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Friday, June 29, 2012

PLAYBOY FRAGRANCES: The Mocha Girls Choice

The Mocha Girls had a poster signing at SM North Edsa Upper G/F Main Bldg., at 4 p.m. today, June 29, 2012. Mocha Girls' 3rd album is entitled “Pinay Ako” featuring the hit single “Isa Pa Nga.” The album is produced by Playboy Fragrances released under Bellhaus Entertainment. 
If you buy any variant of the Playboy fragrances you are entitled to a FREE poster signing and picture with the Mocha Girls. The lines was so long they have to extend for another ten minutes to accommodate everyone.

The Playboy fragrances eau de toilette embodies contemporary masculine elegance, these sensuously rounded glass bottles resemble flasks, wrapped in a sleek black band.

The fragrances bottles are as stylish on the outside as the fragrances contained within. On the bottle are see-through Rabbit Head logo, yes it is exactly the same globally recognized symbol of Playboy which allows a peek at Bunny silhouettes, through the fragrances on the back of the bottles, which adds an element of playfulness. The distinctive logo is also embossed on the top of the bottles’ black caps, creating a striking finishing touch.

Each of the five Playboy fragrances can be recognized by its signature color:
  1.  silver for Hollywood Playboy
  2.  blue for Malibu Playboy
  3.  orange for Miami Playboy
  4.  red for Vegas Playboy
  5.  aqua blue for Ibiza Playboy.
The juice in each bottle is tinted with its corresponding color, creating a stunning, eye-catching effect. Men wearing these Playboy fragrances demand to be noticed.
The bottles are packaged in cool metallic black boxes with the iconic Playboy Rabbit Head embossed in black and surrounded by the individual color of each fragrance. The top of each box is finished in its own color for maximum impact. Inside each box, each variant unveils its unique Bunny silhouette, echoing the bottle.
The Playboy fragrance range also includes five new body sprays. Statements in modern masculine style, these sleek cylindrical bottles have an innovative asymmetrical shaped cap imprinted with a Rabbit Head. Predominantly black, each body spray is decorated with the Rabbit Head logo, highlighted in its signature color. Next to each actuator the logo “Press To Play” is featured. The result is contemporary, sophisticated, playful and truly striking – the perfect blend for any man.

The stylish Playboy fragrances capture the essence of four sophisticated and contemporary city lifestyles: Hollywood Playboy, Malibu Playboy, Miami Playboy, Vegas Playboy and Ibiza Playboy. Party time is only one spray away.

Beautiful women, fast cars, luxury villas. What guy doesn’t dream of the Playboy lifestyle? Hugh Hefner needn’t be the only one to have all the fun. Now, party time is only a spray away with the launch of five irresistible new fragrances ...from the iconic Playboy brand. Just press to play.
Whether you aspire to suave and sophisticated or cool and edgy, there’s a sexy fragrance to meet your personal style. Choose from Hollywood Playboy, Malibu Playboy, Miami Playboy, Vegas Playboy and Ibiza Playboy, all available in all leading supermarkets and personal care stores nationwide. Each distinctive contemporary fragrance captures the essence of the glamorous lifestyle in some of the world’s hottest cities.
The life and soul of any party, the guy who wears Playboy fragrance is successful, stylish and charismatic with the luxury lifestyle and tech toys to match. Now you can be the guy with the skills to get the cash, the car and the girl. Select the Playboy fragrance that matches your inner attitude and give your confidence a boost.
Ready to party? Select your secret weapon: one of Playboy’s four captivating new fragrances and press to play. Then it’s time to check your reflection, turn on the charm and make your entrance. Welcome to the new guy in town.

IBIZA PLAYBOY ---- Sexy, free-spirited, the guy that wears Ibiza Playboy lives life to the fullest & relaxes and enjoys whenever it is possible. For him life is a never-ending party, you will see him in crazy, exclusive parties from morning till dawn in a yacht or in a club and always surrounded... by beautiful women.

The Ibiza Playboy fragrance evokes the intoxicating appeal of the island where pleasure rules. This fresh fougere fragrance opens with the invigorating head notes of citrus, kiwi and water fruits, giving an immediate flash of freshness. ...An exquisite bouquet of lavender, tarragon and green leaves at the heart creates a distinctive air of elegance. The black tea, nutmeg, beech and suede add sensuous tones for a striking signature that’s as brand new and all night party freshness.

VEGAS PLAYBOY ---- Vegas Playboy. A high rolling daredevil, the guy that wears Vegas Playboy lives life on the edge and to excess. Always dressed with panache, his life is all about limos and private jets, casinos and exclusive parties. A risk-taker, he’s attracted to the wilder side of life wh...ether it be gambling or mysterious women.

The Vegas Playboy fragrance echoes the Vegas guy’s decadent, thrill-seeking lifestyle. This oriental fougere opens with the mouth-watering head notes of apple, basil and tea, giving an immediate flash of freshness. An exquisite bouquet of lavender, jasmine and geranium at the heart creates a distinctive air of elegance. The woody, earthy base notes of musk, vanilla, tonka and georgywood add sensuous tones for a striking signature that’s as dynamic and exciting as its inspiration.

MIAMI PLAYBOY ---- Miami Playboy The man who wears Miami Playboy is suave, seductive and sexy. Check out his modern waterfront house, super-sleek yacht and flashy sports car. No wonder he is a hit with the ladies. Find him hanging out at South Beach’s hippest poolside bars or dancing to the co...olest DJs. The party never stops for this pleasure-seeker.

Miami Playboy is an irresistible, fresh, woody fragrance encapsulating a passion for life. It leads with a sparkling combination of bergamot, leafy green, apple and ozone that energizes and awakens the senses. The rich heart of rosewood, ...cyclamen and jasmine creates an intense experience that intoxicates and enthralls. Whilst the warm, tactile base notes of musk, amber and cedar wood capture the magnetic and compelling charm of this guy.

MALIBU PLAYBOY --- Malibu PlayboyLife is one long beach party for the effortlessly cool, tanned and athletic guy who wears the Malibu Playboy fragrance. If he’s not surfing or chilling out by the pool, he’s cruising the waterfront in his SUV. Admired for his clean, casual sense of style, he’...s never without his two favorite accessories: designer sunglasses and a beautiful babe.

The Malibu Playboy fragrance’s crisp aromatic scent evokes the energy of the ocean. It kicks off with the invigorating notes of tangy citrus, apple, mint, leafy green and verbena mixed with a spicy dash of distinctive neroli, creating a clean, light freshness. The fragrance builds to a floral heart of jasmine and iris with a touch of lemony coriander and smooth, woody cedar. Mellow undertones of musk, tonka, sandalwood and cashmere complete the sensation, delivering a heady mix of vibrancy and sensuality.

HOLLYWOOD PLAYBOY --- Smooth and sophisticated, the man wearing Hollywood Playboy is in the scene and out to be seen. Spot him on the red carpet or at an exclusive LA party with a rich socialite hanging off his arm. Or join the party at his house in the Hollywood Hills with the vintage Corvett...e convertible parked in the driveway.

Hollywood Playboy is an oriental woody fragrance that perfectly captures the essence of a dazzling world of celebrity and glamour. It opens with the tantalizing citrus head notes of mandarin, thyme, bergamot and elemi to deliver a vibrant ...freshness. At the heart, lavender, rosewood and jasmine unite with cedar wood to give a subtly floral yet masculine elegance. The fragrance then settles on the warm base notes of vetiver, musk, warm amber, vanilla and sandalwood, creating a smooth, seductive experience.

Remember PLAYBOY FRAGRANCES: Mocha Girls Choice so buy now.

Eau de Toilette 50 ml, P495.00
Body Spray 150 ml, P199.75

Playboy Fragrances are now available at Watsons and at the Beauty sections of SM Department Stores nationwide.



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