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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Happy Independence Day everyone! Calling all soup Lovers! This workshop is complimentary. All you have to do is book your slot at telephone number 8905003 or at cellphone number 0917-8405441. See you there!

Rustan's and Cuisinart invite you to an exclusive lifestyle workshop entitled "Soup Du Jour" with special guest Chef Him Uy de Baron. Experience how easy it is to create your favorite soups with a special segment on pairing to create simple healthy meals. 


Luckily, I had an opportunity to taste the soap made by Chef Him Uy de Baron and they are so yummy! You should not miss this wonderful opportunity!

See you on Friday, June 15, 2012 at 3 o' clock in the afternoon at the 3rd Floor, Home Area, Rustan's Shangri-la Edsa Mall. 

For those who were not able to attend the "Soup Du Jour" workshop in Makati, you are invited to attend this one. See you there!

You have an option to buy this wonderful blender for only Php 20,000 and received a big discount on the spot!

Monday, June 11, 2012

FREE FRENCH MOVIES Brought to you by Citi-Rustan’s French Film Festival

Citi-Rustan’s French Film Festival is open to the public from June 7 to 17 at the Shang Cineplex in Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

Tips to enjoy these FREE MOVIES:
  • Be there at least two (2) hours before showing time.1st come 1st served
  • Tickets will be distributed 30 minutes before screening time  
  • There's only 219 seats inside the cinema so in excess of that 219 seats they will no longer allow you to enter but don't be sad, you can always line up for the next film that will be shown, o di ba una ka na sa pila ha ha ha! joke lang!
  • In case, you haven't been to Shang Cineplex it is located on the 6th level.
Seventeen of France’s most-loved film feats await cinephiles this year, which includes a seven-film retrospect on director-extraordinaire Olivier Assayas, one of the first European directors to pay attention to Asian films; and an eight-film treat from L’Institut Francais.

The festival opens with no less than the 2012 Academy award-winning movie The Artist, a black-and-white silent film that follows the life of George Valentin - a Hollywood silent film star - whose career has come to a close due to the collapse of the silent film industry. He attempts to revive his career by financing his own picture, which opens against a talkie starring up-and-coming young dancer Peppy Miller, who he develops a fascination for.

Kicking off the streak of Assayas films is L’Eau froide (Cold Water), a story that revolves around the individual lives of Gilles and Christine - both children of divorced parents - who eventually decide to hit the road together after Christine escapes a mental institution and meets up with Gilles at a party. The journey ends as they end up at the Massif central, where Christine disappears and leaves Gilles to face up to his future.

Next in line is experimental film Irma Vep, which stars Hong Kong action star Maggie Cheung as herself coming to Paris to play Irma Vep in a story that recreates Louis Feuillade’s Les Vampires. However, trouble arises as the fragile nature of French film-making and the director’s mental instability make the shoot a total catastrophe.

Les Destinées Sentimentales (Sentimental Destinies) takes on the heartwarming story of Jean and Pauline, whose sentimental destinies intertwine in the midst of a post-World War I society where certainties and industrial dynasties are crumbling. Even though Jean has resigned himself to the failure of his past marriage, they both find a love that is stronger than the past and the passing time.

Industrial espionage, corporate war and personal duels make for a plot for Demonlover, where young, seductive senior executive Diane de Monx becomes a pawn in global intrigues and treachery stretching from Japan to Mexico after the company she belongs to acquires Tokyo Anime, a Japanese company that produces animated pornography.

Emily Wang tries to get back on her feet in Clean, where she vows to give up drugs and change her ways in order to resume her role as a mother after being forbidden to see her son Jay. However, after getting to see Jay again and spending several wonderful hours with him, she finds herself confronted with a choice between her son and the chance to resume her singing career. The Film Clean won the Technical Grand Prize Award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2004.

Capping off the Assayas anthology is Family tension intensifies within the Berthier family as conflicting ideas rise to the surface upon the death of their mother, Hélène Berthier, whose life has been devoted to preserving the legacy of her uncle - painter Paul Berthier. The children are left to deal with objects from the past and must decide whether to break up the collection or live with it, as well as what is to become of the family home.

Kicking off the film line-up from L’Institut Francais is Le Mariage à Trois (The Three-way Wedding), where playwright Auguste struggles to finish his play and his feelings towards lead star Fanny, who also happens to be his former wife. When Fanny informs him that she will be marrying Theo, his leading man, Auguste tries to prove himself by seducing Harriet - his young assistant - who he later finds to be the ideal fit for the play’s principal role.

Au fond des Bois (Deep in the Woods) stirs intrigue with the character of Timothee - a strange yet charismatic drifter who managed to impress everyone, including Doctor Hughes and her daughter, Josephine, with his talent for magic and hypnosis. But when he subjects Josephine to a brutal rape, his image is tainted and he leaves the village with Josephine in tow. Doctor Hughes is then left wondering if she is going off on her own free will or if he has mesmerized her into doing his bidding.

Le Refuge (Hideaway) revolves around the lives of Mousse and Louis - a rich, young, beautiful couple whose lives have been invaded by drugs. One day, they overdose and Louis dies. Mousse survives, but soon learns she's pregnant. Feeling lost, Mousse runs away to a house far from Paris. Several months later, Louis' brother joins her in her refuge.

Meanwhile, Roses à Crédit (Roses on Credit) is a drama centered on a woman whose life is taken over by greed. Struggling with the aftermath of World War II, Marjoline and her husband, Daniel, dig themselves deeper into debt with no end in sight as Marjoline’s lust for consumer products ceases to fade.

Journey with close friends Lila and Ely as they are lured by the Paris elite in Tout Ce Qui Brille (All that Glitters). Unable to resist, they begin to pick up tips and tricks on how to infiltrate the upper class and begin to carve unique paths for themselves; but the new social circles begin to take their toll both on a familial and romantic level - and the friendship between Lily and Ely begins to strain and crack under the pressure of social advancement. Tout Ce Qui Brille (All that Glitters) won the Best First Film Award at the 2011 César Awards.

Composed of several chapters, L’Art d’Aimer (The Art of Love) is a movie following the stories of several Parisian couples. Isabelle, who has not had sex in a year, declines Zoé’s offer to "lend" her husband - and ends up impersonating Amélie, who cannot bring herself to sleep with her buddy Boris. On the other hand, Achille prances around a possible new affair, a middle-aged couple’s marriage is threatened, and a pair of young lovers discovers the pangs of jealousy.

L’Ordre et La Morale (Rebellion) is a film set in Ouvea island in New Caledonia, where 30 policemen are held hostage by locals fighting for their independence. 300 members of the French Army Special Forces Unit are immediately sent on a mission, in an attempt to solve the situation through mutual trust and dialogue over violence.

Last but not least, L’arnac?ur (Heartbreaker) brings the festival to a close as lead character Alex, together with his sister, operates a business designed to break up relationships. Hired by a wealthy man to prevent the wedding of his daughter to an Englishman, they try to complete the seemingly impossible job of breaking up a relationship that looks like it has none of the usual flaws, thus putting Alex’s honorable principles to the test.

Contact Details:
For inquiries, please call (63 2) 633-7851 loc.113.

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Enjoy also Free MRT/ LRT on JUNE 12, 2012! CLICK HERE!

Free Movies in Ayala Center Cebu

Free Movies in Ayala Center Cebu! This is certainly a very good news to all Inday and Dodong!  

The 2012 Citi-Rustan’s French Film Festival goes to Cebu from June 21 to 23, 2012 at the Ayala Center in Cebu in cooperation with the Alliance Française de Cebu.

The movies are open to the public for Free!

Through the cooperation of the Institut Français and Philippine film distributor Pioneer films, French films such as:
  •  “Le Mariage a Trois” (The Three-way Wedding) by Jacques Doillon
  •  “Au Fond des Bois” (Deep Woods) by Benoit Jacquoyt
  •  “Le Refuge” (Hideaway) by Francois Ozon
  •  “Roses a Credit” (Roses on Credit) by Amos Gitai
  •  “Tout-ce qui Brille” (All that Glitters) by Geraldine Nakache 
  •   and Herve Mimran, “L’Art d’Aimer” (The Art of Love) by Emmanuel Mouret
  •   “L’Ordre et La Morale” (Rebellion) by Mathieu Kassovits
  •    and “L’Arnacoeur” (Heartbreaker) will be shown in this year’s festival.
They say that perhaps the most outstanding film in the world this year is Michel Hazanavicius’ ‘The Artist,’ which pays tribute to the beginnings of cinema as both an art of telling stories through moving pictures and an industry producing economic products affected by market trends and management strategies.
"The Artist" has received “hundreds of awards” in international festivals, recently winning five Oscars, including Best Motion Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor for Jean Dujardin. 


Good News my dear readers! There are several Tagalog independent films that will be shown tomorrow, Tuesday, June 12, 2012 for FREE at Shangri-La Plaza Mall Shang Cineplex.

The 2012 French Film Festival honors Philippine cinema by screening Filipino films that have been shown in several festivals in France or whose directors have participated in French workshops or seminars. 

The screening of Filipinos films during the French Film Festival “highlights the cooperation between France and the Philippines through cinema”. Traditionally held on June 12, the Philippine Independence Day.

Among the films to be shown this year are:
  •  “Busong” by Auraeus Solito (Directors’ Fortnight, Cannes 2011)
  •  “Manila” by Raya Martin and Adolfo Alix, Jr. (Official Selection, Cannes Film Festival 2009)
  •  “Bakal Boys” by Ralstom Jover (participant in the Cinéfondation Atelier, Cannes Film Festival 2012) 
  •   and the short films “Little” and “Au Revoir Philippe” by Sigrid Bernardo (One Country One Film Festival, Apchat).
Important Read! Shang Cineplex free Movies rules:

1. Seats are on a first-come first-served basis.
2. Schedules are subject to change without prior notice.
3. Film ratings maybe confirmed at the ticket office.
4. Contact for more information.




To celebrate the 114th year of Philippine Independence on June 12, 2012 passengers of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT) will be treated to free rides.

A report aired over GMA News TV's "News TV Live" quoted LRTA-MRT3 spokesperson Atty. Hernando Cabrera as saying the MRT and LRT will be offering free rides on June 12, 2012  from 7:00am to 9:00am and 5:00pm to 7:00pm.

Saturday, June 9, 2012



I read this ads from Sulit. This might help those boxing aficionados like me. Sad to say no one is available to drive me to the venue, so instead of sulking I decided to post this piece of information to benefit those who live near that area. Without further ado, here it is....Enjoy!

They say that this is ABSOLUTELY FREE with NO HIDDEN CHARGE.


Where: The Guest House, Calle Industria, Quezon City. (near Eastwood)
Where: "CIRCULO VERDE" community is located. At the same time you can view our Condominium Project and Model Units. <<<<<<<----------------I guess that's the catch lol.
Few minutes away to BCD, C5, Pasig, Makati, Manila

From the developer of Tiendesitas, Greenhills, Green Meadows, Valle Verde and now introducing their latest project "CIRCULO VERDE" all brought to you by the ORTIGAS and COMPANY. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. HURRY!

Posted by a certain Lee Datiles
Contact Details

Monday, June 4, 2012


Come one, come all to the special lifestyle event on Home entertaining with a segment of Coffee and Dessert Pairing on June 8, 2012, Friday, 3:30PM at the Grand Atrium of Shangri-La Mall with Chef Aileen A. Anastacio.

Chef Aileen A. Anastactio is a TV host for QTV's My Favorite Recipes and True Confections. She's also a cookbook writer and the owner C’est Si Bon Corporation.

RSVP : 8905003, 0917.8405441 
Rustan's will be featuring recipes from Home Cafe.

Free Haircut for Students from Tenement Elementary School in Taguig City

Students from Tenement Elementary School in Taguig City are in for a new treat- a free haircut at the start of classes today June 4, 2012.

The free haircut, was part of the nationwide programs of the Department of Education (DepEd) to promote cleanliness in all public schools.

Aside from the DepEd, expected to join at this Monday’s activity are the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) headed by its director general, Secretary Joel Villanueva, and local government officials of Taguig City.

Livelihood skills demonstrations such as fancy accessory making, wheat processing, and water lily making will also be given for mothers and companions of the students.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Attention my beloved readers, there will be a Caramel Open House at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Philippines) stores in Manila, Batangas, Cebu & Davao

You're invited to their Caramel Open House! :) Today, June 3, 2012. Starting 10:00 a.m.- 11:30 a.m. ONLY. Let's all come together to enjoy their all new Caramel Cream Tea Latte, while you get to try everyone's favorite Caramel Ice Blended drink and the best tasting Caramel Macchiato in town.

See you there and spread the word!

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE *available in All The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores in Manila, Batangas, Cebu & Davao EXCEPT: Two-Ecom Center, One Archer's Place, Ayala Ave. Convergys and DLSU-Cybernook

Monday, May 28, 2012


The Philippine Educational Theater Association ( PETA ) and the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) would like to invite you for a free concert of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra at the PETA Theater Center on May 31, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

As part of CCP's Audience Development Program, they wish to have children (grades 3 to 5) to come and watch the concert, but adults are free to come as well.

If interested, please contact Meann Espinosa through, 0906-211-5003 or 725-6244 local 15 to reserve your seats. Please note that they have limited seats for PETA. We give priority to our target audiences to fulfill the audience development plan of CCP. Hoping for your understanding.

Visit them:

Friday, May 18, 2012


Want to experience camping without leaving the metro?

Good News Coleman® in partnership with Discovery Channel, sets the first-ever Urban Survival Camp in the Philippines slated on May 19, 2012, Saturday to Sunday, at the SM Mall of Asia grass grounds near San Miguel By the Bay.

This spearheading jamboree and fair is a rare moment for city folks to take a break from hectic routines and celebrate the fun of the outdoors through various talks, demonstrations, and exhibits regarding basic mountaineering, outdoor cooking, stargazing, night photography, and many more!

This one has a catch though.Please note that you need to purchase a minimum of P 300.00 worth of Coleman products bought from April 9 to May 19, 2012 from any store, so you'll be given free entrances, camping rights and refreshments at the Coleman Urban Survival Camp event.

This is not a paid post. I just love sharing information. Kindly forward the kindness by sharing on FB, twitter, pinterest, Digg, etc.


Sinha Bahia de Capoeira would like to share for FREE the capoeira experience to anyone who is interested to learn on May 19, 2012 at 2 pm Edsa Shangri-La Mall.

This workshop will introduce beginners to the basic movements of capoeira such as 
  • kicks
  • escapes
  • and even easy acrobatic moves.
You might want to try it for
  •  fitness
  •  to cross-train with
  •  to learn a bit of Portugese
  •  to meet new friends
  •  or just to do something different with your buddies on the weekend. 
Please be reminded to:
  •  Wear comfortable clothes
  •  bring drinking water 
  •  and a small towel.
See you there! 
For inquiries, contact Pandora at (63 927) 323-3521
or email Leao at
This is a public service post. I am not compensated for this post. I am sharing these informations because I wanted my readers to have something to look forward to this weekend aside from FREE MOVIES! Yebah!



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