: why is kc macho?
  • Sharon Cuneta: why are u an idiot?
  • Sharon Cuneta on KC's Abortion: OH MY GOD... NAPAKALAKING KASALANAN ANG KASINUNGALINGAN MO... I am lifting you up to God after I type this. Patay ka sa parusa Niya!!!! eto lang, sabi nga ni FPJ, POKS KITA. Kung sinabi mo yan sa harap ko, sorry na lang pero pabubugbog kita. Oh and yes --- 10 million pesos cash pag natweet mo kahit na anong pruweba. At saan ba at kailan supposedly nangyari ang abortion na ito? At matanong ko lang -- si kiko pa nagbihis sa kanya wala ba kami ng yaya nya? Ano pa? 10M din yun sayang! Dali pengeng proof huwag puro chismis!!! Demonyita
  • alexson ramirez: Ms Sharon is like a London Bridge... #YouKnowWhatIMean
  • Sharon Cuneta: "a" london bridge? Hahahahahahahaha! Iisa lang yung bridge. You're a english speaking? Nosebleed? Your opinion
  • alexson ramirez: Oo iisa lang un.. Kaya nga "BRIDGE". Sinabi ko bang "BRIDGES"?!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Teddy Locsin Jr vs. Akbayan Party on Twitter

  • Akbayan Party: Gil Puyat Ave. effectively occupied by Filipinos protesting China's bullying.
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: Kill all Akbayan members if Chinese mobs retaliate against Pinoys in China.
  • Inquirer Group: Loida Lewis to China: ‘You’re shameless’
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: Go to Beijing and say that there.
  • Rappler: For years Filipino and Chinese fishermen peacefully shared the rich harvests around Scarborough Shoal -until now
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: Years? Those effings were taking our fish for years? Who let them? Governors of what provinces? How would China like it if for years Filipino farmers were farming peacefully in Hunan and sharing rich harvests? What kind of nambypamby, artsyfartsy, nancypansy crud is that? Is everybody turn sissy here?
  • Rappler: China angry at PH for rally that ended in singing & dancing.
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: This time China right. This is diplomatic or war thing not a nancy pansy thing on the streets esp by leftsits.
  • Gerry Alanguilan: Huge and powerful, if China goes to war with us, we will lose. I have no illusions. If they get that shoal, I hope they choke on it.
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: That is poor consolation, I hope they choke on it. They won't because they will not eat it, they will drill and fish it.
  • Akbayan Party: Filipinos all around the world are standing up against China's bullying & you want them dead? Real classy, Teddy.
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: Yes, that is the trigger for the PH-US Mutual Defense Pact you sissies.
  • Akbayan Party: How stupid can you get wanting Filipinos killed for exercising their right to protest?
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: That right is idiotic when it endangers Filipinos abroad, Akbayan known for its physical cowardice unlike Bayan Muna.
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: You really don't care what happens to any of our people in China but your sissy selves. Great. I hope you die. You are stupid not 2 see the reckless endangerment to our countrymen in Hong Kong and China by throwing this to mob
  • Akbayan Party: What a statement from a former lawmaker. You also want all those who attended the Makati rally killed like Winnie Monsod?
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: Yeah none of you ever qualified as real lawmakers, you fake partylisters representing no constituency.
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: Don't you dare lecture me on behavior. If any Filipino hurt in China by mobs, you must be hurt here.
  • Akbayan Party: And don't you dare threaten people killed just because they exercised their right to protest.
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: I dare. Filipino couple butchered when mistaken for Japanese because of Chinese mob fury. I have friends in China you shit.
  • Akbayan Party: Akbayan lawmakers are nothing like you. They don't threaten to kill people for exercising their right to protest.
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: @AkbayanParty They don't care enough about country and people hostage abroad to the fury of mobs. You have the right but not the sense.
  • Adrian Baccay: once a respected journalist and lawmaker, wants me dead for taking a stand on the #PanatagShoal issue. (Who's coward now?)
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: Once a respected? I have more of that than all of you put together then reincarnated a million times.
  • Gibby Gorres: You do think too highly of yourself, too highly for someone who cowers in front of China.
  • Aaron Rom Moralina: You're so full of yourself, Teddy Boy. You've hit gutter level buddy.
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: No room in the gutter, you are all there putting our countrymen in China at risk.
  • Emman Hizon: kill all Akbayan members? So that includes your freemason brothers who are members of the organization?
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: What are you an idiot to make an argument like that? O I forgot you are Akbayan, the fake Bayan Muna.
  • Emman Hizon: As far as I know you're the "idiot" here. Threatening people killed just because they exercised their right to protest.
  • Josel Gonzales: If @teddyboylocsin wants to kill all Akbayan members, he is welcome to start with me #ampatuanngmakati
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: I will remember that when the first Pinoy is killed in China.
  • Alvin Quintans: No person with sound mind would wish fellows be killed for defending sovereignty. yu agree, @teddyboylocsin?
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: Yes, defending sovereignty sensibly. PNoy whatever you think of him is doing that, do not fuck up his diplomacy.
  • Charle Angel Vergara: Ex-Congressman for very obvious reasons. Wishing ill on fellow Pinoys is characteristically teddy locsin
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: I finished 3 terms with landslide victories and distinguished record not like useless Akbayans without any distinction.
  • Gibby Gorres: You are born out of patronage politics. Not surprising why your patronage to China is showing.
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: Are you an idiot? Think of what you just said.
  • Charle Angel Vergara: yeah yeah with the help of course of kind political patrons. Kudos for being somebody else's political peon.
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: Hello low born moron.
  • Charle Angel Vergara: hello Mr. Failure.
  • Arnold Taroogs-Villa: asking for akbayan people to be killed just for exercising their right to be heard?! do his makati D1 constituents agree?
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: I would think so, they voted me in 3 times by landslide and I had stronger opinions before.
  • Leloy Claudio: u supported the Iraq war right? did u ever threaten george bush 4 making americans prone to terror attacks in the mid east?
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: Bush's policy of kill us and we kill you all, men women and children stopped all attacks on the US, worked right?
  • Leloy Claudio: u seems to advocate 4 a measured response to china. a tad hypocritical to overkill when it comes to akbayan?
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: Not measured. Keep our boats there, leave fishermen alone, ram Chinese military vessels if uppity, get sunk—7th fleet or not.
  • Stella Boccados: Jeez I just lost respect for teddy boy, wait, I never had any....
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: Of course, you are not smart enough to read me.
  • Arnold Taroogs-Villa: what laws have you passed protecting OFW rights @teddyboylocsin? are you really protecting OFW rights or something else, teddy?
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: Dual citzenship, overseas voting. I am so talented I can't stand it.
  • Jonas Bagas: A grand act of servility. That's what @teddyboylocsin is doing right now.
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: Of course, servility to the best interest of our nation and our people in China.
  • Teddy Locsin: They burned Chinese flag? Uh oh. Well in aid of Risa's election but burning flag is a no no, they might burn a Pinoy in China
  • Maan Pamintuan: Wonder what the issue between @teddyboylocsin and @AnakbayanParty is.. #politics
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: Nothing worthwhile, just the lives of Pinoys in China, cannon fodder for Risa's election.
  • Clinton Balud: I think I get d point of @teddyboylocsin. He said dat if Chinese will threaten Fils in China after the protest staged by @AkbayanParty
  • Akbayan Party: Protest was not directed against Chinese people. It was against the Chinese gov't's policy of continuing intrusions in Panatag.
  • Akbayan Party: Standing up against a bully is not a war declaration. But to wish violence against those who confronted the bully complements war. Goodnite!
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