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Sunday, December 9, 2012

MOMMY DIONISIA: On Manny's Victory, Defeat,Loans and Conversion

MOMMY DIONISIA: On Manny's Victory, Defeat, Loans and Conversion
According to Mommy Dionisia, allegedly, since Manny was converted into another religion by a Pastor who victimized him with a $200,000 unpaid loan he started losing in his boxing fights.

Mommy D Pacquiao : Tanggap ko ang pagkatalo niya. Sana huwag niyang kakalimutang mag-sign of the cross. Yun ang nagpapanalo sa kanya noon.

Mommy D : Bahala ang Diyos sa kanya. Itigil na niya ang boksing. Kung gusto niyang mag-pulitiko gamitin na lang niya para tumulong sa iba

Without the rosary there is no Victory :-(  'hope Manny will pray the rosary again soon said my friend.  A lot of my friends were saddened by this revelation.

My personal message to the people's champ Manny Pacquiao: I wish you well. I hope you are okay. You are still our champ! You are still our hero and Pinoy pride. Whatever religion you choose, may God bless you always.

Juan Manuel Marquez Lucky Punch that Knocked Down Manny Pacquiao

Juan Manuel Marquez Lucky Punch that Knocked Down Manny Pacquiao
Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao who was knocked out by a counter-punch from Juan Manuel Marquez, during the sixth round of their welterweight fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Saturday (Sunday, PHL time) did not expect the power of Juan Manuel's Marquez lucky punch. He admitted getting overconfident when he knocked down Marquez on the fifth round. As a result, Marquez won the WBO Fighter of the Decade title. REUTERS/Steve Marcus
Manny Pacquiao: out-landed Juan Manuel Marquez, 94-52, in total punches, 68-41 in power punches.

Manny Pacquiao is one of the most humble champion we ever have. He admitted he was overconfident. Manny vows to go back into training and  fight again. Bob Arum says Pacquiao-Marquez 5 still possible. 

Juan Manuel Marquez: Knocks Down Manny Pacquiao in sixth round

Juan Manuel Marquez: Knocks Down Manny Pacquiao in sixth round
Manny Pacquiao was unconscious in the ring for almost 30 seconds when he was knocked down by Juan Manuel Marquez with a vicious right hand at the end of the sixth round Saturday night, putting a ferocious end to the fourth fight between the two boxers.
Manny Pacquiao had been down in the third round but knocked Juan Manuel Marquez down in the fifth and the two were exchanging heavy blows in the sixth round before El Dinamita threw a right hand that flattened Pacman's face down on the canvas at 2:59 of the sixth round.
The referee waived the fight to an end as Juan Manuel Marquez celebrated and the sold-out crowd at the MGM erupted. Manny Pacquiao was down for about two minutes before his handlers managed to get him up.

Manny Pacquiao: Knock out in 6th Round

Manny Pacquiao: Knock out in 6th Round

This comes as a big surprise! Manny Pacquiao was knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez on the 6th round, one second before the end of round six.

Marquez who has a bloody nose dropped a solid straight punch to Pacquiao's chin. Thus Pacquiao was knocked out cold to the canvas just before the bell.

Juan Manuel Marquez survived a broken nose and standing eight count to beat Manny Pacquiao with a stunning sixth-round knockout.

Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez Part IV

Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez Part IV

What more is there to say? Nothing. What more is left to do? Nothing. Who would have thought that there will be a fight for the fourth time between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez? Did you happen to predict this? Not that I am complaining. But have you heard about the "sawa" factor? Anyway both boxers are looking as ripped and ready as ever when they had a weigh in last December 7, 2012.

The fight between the two great fighters will happen later this morning Pinas time ( Dec 9, Dec 8 in the US) live at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.  So stay tune for the live blog update!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I can exceed my limitations!

I can exceed my limitations! Man is the only creature that strives to surpass himself, and yearns for the impossible - Eric Hoffer

My ultimate favorite sports hero is the pride of every Filipino worldwide- Emmanuel "Manny" Dapidran Pacquiao. He was born on December 17, 1978 in General Santos City.

Manny Pacquiao had successfully exceeded his own athletic limitations by winning eight-division World Championships in which he won ten world titles in the field of boxing!  Manny Pacquiao is the first ever Filipino Boxer to win the Lineal Championship in four different weight classes. Beat that! He exceeded everyone's expectation. Broke all records of all Filipino Boxers! For me, Manny Pacquaio is the greatest Filipino Boxer of all times.

He had come a long way from being a plastic bag vendor in Polomolok, South Cotabato, where he spent a year during his elementary days helping out his aunt.

Manny Pacquiao is an epitome of a Filipino who dream big and exceeded not only his own expectation but by that of everyone else. Manny Pacquiao's success is tremendous that I doubt it, if any Filipino could follow in his footsteps for the next 100 years.

Manny Pacquiao's workout are focused on the development of these three things:
  1. Speed
  2. Power
  3. Intelligence
As we all know, Manny always knocks out his opponent early in the rounds. But he had also showed the world that he can last up to the last round. He has an amazing stamina, strength skills and speed.

You Tube posted by B0gchiH0kbu

A little trivia: When I created this blog way back in 2009, would you believe that I posted not about my travels but the live streaming videos of my favorite boxer Manny Pacquiao's fight?

I believe, that just like me, Manny Pacquiao also make sure that he has an odor protection in any sport/athletic/fitness activity he does be it boxing or basketball. Of course, he doesn't want to be labeled as the one with a rotten smell. Geez!
I personally use safeguard, so my confidence in the product is really high. Remember, Safeguard Active won’t let bad hygiene distract you from exceeding your athletic limitations and in beating your personal best!
Having an active lifestyle, one should not forget about proper hygiene. You can do all physical sports and at the same time not letting bad hygiene stop you!

Interesting fitness tips and activities of Manny Pacquiao from boxing insider:
  • Warm up!
  • Stretch before and after each workout.
  • Keep your posture straight always.
  • Make sure you are doing each exercise correctly, using good form.
  • Begin low.  
  • As you gain strength, increase reps first.
  • Make sure you exercise all muscle groups equally.
  • Exercise larger muscles first, then smaller ones. The reason behind this is that larger muscles takes more energy to work, so you want to work them at the beginning, when you are all fresh and relax. 
  • Rest is essential. Strength training causes microtrauma to the muscles; healing this microtrauma is what builds muscle tissue and strength. It takes 24-48 hours after a workout for the healing to be complete, so it’s important to rest each muscle group for 24-48 hours between workouts. 
  • No pain. Period. Pain during a workout is a sign that you are using incorrect technique, that you have some prior injury or that you are overtraining. Pain after a workout is a sign of overtraining. It is normal to have some mild soreness for 24-48 hours after your first few workouts, but pain that is more severe, that persists past 24 hours or that continues as you get stronger suggests that you may have an overtraining injury.
Safeguard Active with 12-Hour Odor Protection. Safeguard Active won’t let bad hygiene distract you from exceeding your athletic limitations and in beating your personal best!

My dear readers please share and watch the “#BeatCoachRio by Safeguard Active

Monday, June 11, 2012



I bet each and everyone of you have heard about the CONTROVERSIAL CROWNING of
Timothy  Bradley as the 2012 WBO WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION.

Timothy Bradley said to have defeated Manny Pacquiao in a 12-round boxing match last June 9, 2012 in MGM Grand Arena in Nevada, USA.

If you had watch the fight, it is noticeable that Manny Pacquiao seemed to dominate the fight against Timothy Bradley from the opening round until the middle round. While there were a few (3-4) rounds that seemed like that could be scored for Bradley, it seemed impossible by the time the final bell had sounded that Timothy Bradley had done nearly enough to take a decision but unfortunately that's exactly what happened.

Manny Pacquiao's hard straight left landed on Bradley's face almost all night long from the early to middle rounds. 

Manny's powerful blows were certainly more telling than Bradley's much lighter shots. Beyond the quality and power of the shots landed, Pacquiao dominated in terms of actual punches landed and accuracy.

Manny Pacquiao landed better, bigger, monster punches that rocked Timothy Bradley. See Video!

Manny Pacquiao landed 253 out of 751 thrown whereas Bradley landed only 159 out of 839 thrown.

This is clearly the worst decision ever that the Nevada Athletic Commission had made. Keith Kizer, executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission should overturn the judges decision and suspend the two judges who declared Bradley as the winner.

"I've never been as ashamed of the sport of boxing as I am tonight"-Bob Arum
"Can you believe that? Unbelievable, I went over to Bradley before the decision and he said, 'I tried hard but I couldn't beat the guy."- Bob Arum

"He hurt me a couple of times with his left. He's a beast." - Timothy Bradley 
"I got my second wind in the sixth round I worked the angles, sticking and moving." - Timothy Bradley  

"He never hurt me with his punches, most of them landed on my arms"-Pacquiao 

"I did my best but I guess my best wasn't good enough." - Manny Pacquiao

Mark November 10, 2012 on your calendar that will be the date of the rematch between Manny Pacquiao vs.Timothy Bradley.

Video of Pacquiao vs. Bradley WBO Welterweight Title Fight

Video of Pacquiao vs. Bradley WBO Welterweight Title Fight 

Rounds 1 to 3

Rounds 4 to 6

Rounds 7 to 9

Rounds 10 to 12

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Top Rank BOB ARUM'S REACTION regarding Nevada judges vote in lopsided split decision:
"I've never been ashamed to be associated with the sport of boxing - tonight I am. "

Manny Pacquiao loses WBO World Welterweight title toTimothy Bradley

Early on in the fight, Pacquiao fired off punches that were landing with shocking precision on Timothy Bradley's face.

Supporting pictures below:

So how come Manny Pacquiao lost his WBO World Welterweight title to Timothy Bradley by a split decision?

The result was highly criticized by celebrities and everyone else in social media be it in twitter or facebook. Top Rank CEO Bob Arum called out the judges saying they "didn't know how to score."

Here are some questions that runs through everyone's brain:
How  the hell did the judges score the fight?

Jerry Roth is the only judge who scored the fight in favor of the People's Champ, 115-113. Both CJ Ross and Duane Ford scored it 115-113 in favor of Desert Storm.

How did the rest of the sports world score the fight?

Fox Sports: 119-100 for Pacquiao
LA Times: 117-111 for Pacquiao
Guardian UK: 117-111 for Pacquiao
ESPN (Dan Rafael): 119 - 109 for Pacquiao
Compubox: Pacquiao outlanded Bradley 253-159 in total punches.
Manny landed more punches in 10 of 12 rounds.
Picture from rappler
According to HBO (Harold Lederman): #Compubox:
Total punches landed/thrown in bout: Pacquiao 253/751, Bradley 159/839

#LedermanCard 119-109 Pacquiao 116-112 Pacquiao

Eastside Boxing: 118-110 Pacquiao

Rappler also scored the fight 119-109 in favor of the 8-division world champion. 

Thrash those statistics! Pacquiao loss was fixed, so there can be a huge & profitable rematch! Boxing is big business in  LasVegas, USA.

Everyone wants to see manny avenge this loss. They could cash in again with the rubber match should Manny win the 2nd fight.

So who really won?  The promoter Bob Arum, MGM, Manny Pacquiao with Guaranteed $26 Million, Bradley $5 Million


Winner by split decision.
I don't know how the judges came up with the score. Considering Bradley did not land any solid punch on Manny Pacquiao.
Manny Pacquiao (54-3-2 38 KOs) is favored over Timothy Bradley (28-0 12 KOs) before the fight. The underdog Bradley did not land any solid punch on Manny Pacquiao. When the commentators said that Timothy Bradley won by split decision and only God know's how, they suddenly stopped talking for a minute or two. They too, were overwhelm how in the world did the judges came up with their decisions.
As everybody knows, Timothy Bradley was the underdog at the start of the fight. The odds heavily favor the Pacman at -450 and plus +350 for Timothy Bradley. This means a $450 bet on Pacquiao will earn $100, while a $100 bet on Bradley will earn $350.

But then again maybe it was so boring already, when a boxer is undefeated for seven straight years. And no known boxer can match him in upcoming fights so they need to manipulate the results to level off the playing field. Do I smell a rematch?
 Here's the CompuBox Numbers from abscbn:

 Manny lands 34% (253/751), Bradley lands 19% (159/839).

 Manny landed more in 10 of 12 rounds 

On a happy Note! Don't despair dear readers Manny Pacquiao still wins in terms of PPV, endorsements, prize money, etc. He is the happiest loser in the block. And we are talking about money in million of dollars! Hurray! Panalo pa rin ang pinoy boxer natin!



Yes, this is the moment!  I hope everyone can see the fight live.

Will the team Bradley stop the seven-year winning streak of Filipino Pride Manny Pacquiao?

Let's all pray for Manny! Mabuhay ang Pinoy!

I am currently watching their fight here:

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley Fight Promo

To my idol Manny Pacquiao, Good luck po!
Manny Pacquiao is once again hard at work, enduring all kinds of pain as he prepares for his upcoming bout against the undefeated Timothy Bradley. With the support of Alaxan FR and the entire Philippines, Manny "Pacman"Paquiao is set to defend his title and once again bring honor to the Philippines.

Support our Pambansang Kamao and wear your Philippine pride through the special edition Aray Mo, Galing Natin Pilipinas shirts by Alaxan FR. You can get one of these shirts simply by joining my promo and following these rules:
1. Show your support for Manny by taking a photo greeting for him for his upcoming fight against Timothy Bradley on June 10. Hold a placard, a board, or a paper with your one-liner message and don’t forget to include “Aray Mo, Galing Natin Pilipinas!”
2. Send the photo to State your name, contact number, and for tracking purposes, also state my blog’s name.
3. Like the Alaxan FR Official Facebook Fan Page at
Alaxan FR will be giving away 100 special edition Pacman shirts to the first users who send in their photo greetings.
The promo will run from May 23, 2012 and ends on June 5, 2012. Winners of the promo will be announced on June 6, 2012. Join now!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Manny Pacquiao Faces Toughest Foes: Gays and Lesbians

Who would have guess that Manny Pacquiao’s toughest opponent wasn’t Floyd Mayweather Jr. or Timothy Bradley, but the entire lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender (LGBT) community?

As far as gay-rights advocates are concerned, it’s a knockout.

The consensus on the Net is that the Filipino boxing champion has fallen from grace because of his rant against gay marriage. It has also ignited an online petition for Nike to drop Pacquiao as endorser. An Internet report claimed Pacquiao is now barred from The Grove, a shopping mall in Los Angeles, where the TV show “Extra” is taped, because of his “bigotry.”

In a recent interview in the US newspaper National Conservative Examiner, Pacquiao likened gay marriage to “Sodom and Gomorrah” and quoted a biblical passage that said “gays should be put to death.”

Pacquiao denied saying that in a statement read on the network news in Manila last night. He also said he did not know the text in Leviticus that prescribes death for homosexuality.

But earlier in the day, his website quoted him as standing by what he said.

Gay activists have weighed in and found Pacquiao wanting.

Anna Leah Sarabia, anthropologist and gender and development specialist, told the Inquirer: “He has lost many fans, unfortunately, and gained many critics. He is trying to make up for lack of knowledge on social issues by being self-righteous and quoting the Bible out of context, and parroting the brainless statements of homophobic and misogynist priests and politicians.”

Danton Remoto, chair of the Ladlad LGBT political party, also told the Inquirer: “Like Miriam Quiambao, Pacquiao speaks with the zeal of the newly converted about things he knows nothing about. His reading of Christian teachings is narrow-minded, bigoted and, I am sorry to say, ignorant.”

(Quiambao, a former beauty queen, also got in trouble after posting on Twitter that homosexuality is a “lie from the devil.” She later apologized.)

After expressing his sentiments against same-sex marriage in the Examiner, Pacquiao has been deluged with criticisms in the American media and on social networking sites frequented by his countrymen.

Not a few Filipino fans have pointed out: From national hero, he has become a national heel.

It’s an “embarrassment,” said a netizen on Facebook. “Not our proudest moment,” said another.

Another netizen wrote: “I think philandering husbands who flaunt their mistresses and then spout words from the Bible are the ones who deserve to be put to death.”

Another was more straightforward: “Manny needs to worry about his own marriage first before he meddles into everyone else’s.”

It’s rumored that Pacquiao’s marriage to Jinkee Pacquiao is constantly tested by persistent rumors of his womanizing.

Online petition

The Courage Campaign website described Pacquiao as “homophobic” and launched an online petition for Nike to drop him as endorser.

The online campaign read: “Kids all over the world look up to Pacquiao as a role model. Nike earned a 100-percent rating in the 2012 Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index as a pro-LGBT company. Will they live up to it? Sign our petition and tell Nike: ‘Do not tarnish your brand. Stand with millions of LGBT and fair-minded people the world over. Drop Pacquiao now. Hatred surely does not equal Nike.’”

According to LA Weekly, Rick Jacobs, founder and chair of Courage Campaign, said: “American sponsors are going to have to look very carefully … whether they [will] continue to pour money into his apparently empty soul.”

Sarabia, who’s also the editor of the anthology “Tibok: Heartbeat of the Filipino Lesbian,” remarked: “There is a call from LGBT ranks to Nike and other companies to cancel his endorsement contracts because of what he said. There is basis for the call and it would be good to see how these companies will respond.”

Apart from Nike, Pacquiao has scored lucrative deals with international companies like Hewlett-Packard and Hennessy, too.

Banned at Grove

According to online reports, “Extra” host Mario Lopez announced on Twitter that Pacquiao was set to guest today (May 17) on his show, which is taped at The Grove.

The mall eventually issued this statement, published by LA Weekly on its website: “Based on news reports of statements made by Mr. Pacquiao, we have made it be known that he is not welcome at The Grove and will not be interviewed here now or in the future. The Grove is a gathering place for all Angelenos and not a place for intolerance.”

Pacquiao is in Los Angeles, training for his fight with Bradley to be held on June 9 in Las Vegas.

Village Voice parody

Village Voice ran a parody about 10 gays, both real and fictional, who can “beat up … pipsqueak Pacman.” The list includes American basketball bad boy Dennis Rodman and openly gay celebrities like British rugby player Ian Roberts, American football star Esera Tuaolo, singer Clay Aiken and comedian Rosie O’Donnell.

In the humor piece, Village Voice pointed out: “There’s no question that Pacquiao is a tough little guy. But he’s still a little guy (5-foot-6 and 144 pounds) and killing off gays one-by-one might be a slightly more difficult task than the feisty Filipino might think.”

The website of Advocate, a respected gay publication, carried the story with the headline: “Pacquiao compares marriage equality to Sodom and Gomorrah,” referring to the Old Testament cities that God destroyed because of their people’s immorality.

The Examiner interview mainly focused on Pacquiao’s reactions to US President Barack Obama’s recent support of gay marriage. Pacquiao told the Examiner: “America should be the model of morality for other countries to emulate and must have the responsibility to uphold the Scripture to the highest order of God’s command.”

Leviticus 20:13

Advocate reported that Pacquiao quoted the Bible, specifically Leviticus 20:13.

(Leviticus 20:13 reads: “If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their heads.”)

In another Village Voice story, Pacquiao was put to task for quoting Leviticus 20:13. “Pacquiao apparently missed church the day they explained the Golden Rule.”

Village Voice also noted that the “boxer and congressman … is a devout Roman Catholic who recently talked about giving up boxing to focus on his religion. Considering how badly he seems to interpret the ‘good book,’ maybe that’s not such a bad idea.”

Local celebs’ ire

Pacman, as the boxer is known in the biz, earned the ire of local celebrities as well.

Filmmaker Jose Javier Reyes told the Inquirer: “Instead of a reply, I have two questions: Does the Bible endorse the infliction of violence against your fellow man in the name of sportsmanship and to accrue millions so as to further gain a feeling of righteousness? What is the saying again about a little knowledge? Let me check Leviticus … OMG, it says it’s also a sin to have tattoos.”

Pacquiao is as famous for his tattoos as for his killer punch.

Screenwriter and actor Rody Vera told the Inquirer: “Pacquiao may be the world’s best boxer. The funny and fallacious thing is that he seems to believe this translates to being a great politician, great thinker and great person. He’s only a winner in the boxing ring. How awfully small and confining that space is. It aptly signifies his narrow-mindedness and blind fanaticism.”

Sarabia took note of Pacquiao’s statement: “God only expects man and woman to be together and to be legally married, only if they are in love with each other.”

Sarabia asked rhetorically: “I wonder if Pacman (Pacquiao) understands what he said, if he was quoted correctly. His statement seems to be an endorsement for divorce.”

Below the belt

Comedian Jon Santos, who made news for marrying an American man, was clearly not amused.

Santos told the Inquirer: “Life is too short to be spent unhappy. What happens in the bedroom is too private to be subjected to other people’s judgment. God is too good to prevent people who love each other from staying together.”

But stand-up comic Willie Nepomuceno has a hilarious take on the controversy: “I haven’t paid much attention to him since he became the spokesperson of God. Tsk, tsk. Perhaps he has taken too many blows to the head? But, my goodness, now he’s hitting below the belt.”
Source: Inquirer

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jinkee Pacquiao confirms Manny Pacquiao's fight vs. Floyd Mayweather

Good News Fellow boxing enthusiast! The much-awaited dream fight featuring the world’s best pound-for-pound boxing champions Manny Pacquiao and undefeated American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. appears to be certain this year. 

The fight will take place on June 5 according to Jinkee Pacquiao,  wife of Manny Pacquaio and will likely generate one of the biggest purses and television audiences in boxing history. 

In a 24Oras interview by Nelson Canlas, Jinkee said her husband personally confirmed the news to her adding that the fight may take place on either May 5 or June 5, 2012. But most probably it will be on June 5, 2012.

Monday, December 5, 2011


Manny Pacquiao a Filipino boxer and 8-division title champion was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in Philippine Army reserved forces.
The Army donned the lieutenant colonel rank to champion boxer and reservist and  Sarangani representative Manny Pacquiao in simple ceremonies in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig today, Monday, December 5, 2011.
 Pacquiao earned the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Armed Forces of the Philippines Reserve force last September.
Pacquiao, 32, was enlisted in the Reserve Force of the Philippine Army as SergeantTechnical Sergeant on April 27, 2006 and was promoted to the rank of
before that year ended.
Manny Pacquiao, also a Sarangani Congressman, was promoted to the rank of Master Sergeant on October 7, 2007, was elevated to the rank of Senior Master Sergeant on May 4, 2009.
Lt. Col. Manny Pacquiao earned his rank last September, and his papers were signed by Executive Secretary Pacquito Ochoa on the authority of President Benigno Aquino III (PNoy), who is also the military’s commander in chief.
Pacquiao applied for his commissionship to Lieutenant Colonel  last June 27, 2011. The commissioning of Pacquiao as Lieutenant Colonel took effect last September 21, 2011 and his promotion was recommended by Army Chief Lt. Gen. Ortiz based on the endorsement of his subordinates.
Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said Pacquiao is entitled to his rank being an elected representative incorporated into the reserved force of the Philippine Army.

Section 44 of Republic Act 7077 states that election officials and presidential appointees may be commissioned into the reserve force subject to existing AFP rules and regulations.

Manny Pacquiao had an honorary doctorate degree on humanities as conferred by the Southwestern University in Cebu on Feb. 18, 2009.

As a newly-appointed Lieutenant Colonel, Pacquiao will also be designated as the Battalion Executive Officer of the 1st Sarangani Ready Reserve Battalion, and will be serving under the command of Colonel Gregorio Warren Manilay.

Ranks like this have been given in the past to other personalities in the government, especially those who have achieved feats or great achievements like Manny Pacquiao.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao may be promoted to the next rank of Colonel in the Army Reserve Force if he fulfills the following requirements:
  • that he be an elected official or completed an MNSA program 
  • finished Command and General Staff Course or completed MNSA program
  • qualified pursuant to Circular Number 4 of the AFP 
  • shall be confirmed by Congress.
                                                                                                       PHOTOS FROM GMA NEWS

Monday, May 9, 2011



Photo Credit: Top Rank Boxing/Chris Farina
Photo Credit: Top Rank Boxing/Chris Farina

Manny Pacquiao won a lopsided 12-round decision over Sugar Shane Mosley on Saturday night, retaining his WBO welterweight title with his 14th consecutive victory.

Pacquiao (54-3-2) didn't get the knockout he wanted, but the Filipino Congressman retained his position as the most dominant and exciting fighter in boxing, methodically beating Mosley (46-7-1) at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao knocked Mosley down with a left hook in the third (3rd) round, a punch that seemed to sap Mosley's willingness to engage. Pacquiao ran after Mosley the rest of the fight, but the former champion Mosley who has never been stopped in 18 years in the ring managed to finish the 12th round on his feet.

Pacquiao won 120-108 on one scorecard, 120-107 on a second and 119-108 on the third. The Associated Press had him winning 118-110.

For Mosley, the fight was strikingly similar to his bout a year ago against Floyd Mayweather Jr. - except this time he didn't even land a big punch like he did early on against Mayweather.

His biggest moment on this night came when referee Kenny Bayless mistakenly ruled that Mosley knocked Pacquiao down in the 10th round when he hadn't even hit him with a punch. Manny Pacquiao slipped and fell down when Mosley stepped on Pacquiao's right foot and pushed him.

The ruling seemed to spur Pacquiao on as he went after Mosley the rest of the round and again in the 11th. By then, the crowd was cheering "Knock him out, knock him out," but Pacquiao - bothered by a cramp in his left leg since the fourth round - didn't have enough to finish him off.

"It wasn't my best performance," Pacquiao had. "I did my best. I did not expect this result."

Mosley said he thought he did a good job despite losing round after round, and wouldn't blame his bad performance on his age.

"I fought the best fighter in the world," Mosley said. "He has exceptional power, power that I've never been hit like this before."

Promoter Bob Arum defended putting Mosley in the ring against Pacquiao despite signs in Mosley's last two fights that his reflexes were slipping.

"Nobody can really perform against him," Arum said. "Some of these guys are pretty good fighters, but nobody in their whole experience has ever faced somebody like Pacquiao. Everybody is going to look the same way."

Mosley was tentative from the opening bell, moving backward and seemingly unwilling to trade punches with Pacquiao. Pacquiao finally made contact with a left hook at the end of the third round, sending Mosley to the canvas for only the third time in his professional career. Yahoooooooo!

Mosley was up at the count of five though, and managed to survive the final minute of the round despite Pacquiao's best efforts to take him out.

Pacquiao pressed the fight most of the night, but he also appeared hesitant to take many chances, which trainer Freddie Roach said was because of the muscle cramp that his corner tried to massage between rounds.

"He had no leverage to move after that," Roach said. "It was a very gutty performance in my mind."

Pacquiao said his leg first started bothering him in his fight last November against Antonio Margarito.

"I thought Shane did a great job, he had some speed," Pacquiao said. "I couldn't move because my left leg got tight. It's a problem I've been having lately. I'm going to work on my legs in future training camps."

The sellout crowd of 16,412 booed Mosley repeatedly in the late rounds for his refusal to trade punches with Pacquiao.

Mosley fought as if trying to protect his legacy of having never been knocked out and, if that was his strategy, it succeeded. But it made for a lackluster fight and did nothing to burnish the legacy that the Filipino champion has built with 14 straight wins over the last six years - including some over the biggest names in the game.

Pacquiao made a minimum of $20 million for the fight, while Mosley was guaranteed $5 million.

Oh well, they will be laughing their way to the bank. And us boxing fans, got to see pushing and running the whole 12 rounds. Geezz! Hayz!

Sunday, May 8, 2011



Watch Pacquiao-vs-Mosley-Live-Stream Live Online TV HD 6 March 2011 Mosley vs Pacquiao Live Shane Mosley (54-6-1,1 NC, 39Kos) fighter of 39 years eventually will be the next rival on duty from 8 different divisions in time champion Manny Pacquiao (03/02/1952, 38 KOs), this fight will take place in the MGM Grand Hotel and , Nevada on May 7, 2011.

No doubt Pacquiao has earned with sweat and blood to his wonderful career, championships, the glory that you have now to the point of making it a living legend and current world boxing, this is why he can afford to choose his rival in turn, as in history there has been no boxer to win as many titles in different divisions, Manny is currently the largest in boxing and you must admit that.


While Mosley will have to prepare very well because Pacquiao is a fighter with a kind of boxing difficult to decipher, that calls into trouble even taller fighters to name a few Oscar de la hoya, Joshua Clottey and finally to the Mexican Antonio Margarito, where pike like a real monster of boxing, in a nutshell Manny is a machine of speed, technique, strength, a true David eater Goliaths.                      


There are a bunch of ways to watch Pacquiao vs Mosley fight online for free and they include the following:

PLDT MyDSL Watchpad Big Ticket Free Pacquiao vs Mosley Live Streaming. Big Ticket is a PLDT myDSL innovation that boosts your WatchPad with an additional speed so you can heighten your online viewing experience. The Pacquiao-Mosley match can be viewed for free using the Big Ticket for PLDT MyDSL Plan 1995 and Plan 3000 subscribers or if you upgrade your plan.

Smart MySandbox Free Pacquiao vs Mosley Online Live Stream. In the previous fights ofPacquiao, Smart susbcribers were able to watch them through free live streaming from Smart's website, MySandbox. I am not just sure if it is possible right now since currently the site is unavailable.

Pacquiao vs Mosley SOPCast Channels. SopCast is a way to broadcast audio and video and/or watch video and listen to radio online which is free and simple. It adopts a state-of-the-art peer-to-peer (P2P) technology which allows anyone to broadcast without the need of a powerful server and large bandwidth. If you have a friend who have subscribed to a pay-per-view, ask him to share it to you via SopCast. Just download the software here:

Pacquiao vs Mosley Live Stream via UStream and JustinTV. This works similarly to SOPCast but you don't need to download any software anymore. Both UStream and JustinTV are websites which allow you to share your live videos straight from your camera or computer screen. Again, if you know anyone who have subscribed to PPV just ask him to share it on UStream or JustinTV so that the two of you can both watch the fight.

Live Streaming of Pacquiao vs Mosley Fight via TVU. TVU is a software that allows you to watch TV channels from all over the world. Amazingly, there are international channels where the fight is broadcast just a few seconds delayed from the fight. Just head to this page and download the software:

That's it! Have fun watching the big fight online which will be on May 8 (Philippine Time), starting at around 11-12 in the morning.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


MANNY PACQUIAO @ ANTONIO MARGARITO battle 12 ferocious rounds for the World Boxing Council super welterweight crown.






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