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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Rhian Ramos shares how and when her love story with Mo Twister began in a one-on-one interview with Pia Guanio.

Rhian said she met Mo Twister when she was 16 and Mo was 29 in an event.  

According to her, she found him to be "nice, smart and funny."
That's why it is not difficult for them to be friends . And eventually they became sweethearts.

Mo would often say in his radio program that Rhian is his crush and gave her a lot of attention. Rhian said she was flattered.

Her mom doesn't approve of Mo to be her boyfriend. Aside from their big age gap, she was warned of  Mo's reputation. Inspite everyone's caution in the past, she still followed her heart. She did not listen to her mom. She thought she was blinded. She said she learned her lesson very late.

She said he treated her badly after they became boyfriend and girlfriend. She thinks Mo became a totally different person.

Whenever she tried breaking up with Mo, he would get really really mad and would threaten her. And the most painful time was when Mo allegedly outrightly promised her that he would take everything she loves away. Rhian asks, "yun ba ang love ? Tatakutin ka ng tao? I thre-threaten ka? Para ano? Para sa kanya ka lang?"
She said she wanted to stick by Mo because she loved him very much. And she thought she was doing the right thing.  She thinks she was blinded and she didn't know any better.
Rhian said she only learned about the Mo's video diary from the tweets to her. Her reaction was that she was so shocked when she saw the video diary made by Mo. And she couldn't believe that Mo would make such video diary and will say those things about her. ( Again, no denial about the abortion.)

She said she should have listened to her parents and family and the reason why your family knows what's best for you is because your family loves you unconditionally.

For now, she asked GMA7 to allow her to rest for a bit because she needed some time away,  to take a break and spend time with her family.

She said she is thankful to GMA7 for being good to her and because GMA7 always stood by her.- source GMA news


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